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Autotravel Finland - Sweden with children. We Will begin part I

with the fact that we very much like to travel by car. We in archive have long travel by own car on the South and the North of Russia, and here the abroad we did not go by the car. But we had an experience of trips on leased cars in Europe therefore we knew as far as it is healthy, and Suzukis decided - to go to Finland and Sweden on the darling. We are I, my husband Sergey (16 years of a driver`s experience), the son Stepan (10 years) and the daughter Lida (4 years). In confidence I will tell that, Arinushke, 14 weeks of pre-natal life were younger.

Preparation. To make such trip, it is necessary:

to collect by
  1. documents for the visa (information on the website of Embassy of Finland): to take the reference from work on the income, to be photographed, issue the health insurance and an insurance (Green - the card) on the car, to reserve hotels on the Internet and to unpack the sent reservation.
    Sometimes on the Internet meet the questions “But whether Carp in Europe at Right-hand Drive Cars?“ No, do not carp.
  2. to make a detailed plan of a trip. I usually do it in the form of the table. Here that turned out this time: of
    19/06 Embassy of Finland: 119034 Moscow, Kropotkinsky Lane 15 - 17
    20 - 22/06 St. Petersburg
    23 - 24/06 of Joensuu
    25/06 Moving to Naantali. Walk across Turku.
    Spending the night in Naantali Family Hostel: Opintie 3, 21100 NAANTALI
    26/06 10 - 00 - 18 - 00 Mummi - dollars, Vyaski`s
    18 - 30 island Moving to Turku, landing to the ferry, departure in 21 - 00
    27/06 Stockholm, Kolm å rdens Djurpark, SE - 618 92, Kolm å rden
    Spending the night of Angby camping, Blackebergsvaden 16852 Bromma
    28/06 Stockholm, island Dyyurgarden
    1. 8. 30 - 10. 00 Museum of Vaasa, Galarvarvsvagen, 14
    2. 10. 30 - 14. 30 Yunibaken, Galarvarvsvagen
    3. 15 - 00 - 17. 00 Aquarium, Falkenbergsgatan, 2
    4. 17. 30 - 23. 00 Tivoli Grena Lund, Lilla Allm ä nna Gr ä nd, 9
    29/06 Stockholm
    1. 9. 00 - 10. 30 Walk on Gaml Stan
    2. 10. 30 - 11. 30 Tour on the boat around the island Dyyurgorden (Djurg å rden runt) pier of Str ö mkajen (near Grand hotel)
    3. 12. 00 - 15. 00 Skansen, Djurgarden
    15. 30 - 16. 45 Landing to the ferry
    30/06 of Helsinki
    1. Lego - the show Hakaniemi, Sornaisten Rantatie, 6
    2. The aquapark “Serena“, Tornimaentie 10, Espoo
    Spending the night of Rantapuisto Hotel, Ramsinniementie, 14
    01/07 of Helsinki
    Evrika Scientific center, Tiedepuisto 1, Vantaa

    Usually is present at such plate also the third column where I specify estimated expenses: cost of entrance tickets, hotels, etc. But on this trip it was more convenient to consider expenses in the separate ekselevsky file, according to separate items of expenditure: gasoline, hotels etc. On each point of visit I collected the necessary information on the Internet, unpacked and spread out in the folder - the file. It is very convenient since on the way, moving to the next point, it is possible to read all this aloud - to present a picture of the visited place in advance.
  3. As travel - a car, in - the first, it is necessary to download the necessary cards in GPS system, in - the second, it is useful to calculate an optimum route of movement. We used Avtotransinfo`s system.

So, documents are collected, holidays are received - at way!

Cheboksary - Moscow . 640 km. So it turned out that we moved to the road after the working day, in 19 - 00. But this road is already well familiar to us, the route between Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow honor all it is lit therefore at 5 in the morning we already drove to Moscow. Having driven up to 9 - 00 to Embassy of Finland, we were shocked with the long turn, but where to disappear - began to stand. However, the turn moved, children played, and in 2,5 hours we were in embassy. Documents from us were accepted in 1 minute, I hardly managed to tell that the visa is necessary to us as soon as possible since we from far away and with children. In reply I heard:“ 70 euros are possible after a lunch tomorrow, but for a double payment,“. I was shocked the second time since in our first trip to Finland in 2001 the visa to us was made on a usual tariff on the same day. In Moscow after sleepless night decided not to go anywhere, went to sleep off to friends.

