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The summer came!

Ah, summer... We live in the north and therefore to the sea we begin to dream of holiday long before summer, long winter evenings. Dreamed that we will go all family to the sea in August. Our youngest will be absolutely big: in August - 1 year and 2 months. But from - for crisis the husband was given holiday in May. On a family council it was decided to go nevertheless to holiday, but not to the sea (we decided that the sea yet cold the Russian South, and there are no fruit yet), and to the grandfather to the village under Stavropol. Now we understand that we accepted everything - the correct decision.

it was decided to drive the car. To the oldest daughter Vlada - 12 years, and younger Nastenka are only 11 months. With the oldest daughter there went the first time to holiday by car in 8 months too, and here to us 11 months! Collecting was very careful, it was necessary to think over everything properly! The benefit, is both wet towel wipes, and food in jars, and pampers now. Of course, it was necessary more to take with itself a favourite pot and favourite toys, books. And here suitcases are collected, at way!

the Only inconvenience which we tested on the way and is more faithful to

than Nastenk - it is an automobile chair. It is natural that there is so much time to stay fastened any child therefore honestly I admit will not sustain, took out to Nastyon from a chair. Nastya very much liked to look out of the back window, standing on a chair. We went slowly, stopped often, walked with children in the fresh air, ate in dining rooms. Though we bought for Nastya different baby food in jars, here I very much regretted that I do not nurse any more, it would be not only it is more useful, but also it is a hundred times more convenient! We decided not to force down to children a day regimen and therefore at 10 in the evening already stayed at hotel for the night.

On the road saw both a wolf, and a hare, and a fox. It gave pleasure to the oldest daughter. And here Nastenka was enraptured simply when she saw an ant. Yes, yes ant. We left the house on May 1, but at us snow still lay. And legs we did not go yet, all on a carriage in a blanket. As Nastya was surprised that there is no snow, it is possible to stand on asphalt, and the most important - something creeps! Nastyona sat down, began “to point a finger“ at an ant and just to squeal from delight.

I here we at last at the grandfather in the village. How many here surprising for nurseries a peephole! The grandfather sowed the whole clearing a lawn grass. Nastya attentively studied a grass: touched, pinched, stamped a leg, at last, villages - as it is healthy! And then we decided to show to Nastyona fauna of the village: hens, goats, geese, pigs, cows. As all was pleasant to it! And - a cockerel Nastya just did not depart from grandfather`s Petya. Asks to give it in hands; shouts “give, give“, and Petya runs away from it. And, about a miracle - our child went legs!

Of course, we went to Stavropol, took a walk in the city, descended in park. The oldest daughter was delighted. Then we bought it the ticket for a concert, for a favorite band of “Ranetka“ which acted there in circus. Here and in words not to express all emotions which she experienced!

it is So much impressions, it is so much delight, it is so much emotions! And we with the husband, looking at children, we are loaded with energy, cheerfulness, we gain strength that again in the winter evenings to dream of summer!