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Epiphany of

  • When to christen?
    • are christened Most often by about 40 - go day. After sacrament of Christening mother comes into the Temple, and over her read a purification prayer.
      If the baby weak, it is tried to be christened as soon as possible (sometimes both in maternity hospital, and in hospital, as a last resort, it can make and baptized mother), and mother goes to church after 40 - go day for a purification prayer.
      4. 12. 2000 16:5:14, Katerina Kuzovkina
    • In my opinion, it is possible to christen though at once, here to mother nizya the first 40 days after the delivery to come into church, it for some reason is considered “dirty“ therefore Godfathers were necessary...
      10. 8. 2001 20:14:39, Nataly
    • should not Postpone this business (I do not see absolutely any reasons!) since the child has no guardian angel yet, and even mothers to pray for him much more difficult...
      10. 8. 2001 23:27:2, Inanna
    • is the best of all to christen
    • to 4kh months. More senior children sobbed with might and main, the girl sobbed about a year, and the boy of years 2 - 3kh was filled in so as if a grief, also the priest managed to strike when that got to smear it:-)
      10. 8. 2001 20:9:14, Nataly
    • Senior christened
    • in 8 months. She already understood a lot of things and shouted as cut. Younger christened in 3 months. Ideal age. And already surely holds the head, and there is no fear of foreign people yet.
      11. 8. 2001 10:0:37,
    • We christened Yuli month in 3 - 4. As well as all others, I advise to be in time in warm time of day. And as well as others, I advise or to 4kh months, or already years after 3 - 4kh (and even 5).
      10. 8. 2001 23:54:3, Tamara
    • (From the website “Russian Orthodoxy“)
      the Epiphany of children is a business of their parents, and they decide when them to christen. If according to their decision the child remains non-Christian, and, God forbid, he will die, then responsibility for his non-Christian soul will lay down all the intolerable burden on their souls as a sin.
      of Tradition in ancient Christianity, and in the Russian Orthodoxy were different. In Russia often christened immediately after the birth, and houses - were afraid of death the child as it often happened. But, and this is important, time of a baptism is not a doctrine and it is not necessary to argue about it!
      Priest Andrey Lorgus.
      In Apostolic Tradition is available the instruction that children should be christened before adults. Children of very small age were allowed to a baptism, parents or relatives could give answers at commission of a baptism. During Cyprian of Crathage`s era found it possible not to postpone a baptism even until the eighth day. Grigory Nazianzin recommended to postpone a baptism until three-year age. From everything is higher told it is visible that the question of age was perceived by different Holy Fathers differently. But, according to Tertullian, a question at what age to christen children it was reduced to the fact that godfathers can fall into a temptation and not observe vows of data at sacrament of a baptism. river. Georgy.
      3. 12. 2000 15:30:3, Katerina Kuzovkina
  • What is necessary for a baptism?
  • It is necessary to
    • baptismal belongings (a baby`s undershirt and a cap + a diaper), on a belief if cars, God forbid, is unwell, it will be necessary to dress them, and to put so under a bed mattress.
      12. 7. 2001 0:52:6, Nataly
    • my reasons: to christen not the newborn that he was precisely full for one or one and a half hours, individually, without crowds of the people. To christen in pampers for obvious reasons, with a pacifier in a mouth. That in church it was warm, it is desirable in the summer.
      11. 7. 2001 16:51:10, oh3harriette
    • Main what to a masik it would be warm and did not blow it in church. On a baptism except a usual baptismal set it is necessary to take with itself pair of diapers and a towel big. Diapers for the undressed kid that did not freeze.
      16. 4. 2001 13:54:40, by kuhan
    • Choose the temple where allow to be present to mothers for a baptism (is such in whom for some reason let only Godfathers). It is desirable (if you the believer) to you the day before to confess and prichastitsya. Yes, and before it (usually during a confession) the father has to read over you a prayer 40 - go day (which grants to you the right for participation in sacraments). Then you with a clear conscience can hold the kid on hands practically all the time while the baptism lasts.
      16. 4. 2001 0:47:48, Tamara
  • God
    • God (godfather) is the one who accepted the child after a baptism (immersion in a font) who gave for it all vows (the child is not able to make it for obvious reasons), who provides further performance by the child of these vows (i.e. is responsible for aunty`s religious education and education).
      17. 4. 2001 3:34:34, Tamara
    • As to us the Father told
    • , the godfather answers for material, and mother - for spiritual. And together they are obliged to replace parents if something is become.
      1. 8. 2001 11:22:43, Inchik
    • God close relatives of the child (it even more preferable) can be i>. One Godfather can be, only the Godfather has to be same-gender with the child, i.e. for the girl - the godmother, for the boy - the Godfather.
