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Deniska, I love you... infinitely! Pregnancy washing

was desired and planned, every day brought joy from feeling of new life under my heart, and at the same time alarm and uncertainty in the actions. Everything wanted to be prepared for the kid carefully. Even I cannot describe feelings which arose upon purchase of all kinds of things, toys and other necessary! And when you display things of the kid in places, you dim a bed, and you tremble with expectation of the most important meeting in life - with little, defenseless and such favourite man!

childbirth Came nearer, term was put for March 8, from that especially tremblingly I waited for appearance of the kid. But the holiday took place, and the sonny did not please mother though... On March 11 there came day of my birth. Still I remember words of my doctor: “Today have a rest, enjoy a holiday. Also accept a gift - tomorrow we will go to give birth!“ So it also happened - fights began on March 12, and days later we met - I and my firstborn - Denisulka!

Childbirth was difficult, difficult, but when put a zainka to me on a breast, pain departed, tears of happiness and explosion of emotions - here an award for torments.

the First words told the sonny: “Hi, native, well you also gave hell to us!“ The second wind opened, the feeling of fatigue was gone, and at 5 in the morning all relatives and friends were notified on the birth of a small miracle! In chamber could not admire on synulyu: he sleeps, and I look at him and, smiling, I pay!

Wrote out us in fine spring day, you know when the spring really comes: the sky is azure, cloudless, deep! At home I flit on wings, I wait - I will not wait when it is possible to go to test our vehicle - the carriage costs in the room, sparkling wheels, waits for the little passenger. Every day with the daddy we make a declaration of love to the son, we kiss on fifty times per day all twenty fingers, we decide that by all means it is necessary the second child - the first such pretty! Means, it is necessary still same beloved and sweet! Of course, some troubles like gripes were, but all this is temporary, and happiness - here it nearby, the sonny! Time flies very quickly, but I do not cease to remember the best day in my life - on March 13, 2008. Day when us there were three! Deniska, I love you... infinitely!!