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Think of healthy veins waiting for the kid of

Pregnancy - it is, probably, one of the finest periods in life of the woman and her child. Especially - if future mother cares about health of the veins - the last trimester often is followed by hypostases and locks. These troubles spoil mood and threaten health.

the Increased uterus complicates a normal blood-groove in a small pelvis and “presses“ vessels, creating additional difficulties for peripheral vascular system. Often during this period the varicosity begins. Therefore after the delivery hypostases of legs often do not disappear, and amplify.

uterus Pressure in a small pelvis provokes

not only bad current of a blue blood, but also reduces an intestines vermicular movement. The woman begins to suffer from locks, there are prerequisites for development of a gemorroidalny illness. Out of pregnancy the organism produces the special substances stimulating reductions of intestines. But during pregnancy the susceptibility of muscles of intestines to such stimulators considerably decreases as any excessive activization of a vermicular movement can stimulate as well reductions of a uterus, having caused pregnancy interruption threat. This protective system of an organism for preservation of a fruit can have collateral consequences for mother - locks and, as a result, hemorrhoids.

of Mother, help the veins!

to reduce pressure upon legs and to reduce puffiness, doctors advise to monitor consumption of amount of liquid: you have enough from 1 to 2 liters a day, including soups and fruit, seasonally and physical activity. It is not recommended to drink less than 1 liter as amniotic liquid needs continuous updating. And more than 2 - x you should not drink liters because the organism can not cope with a liquid conclusion, and there will be a puffiness.

the Essential help to legs will be put by the compression linen regulating pressure upon legs from below up and promoting correct a shelter - and a limfoobrashcheniya, and also special exercises for pregnant women. In general doctors strongly recommend even in the month, last before childbirth, as far as possible, to keep physical activity.

the Same rules will help to reduce risk of development and a gemorroidalny illness. Besides the movement and consumption of a normal amount of water the good vermicular movement is promoted by the diet rich with various vegetables and fruit.

However not always a day regimen and food can fix a problem. Often also the medicamentous help is required. But the use of diuretic and laxative preparations during pregnancy is strictly forbidden. What to do? Will help to reduce risk of varicosity of veins of the lower extremities or veins in the field of back pass of means of local application. Obstetricians - gynecologists advise all women in labor carefully to watch a condition of the vessels and to carry out prevention of varicosity.

local vasoprotectives for this purpose recommend to use

. One of the best means in this segment Gepatrombin ® is recognized by ; the pharmaceutical company Hemofarm - ointment and gel . Ointment possesses fatter basis and better softens skin, and gel cools legs that is especially pleasant in hot weather. Gepatrombin ® is issued in two dosages - 30 000 for prevention of varicosity and 50 000 for treatment.


At a varicosity of back pass (hemorrhoids) if external knots are increased, will be helped by applications of Gepatrombin of ® . And when swelling internal knots - introduction of ointment or of candles Gepatrombin`s of ® in a rectum. Anyway you remember that all typical problems of pregnant women are removable. Surely tell the doctor about the first symptoms of venous insufficiency, and timely treatment will prevent complications in the future. Let nothing will prevent you to enjoy pregnancy!

What Gepatrombin ® differs in in

; from a preparation Gepatrombin ®?

Gepatrombin ® (ointment and candles) - means for local treatment of hemorrhoids and other diseases of anal area (a crack, an itch), and Gepatrombin ® it is applied to treatment of a varicose illness, thrombophlebitises, hypostases and is issued in the form of ointment and gel. Gepatrombin ® also as well as Gepatrombin ® heparin contains, but for the rest their structure differs.