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Autotravel Finland - Sweden with children. Part II

the Beginning

of Turku - Stockholm . On the same day in the evening we went to Turku port since our Isabella ferry went in 21 - 00. Filled a full tank (1,3 euros/litre) since read that in Sweden gasoline is more expensive. Then it turned out that it not so - the same price, somewhere is even cheaper. Arrived as it is necessary, in 2 hour, but the ferry was not yet, and there were very few cars. The ferry was given for an hour. The show is impressive: 12 - a floor vast object into which tiny little men come and toy machines come around. As we saw such ferry for the first time, we created feeling of incredibility of the events. We bought an autopackage (4 - a local cabin + the car), in a class C cabin (without window, 2 - y the floor), 178 euros. I long doubted whether it is worth saving and taking a cabin without window, it appeared - costs. All the same in a cabin only to sleep, and that is short, t. to. arrival in Stockholm in 6 - 30. Left things in a cabin and went for a walk on the ferry. Found a nursery, small, but with the dry pool loved by Lida. Huge plus - this room was in cafe with glass walls, in nasal part of the ferry on 7 - m the floor so it was possible to survey tremendous views of coast and islands of the Baltic Sea, than we also were engaged while children played. A dinner - a buffet for 21 euros from the person we did not order. And correctly made. Bought a sausage, cheese, beer, juice in dyyutifr, took 2 portions of “second“ for 6 euros in cafe and gorged on.

Stockholm, day 1 . Having unloaded from the ferry, we at once went to a zoo Kolmarden (140 km from Stockholm). There was a rain, the sky was gloomily tightened by clouds, we secretly hoped that we “will leave“ from a rain, but it did not happen. GPS brought us to the place very quickly, in 8 - 15 we stood at safari gate - park, have breakfast and dozed in the car - the rain did not cease. It is good that we arrived in advance because to opening three tens cars gathered already. Paid for tickets with the Visa card (as, however, and everywhere, need to buy Swedish kronur did not arise), the ticket for 1 day of a safari + the zoo of 2 adults and 2 nurseries cost 100 euros. The safari - park small, but is a lot of animals (giraffes, lions, the zebras, bears different rogatokopytny), go near cars therefore care everything is it is necessary to observe.

In park are “started“ at the same time by 5 cars, the column is accompanied by the specialist - the jeep, it is impossible to lag behind - it, of course, is not so healthy, sometimes there was a wish to admire animals longer. All of us - lagged behind in bear “office“ since when we approached, bears hid behind the hill. We turned back and took one more detour, bears got out and good fellows seemed to us. Later safaris left the car on the parking, put on jackets and went to a zoo. The zoo is huge, it is unique the fact that all animals at liberty (the zoo occupies the huge space in the natural wood), just for each species of animals the system of a protection from people is thought up. For example, to see tigers, it is necessary to come into the glass tunnel. It turns out that tigers walk at liberty, and people look at them from a glass cage. Stunned an inscription in Russian “Moscow-Vladivostok“ on some old tram car in a tigerish ditch.

Despite rainy weather, to the people in a zoo much. On an entrance we received the schedule of representations, but, unfortunately, we lacked knowledge of language to understand everything that it is written there. We could visit only feeding of rabbits, a greeting of a bear of Bamsi (this is, probably, the same national fairy tale character, as our Cheburashka), a performance in theater Bamsi and a dolphinarium. Representation in a dolphinarium very much was pleasant in spite of the fact that we were in many dolphinariums earlier. Feature of this performance was the fact that it was mirror - symmetric (the pool visually was divided into two halves and two or four dolphins synchronously carried out tricks - fantastically). And over the pool the fountain is designed (head over heels) and in performance elements of the singing fountains with multi-colored illumination are used (the dolphinarium covered in it it is dark, and the pool is lit). Doll representation in theater of Bamsi too very much was pleasant: the theater is small, cozy, remove footwear from children, and they sit down on a carpet directly before a scene, and parents sit on benches behind. On each side scenes are screens on which there are lyrics so parents sing all these songs together with actors and children. In spite of the fact that representation in Swedish, contents is absolutely clear and lyrics are simple so that we even learned a refrain of one. There is a separate wish to note restaurant on the bank of the gulf is a fairy tale. You pay second course (7 - 9 euros) and drinks (1 - 2 euro), and you take all the rest how many you want (salads, vegetables, rolls, sandwiches, etc. - types 20). Here it, a buffet, here only here really also reached us that we in Sweden. Unfortunately, the rain did not end, and we could only lick lips on a big playground with various lazilka and even the pool. Really in Sweden happens hot? Then - that precisely it is worth arriving to Kolmarden for 2 days as offer in advertizing leaflets.