Moscow - St. Petersburg . 720 km. Having received passports with visas in 14 - 00, moved to St. Petersburg. Strangely enough, in Moscow we did not get to one stopper, and here in Solnechnogorsk and Vyshny Volochyok it was necessary “to potorchat“. The Novgorod region met us by the broken roads, repair work or just repaired sites from which “forgot“ to clean restrictions in 40 km/h (naturally, at the end of these sites by all means there were GAI officers). But in the Leningrad region there were good roads, the movement free, in 23 - 00 we drove to St. Petersburg, managed to pass through movable bridges since our way lay to the settlement the Fox Nose, on giving my aunt.

St. Petersburg. The very first business we went to redeem tickets for the Viking Line ferry of Turku - Stockholm, Stockholm - Helsinki which were ordered on www Internet. paromy. ru in the Ferry center. Procedure took place very quickly, any slips, the polite manager issued everything minutes for five, as much answered my questions, gave me a package of documents and booklets so in 10 minutes we were already free. For St. Petersburg we planned 3 days (but from - for delays in visas there were 2) because just to pass by this city we not in forces. I passionately and gently love it since the childhood and is glad that my husband and children shared this love subsequently. St. Petersburg is ideally suited for family travel: a zoo, an oceanarium, a dolphinarium, planetarium, excursions by ships, the infinite museums and suburban palace parks. This time we chose the museum of a toy, adjustable the bridge, night show on Neva and Petrodvorets with fountains. The cultural program our loyal friend successfully expanded GPS which “led“ us to Peterhof the short road through Kronstadt.

St. Petersburg - Joensuu . 400 km. The first 2 days in Finland we planned to carry out to Joensuu, there lives my brother with a family. To a border check-point Cowberry - Nuyama of 160 km, the road excellent, despite Saturday morning - free, can because we providently left a bit earlier, in 6 - 30. Strayed about Vyborg a little, GPS brought us on some country “single-track railway“, we returned on the route and began to look for indexes on Cowberry or to Nuyam. They were not, but there were indexes to Lappeenranta, we thought then that on them and it is necessary to go. On frontier control there was “line“ of 4 machines, frontier guards worked in three windows.

In spite of the fact that we went on a car abroad for the first time and did not know as as, quickly oriented. It was necessary to fill in the declaration on the car in 2 - x copies (the laptop, cameras, a video camera it is not necessary to declare), the frontier guard in the box takes away one copy to himself, the second should be kept to pass the check point on the return crossing of border. The declaration is made out at presentation of the passport of the driver and the certificate on registration of the car. After that all amicably went out of the car to the second box on passport control. Having received in passports stamps about crossing of border, drove up to the frontier guard who for a moment inspected an open luggage carrier and opened a barrier. On the way to the Finnish frontier guards stopped by in dyyutifr. The Finnish frontier guards asked about the arrival purpose, we answered that on a visit, the married couple answered to us “shopping“, any there are more questions, and in the car did not glance (though we carried with ourselves the canister with 20 liters of gasoline instead of resolved 10 and an “excess“ bottle of martini). Generally, in 30 minutes after a meeting with the first frontier guard we already went across Finland. The road was absolutely equal and empty, according to restriction, we went 100 km/h, Sergey was almost immobilized driving. Did not sustain:“ Not, well how so that it is possible to go - neither holes, nor hummocks, there is nothing to go round, to overtake there is nobody, there are no GAI officers behind bushes - what driving such is? The autopilot is necessary“. Generally, we passed 200 km exactly in 2 hours.

of Joensuu . This lovely Finnish town - the center of “the Finnish Karelia“, stands in the mouth of the river of Piyelisjyoki. The main sight - the center of culture and leisure “Karelikum“, unfortunately, was closed this time (we arrived to holidays, on June 23 - Ivanov Den). But we not strongly were upset since we were already there last time, and “hanged“ in a supermarket, to our pleasure together with holidays in Finland the season of summer discounts began. We spent the rest of the time in family communication: the sauna, beer and a barbecue on a house terrace, children drove on a motor boat, fished - generally, joined the Finnish rest.