      1. 8. 2001 10:56:35, Helga
    • Godparents are considered as spiritual mentors of the godson, and the office of Baptism connects them by spiritual relationship. Therefore they should not be the husband and the wife.
      22. 5. 2001 13:36:27, the Magician
    • U me the father was a Godfather at the daughter of the sister and when I was christened, wanted that my aunt (the sister of the father) was a godmother, and so it appears so it is impossible; - (in sense if you christened my children - that I yours cannot...
      1. 8. 2001 11:36:18, Izya
    • Godfathers have to be more senior than 14 years, we wanted Godfathers to take her second cousin and the cousin, to both for 10 years, it appeared nizya:-)
      10. 8. 2001 20:12:25, Nataly
  • Christening at home
    • Here phone 162 - 03 - 47, the father Evgeny - he christens at home.
      1. 8. 2001 15:14:19, Lyolka
    • to me seems that walls of church help too, and to christen
    • it is necessary to try there.
      1. 8. 2001 11:22:43, Inchik
    • of Children`s home is christened if it very sick and it it is impossible to bear in church.
      1. 8. 2001 10:56:35,
    • We were christened by Helga in year and month at home. We bought candles, prepared pure towels. God presented a cross. The father told, what is better, that the child was all in white. Here, in general, and all preparations. At first the Father told us about the patron saint in honor of whom the child is called. Then there was a sacrament. And after sacrament the Father explained what to do with candles, with water in a font, etc.
      11. 8. 2001 1:40:38,
  • the Participle and carrying a cross
    • Excuse Asyaa for wildness of a question: and than and how give communion to babies? And how it will be coordinated with questions of children`s hygiene? And still, the godfather of ours 6 - then insisted month the child on carrying a cross worn on the neck by him, and our doubts that and to be strangled not for long - answered, all in God`s will. Such approach for some reason did not suit me.
      11. 7. 2001 16:58:12, oh3harriette
    • About carrying a cross - we do not dress especially as the husband`s grandmother - terribly religious person, told that it is necessary a cross on a bed just to hang up.
      12. 7. 2001 0:52:6, Nataly
    • Everything on belief becomes. Here hygiene questions in general are inappropriate.
      We as put on a cross, did not remove. Only it has to be smooth that did not disturb and was not scratched. And the ribbon has to be short, then her children also do not notice. - still I can add
      About a participle: give communion only a wine drop, slightly - slightly.
      11. 7. 2001 17:11:2, Kris
    • From a spoon - only “blood“, without “body“.
      After half a year when he creeps on the house everywhere and everything pulls in a mouth, paranoia about hygiene in a participle is simply inappropriate.
      About it is necessary “to be strangled“ - the string corresponding to pick up, eat such that will not be strangled in any way.“ God`s will“ - of course, not approach because it is told “do not tempt“ so, of course, not a trace to use a big rope. It is necessary thin that at an excessive tightness just tore. But it is necessary to carry everything - if for you a baptism not a proforma, of course.
      11. 7. 2001 17:9:36 whether
  • A to christen Glaurung in general?
  • the Children`s baptism is only justified by
    • when parents and/or the godfather can give to the child adequate Christian education. Before christening, take an interest what prayers are said at a baptism what are vowed. One business when the adult consciously undertakes obligations and also consciously does not carry out them. Quite another matter, when you in fact impose to the child of the obligation which he cannot execute a priori (if nobody is going to bring up in belief it). The godfather brings vows for the baby, and to be answerable at full scale in the future to your child.
      16. 4. 2001 1:29:45, Tamara
    • to
    • To Bibles it is written: baptism anything and trimming anything. To my son for the present only 7 days and he will surely pass an office of Baptism, but then when he understands that it does and for what all this. And when he is 42 days old - in all this a beautiful ceremony there is no sense at all. It is rather simple to turn back around himself and you will see many drunkards, addicts whose bums of 80% parents at chest age christened.
      23. 5. 2001 13:53:48, Roman
    • my personal opinion: the child has to live up to a certain age and solve itself, be christened to it or not. I will grant to the child the right most to choose to what religion to belong.
      22. 5. 2001 15:32:57, Veronika
    • Parents from the moment of a baptism bear RESPONSIBILITY for education of the kid and for instilling of those ethical standards in it which are accepted in this religion. Therefore before to undertake something, think what PURPOSE of it? If the purpose - a craze or to traditions, then is better to postpone a ceremony until that time when the child himself is capable to make this decision. If the purpose - education within the chosen religion, then parents have to be baptized.
      22. 5. 2001 13:36:27, Magician