Having removed the got wet things and footwear, we got into the car and went back, to Stockholm. We should find Angby camping, a good review of which I found in one of stories on the Internet, and reserved in it 4 - x a local lodge for 50 euros/night by means of correspondence on e - mail (on the website there is no form for booking). GPS of course, excellent system, but all - the head it is necessary to think too. Stockholm stands on islands (for us it very unusually), ferry movement therefore our guide brought us on a crossing is very developed there. All right, disconnected the option “resolve ferries“, went on the new offered way. Easily found a camping (there were indexes), there waited for us, without problems paid off with a card. We got a lodge near a reception, and that was subsequently very convenient, about a hozblok (a toilet, kitchen, shower, stiralka - automatic machines). Conditions in a camping pleasantly surprised me since I expected to see something like the Soviet camp site. In a lodge 2 bunk beds, a table, 4 chairs, the TV, the refrigerator, the rangette, a ware set, including a pan and a frying pan, means for washing of ware. In a lodge 2 windows, under everyone - the electric battery so in a lodge in 20 minutes it was very warm, and all our got wet clothes by the morning dried. In a hozbloka ideal purity (and on the street there was a rain, and was very damp). Knowing that it is necessary to live in a camping, we brought muesli from Russia, powdered milk and noodles - is absolutely vain. All this could be bought in kempingovsky shop with the impressive range practically at the same prices. We bought in it new potato (1 euro/kg), a box of mushroom paste, yogurt to children. Have remarkably supper.

Stockholm, day 2 . We planned to spend the next 2 days in Stockholm in the museums therefore favourably it appeared to buy Stockholm - cards for 48 hours (2 adults on 46 euros and 1 nursery for 18 euros for Stepan, it is not necessary to Lida since children till 7 years pass by an adult card together with the adult), by these cards free visit of 75 museums, journey in public transport, discounts for sightseeing tours etc. Cards bought on a reception in a camping, to them received a book with the description of all museums and other tourist information - super - it is convenient. Weather took pity on us, and the rain was not any more. But all the same, it was very cool, +18, wind - weather, very unusual for us, at the end of June.

we planned visit of three museums and an amusement park on the island For the first day Dyyurgarden. On GPS reached quickly as soon as passed the bridge on the island, to the right obnaruzhlas the paid parking. I had an impression that in the center of Stockholm all parkings paid. On the Internet I read that owners of the Stockholm cards have the right for the free parking, but the attendant of the museum kindly found out for us that this privilege already few years as it is cancelled. It is a pity since the cost of parkings on the island - 3 euros/hour. For us planning to carry out on the island of 14,5 hours (the museum Vaasa opens in 8 - 30, and the amusement park works to 23 - 00), the sad prospect opened. Decided to pay till a lunch, and then to go to look for other parking.

the Museum of the ship “Vaasa“ we decided to visit

only because it opens before all other museums, and planned to spend in it one or one and a half hours since I did not find in the Internet anywhere recommendations to visit him with children and was afraid that children in it will miss. I cruelly was mistaken! The museum surpassed all our expectations. Imagine the ancient oar ship full-scale in the seven-story house. From each floor it is possible to consider a certain level of the ship, and also to look at various expositions devoted to history of construction of the ship, its equipment, the models reproducing flooding (the ship sank in 1628) and a raising (in 1961), life by the ship, the device of various compartments. Also there are halls devoted to Sweden and sea battles of the 17th century. All so “live“ exhibits, bright that very much everything was pleasant to children. In a cinema hall the movie, the truth in English is periodically shown, but everything was clear. We also did not notice how 3 hours flew by, at the same time we managed to look not at everything!


