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How to resolve a dusty issue? Today the most part of time we and our kids carry out

indoors. So, the average citizen is on air no more than 1 hour a day. Of course, it is necessary to walk more, but sometimes weather such is, as you will not poke out a nose from the house! Means, it is necessary to take care of that air in our apartment was pure. It is one of the main factors of health vital as for the kid, and their mothers and fathers.

Who would have ever expected it?

On square meter of our house, statistically, is settled by about 6 mg of dust. It turns out that in cubic centimeter of city air constantly there are hundreds of thousands of motes, and moving on the house, we as if are surrounded with an invisible dusty cloud. Not really pleasant picture for those who love purity. But if business was only in it! On motes as if on parachutes, in air plan bacteria, viruses, disputes of pathogenic mushrooms. And from one bacterium at a temperature of +25 º With (usual temperature in the apartment) in an hour it is formed two. One more harmful factor - disputes of mold mushrooms. They are present everywhere where there are a dampness and humidity (a grayish raid on a joint of tiles in a bathroom are they and is). However nevertheless about 70% of house dust make the peeling dead cells of skin - daily at the person about 1 g slushchivatsya. But also it would not be the main problem if not... little pets. These are the domestic dust ticks belonging to group with the poetic name “devouring skin“. Most of all these microscopic insects stay in warm and damp places (mattresses of beds and carpets in living rooms become those often). The tick does not do any harm to the person, being our lifelong satellite, eating the dying-off cells of skin. The problem is made by excrement of a tick, a part of bodies of dead kleshchik - they most often become the reason of allergic reactions. As allergen gets to an organism through airways, the respiratory system suffers respectively. Allergic cold, cough, and in more difficult cases when in time measures were not taken, - bronchial asthma.

you See

, house dust - the real poisonous cocktail from a set of various elements, each of which in itself can cause an allergy. Many efforts and means are required to cope with this misfortune very not easy. whether

an exit Is?

Unfortunately not to win against such variety of chemical and biological factors of negative influence of dust on an organism simple damp cleaning. Accurately developed strategy is necessary.


Though of course, the most important in fight against dust - is correct to pick up the vacuum cleaner. It is no secret that ordinary vacuum cleaners collect only the dirt seen by an eye - sand, garbage pieces, and all microparticles which make the main health hazard, generously return back, turning it into a cloud of the microdisperse soaring dust. Not for nothing doctors strictly forbid parents to work with ordinary vacuum cleaners in the presence of the kid. That dust accumulated again, it is necessary, at least, 20 to wait for minutes. It turns out what sense to vacuum, can walk better a venichok? And so, already all these bacteria, viruses, dust kleshchik remain in air of our apartment! It is necessary to use devices of new generation which are created taking into account the latest technological developments.

One of such - the Dyson vacuum cleaner which deletes from air of a bacterium, viruses, disputes of mushrooms and microorganisms, pollen of plants, waste products of pets and pincers, fine house dust. Thanks to the cyclonic Root Cyclone TM technology, air from the Dyson vacuum cleaner up to 150 times purer and contains much less bacteria, plesenny fungi and allergens, than air which we usually breathe.

the Dyson Vacuum cleaner equipped with NERA - the filter and the antibacterial Bactisafe TM screen, detains and kills the bacteria and allergens getting inside when cleaning. And it is still very convenient that for such vacuum cleaner it is not necessary to buy additional hygienic resources.

the Dyson company presented to

In June the new model of the vacuum cleaner - Dyson DC23 Motorhead.

In the new Dyson DC23 Motorhead vacuum cleaner the Dyson Root Cyclone TM technology is improved by one more invention of engineers of this company - an electrobrush thanks to which cleaning of carpets became even more effective.

of Dyson DC23 Motorhead it is hygienic and does not cause an allergy. The Dyson DC23 Motorhead model is equipped with system of hygienic cleaning. It means that when pressing the button all dust and dirt can be shaken directly in a garbage can.

All Dyson vacuum cleaners are approved by

to application by the British fund of the help to people with allergic diseases. In 2008 the Dyson vacuum cleaners were approved by “Institute of Immunology of MZ Russian Federation“ and “The Moscow scientific research institute of pediatrics and children`s surgery Rosmedtekhnology“ for the people having allergic diseases.

of DC23 Motorhead very strong vacuum cleaner. Engineers of the Dayson company carried out all possible tests to be convinced that this vacuum cleaner will cope with the most difficult cleaning. The DC23 Motorhead model not only is made of the strongest materials (the container is made of the same material, as protective boards of police officers) - prototypes dropped from ladders and rolled more than 1600 kilometers.


to It need no bags, any additional expenses. As well as all vacuum cleaners of the legendary company of James Dayson, Dyson DC23 Motorhead has a constant capacity of absorption and, instead of inconvenient bags in operation for collecting dust, it is supplied with constant filters: premotor washing and HEPA - the filter with antibacterial impregnation. They are used all service life of the vacuum cleaner.

Wide functionality of the new vacuum cleaner - not a hindrance for convenient storage. The unique patented system of reeling of a hose Telescope Wrap ™ allows to fix with little effort reliably it on the case, and the powerful harvester becomes compact and imperceptible. All nozzles are also stored on the vacuum cleaner case.


In this vacuum cleaner to a maximum brought maneuverability, simplicity and usability. Thanks to a flexible control system it easily slides on all coverings and carpets with pile of any height. Moreover, Dyson DC23 Motorhead freely moves even on ladders. The special design of the lower part of the case allows it to settle down conveniently at steps, and at the expense of powerful wheels he will obediently “climb up“ for you ladder flight to clean all dirt your house.