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``Button`` with a guarantee of

Is considered that dropouts have tuberculosis only, and the child from a safe family - a mikobakteriya - cannot pick up the causative agent of tuberculosis. In practice it not so.

Not very long ago even experts were sure by

that doctors finally won against tuberculosis by means of antibiotics, vaccination and tests to Mant. However in recent years the illness took the resolute offensive. And not only in our country, around the world. The recent outbreak of an infection in such safe country as the USA is known.

In Russia for the last fifteen years incidence of an illness grew more than twice.

Unsolemn war

Therefore also chances of school students to meet a mikobakteriya (it still call Koch`s stick) increased at least twice. Especially as a way of a transmission of infection most “effective“ - vozdushno - drop. The death from it in Russia exceeds mortality from all infections registered in the country. According to medical statistics, one child from hundred annually gets sick with tuberculosis.

Danger of a mikobakteriya that in recent years it changed and turned into the real monster. In - the first, the stick developed resistance to antibiotics and it is difficult to treat her. And in - the second, it began to cause the forgotten swift-flowing forms of an illness leading to a lethal outcome long ago. That is why the inoculation of BTsZh which the first time is done in maternity hospital is so actual today. Meanwhile immunity after vaccination sticks to 6 - 7 years therefore to school students with negative reaction to Mant, perhaps, doctors will suggest to take root repeatedly.

Annual test to Mant, the main way of diagnosis of tuberculosis at children, is obligatory for all. Such “button“ on a hand defines contamination existence. Some parents consider that allergic persons to do do not have it sense - reaction will always be positive. When the doctor has a suspicion that the result is provoked by an allergy, test to Mant is repeated in 4 - 6 weeks. If reaction changed - means, and really, perhaps, the allergy interfered.

That will be told by test to Mant

Test is estimated in 3 days after its carrying out. Button contours not always happen ideally round therefore doctors agreed to measure it in millimeters, holding a ruler perpendicular to a hand axis.

Reaction is considered

negative if for the third day on skin there are no traces - either reddenings, or swellings. Then, most likely, repeated vaccination is required.

Doubtful reaction: small redness without “button“ or in the presence of small infiltrate - 2 - 4 mm. It is impossible to tell for certain, the child is protected or not. Test should be repeated once again.

Positive reaction - the expressed infiltrate with a diameter of 5 mm and more. Within the next year tuberculosis does not threaten the child.

Giperergichesky (excessive) reaction:“ button“ the solid sizes - 17 mm and more. Usually with such result direct to consultation to the specialist in tuberculosis - the phthisiatrician.

If the doctor sent to

On reception at the phthisiatrician the school student to the phthisiatrician, it is impossible to refuse visit at all. The expert examines the little patient and will allow doubts concerning features of reaction to Mant. In certain cases the doctor will appoint preventive treatment. It is necessary as the risk of transition of the latent infection to a real disease if in time not to take a measure, makes about 15%.

Children`s antituberculous care around the world first of all is directed to

to prevention of an illness. Treatment of tuberculosis - process difficult and long. Unfortunately, the school student for a year, and even will be longer pulled out from the habitual environment. Most likely, he should spend some time in children`s office of tubercular hospital.