the Museum Yunibaken - the world of fantastic heroes of Astrid Lindgren, on the contrary, disappointed a little. The museum very small, and to the people in it - is a lot of. The only thing for the sake of what it is worth descending with children there, is a fantastic tunnel in which scenes from all famous fairy tales of the Swedish writer are presented. On the tunnel we “went“ in a cabin (the device like a ropeway) and listened to the story in Russian. As Stepan read all fairy tales of Lindgren, his this travel very much impressed. It was pleasant to Lida, but except Carlson she recognized nobody, and “to like“ seen by it there was not enough time - the cabin moves quickly enough. In fact, in the museum only two halls - Skazok Square on the first floor and Willa Pippi - on the second. For Lida was just right: she climbed all lodges, looked out in windows, rode a hill, etc. Stepa was overage for such entertainments, he unless climbed on Pippi`s horse, more was not located anywhere. In the museum periodically there are representations, but besides the small hall did not accomodate everyone, besides, having seen Carlson in their interpretation, children refused to watch representation. But knizhno - gift shop and restaurant in the museum very big, and the prices in them very high. To buy we became nothing, and at restaurant, though planned to have dinner, have only a bite. A buffet - one name, it was necessary to pay for everything (the yesterday`s lunch in Kolmarden seemed us the fairy tale). Instead of planned 4 - x hours we carried out in the museum 2,5. I.e. were entered in the initial schedule.

After Yunibaken we decided to travel over all island in search of cheaper parking - vainly. Left from the island, and right there, opposite to the bridge, along the adjoining road there was a parking. To 17 - 00 - 1,5 euros/hour, then - free. We could not believe the eyes! Went to watch talonchik by other cars - really, it is paid at all to 17. But places were not. And here we were lucky - one of cars left, having kindly made us room. Generally, parked the car and went to the island on foot, by the way, took great pleasure from walk on the most beautiful bridge, made several beautiful pictures. From the parking to an aquarium went, probably, minutes 15.

Stockholm Aquarium though small, but very peculiar. What is costed by only one rainforest with the real tropical heavy rain (on suspended bridges where people go, heavy rain does not pour). Lida passed this hall five times. In an aquarium with sharks the glass labyrinth for children is made - they climb on there - plastoon and as though float near sharks. Get out with round eyes from there. There is an outdoor pool with small fishes - too originally. Via the hatch in a floor it is possible to get into the submarine. In a cinema hall show the movie how make multiple copies fishes in this aquarium as look after them, feed and treat them. We stayed in the museum 1,5 hours - it appeared quite enough.

the Last point of stay on the island. Still houses, studying it on the Internet, I was struck by quantity of lines in a price - a leaf, I hardly understood. Generally, there separately it is necessary to pay for an entrance (The Stockholm card grants the right of free entrance). And to ride attractions, it is necessary to buy or a travel bracelet (30 euros for all day or 20 euros after 19 - 00), or a pack of coupons (20 coupons of 33 euros), or coupons on - separateness (1 coupon of 2,2 euros), 1 coupon is equal to 1 trip on an attraction. There are still some cards including an entrance how many - that drives, food in various combinations, was difficult to understand it. We bought a bracelet after 19 - 00 Stepan and a pack of coupons on the others. A lead did not begin to buy a bracelet, t. to. were not sure existence of a large number of attractions for its growth (habitual restrictions 100+, 110+, 120+, 140+), and in vain, such attractions it appeared about ten, and on only one children`s “free fall“ it drove time 5. All attractions were available to Stepan, he, of course, drove on all, and not once, was very pleased. On a central square of park we looked at 2 performances: tantsevalno - gymnastic and circus, all was very professional. I was surprised also pleasantly by a dance pavilion on which the real orchestra played music in retro style, musicians were in white suits, and elderly Swedes beautifully danced. The part of attractions and cafe is directly ashore that creates the special atmosphere. Generally, the park very much - very much was pleasant though on the Russian websites it is not advertized at all.

After park went to a camping across night Stockholm - very beautifully.