of Joensuu - Naantali . 550 km. This way passed on more brisk roads, it was necessary and to trudge behind lorries and to overtake so it was not necessary to miss driving any more. What wants to be noted: it is pleasant to go across Finland not only because roads good, and drivers follow rules, but also because at each gas station there is both the purest toilet, and shop, and cafe. But my brother, probably, decided “to kill us on the spot“, having organized a stop at gas station about the city of Jyvaskyla. At our disposal there was a restaurant with a children`s corner, the room of mother and child, a supermarket and, probably, there was something else - time was not everything to bypass. All road with a stop took 8 hours, to 18 - 00 we were in Naantali, took place in in advance reserved family hostel. Were once again pleasantly surprised. We were waited by three-room number: two bedrooms (in each 2 beds, a table, a case) and a drawing room with the kitchen block (112 euros/night, by the way, each bedroom are locked, it is possible to reserve only a half of number at half price). The view from the window is cool: at arm`s length - the mountain with very young pines. We fast abandoned things and went to Turku.

of Turku . (16 km from Naantali). Ancient port city, first capital, western “gate“ of Finland. Is what to look: A cathedral, ancient medieval fortress, the known museum of crafts, the seaworthy museum, it is possible to sweep by a ship on the river Aura, to descend in an aquapark. But we on hand had only one evening, and we just walked on the embankment. Took great pleasure. Were impressed with one of symbols of Finland - a three-mast sailing vessel of “Sigun“. For a dinner chose restaurant of Radison Sas hotel (second course of 18 - 20 euros, the children`s menu - 6 euros), the spacious nursery adjoining restaurant very much was pleasant, we could communicate and eat quietly while children in it played.

of Naantali. Mummi`s park - Dollars. Vyaski`s island . Reading stories on the Internet, I had the wrong impression that Vyaski is a part of Mummi - Dolla, it turned out that it is absolutely different parks. And as in one day it is difficult to master both parks, on a two-family council it was decided that mothers with daughters will go to Mummi - park, and fathers with sons will go to Vyaski`s island. From hostel where we lived, to Mummi`s stop - an engine absolutely nearby especially as the part of a way lies on the fantastic street (the real one-storeyed wooden houses, but are decorated as doll). Naantali - very lovely, pleasant town. At desire it is possible to arrive there for about 5 - 7 days quietly everywhere to visit - to take a walk. Mummi - dollars - the theme park devoted to heroes of fairy tales about Mummi - trolls of the famous Finnish writer Tove Jansson (the ticket that children`s that the adult, cost 18 euros for all day).


here Mummi - trolls in Finland - just children`s national heroes, the Finnish children by heart know fairy tales, songs from the animated cartoons of the same name, in shops sell stuff with their images, etc. Naturally, the Finnish kids in park stay in piggy delight. To our children, to understand what occurs, it is necessary to read at least these fairy tales (as a maximum - to know Finnish because representations in park go only in Finnish). Though without a thing it Lida took great pleasure both from performances, and from all the rest. She with curiosity examined the three-storyed house of Mummi - trolls, printed there on the typewriter, on a clearing - did to a workshop a mask of a cat, played with ships, threw stones in water on mumm - the beach, found a way out of a mumma - a labyrinth, got into a cave - a horror story, got on the high mountain, observed for mumm - falls rode from a hill - etc., etc., will not remember everything. To be acquired much, we needed 6 hours.

Vyaski`s Island - absolutely another, knowledge of Finnish and fairy tales does not need there. It is park of adventures, sports meets. On the island the piracy ship is lucky, at an entrance put on an electronic bracelet in which points after passing of the next test register a hand. Then from the house on the website it is possible to look at the result. Stepan gained many points, however, all the same insufficiently to take a prize that day. Most of all it liked to wash gold though it washed nothing. Impressed climbing the mountain in climbing equipment. Archery, a bungee, circulation was remembered in a rope, on stilts, various horizontal bars and there is a lot more everything.