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Dog cage: prison or “lodge“?

the Big iron cage, and in it sits a dog - a puppy or several small doggies. Sad eyes through rods look at the world... Let`s turn this picture and we will look on the other hand. The torn apart furniture, the destroyed apartment - in a month after repair, the spoiled holiday - as is no place to leave a dog...

Long since many “dog“ ancestors instead of freedom in a clean floor very quietly settled in a den (quite often others) where they felt safe. Very probably on a cage, the truth?

By the way, very many professionals of “dog“ business consider that life in a cage is good also for establishment of certain “bridge“ between the owner and a dog. For what the dog is issued from a cage? To play with the owner. Who lets out it? Owner. The dog leaves a cage to eat and who to it puts a bowl? Besides - the owner. Perhaps, here it is rational to eat grain. But as well as in everything, it is necessary to know when to stop here and not to overdo not to make to a dog it is worse. Here some rules at the choice of cages and to schooling of dogs to them.

the Majority of cages are made by

of a thick wire or of plastic. Wire cages develop, and they can be carried in a hand as a suitcase. They, certainly, the most reliable, but also the heaviest. Plastic cages much more bulky, though not really heavy. There are also cages from strong fabric, but they are rather reliable only for those dogs who from the early childhood are accustomed to cages and are in them the most part of time. Such cages are easy in collecting and carrying. Some handymen stitch dense fabric from within the metallized grid. Of course, for distant travel such cages are convenient and easy since they weigh a little.

of the Cage happen the different sizes. Choose a cage so that the dog could rise and turn in it, settling more conveniently. The more a cage - reasonably, of course, - the better.

Put on a cage bottom a mattress or the blanket put several times which can be erased easily. If you have a puppy, then it is better to have 2 - 3 spare mattresses. But also adult dogs sometimes express a protest. I became the witness of it when my almost one-year-old a bough (through my fault) made a pool on a mattress in a cage. I, naturally, from there let out it and, having put a dry laying, sent back to a cage. What my surprise when she directly on my eyes made a pool again was. It repeated nearly two days. So dry laying were necessary for us in a large number.

Often metal cages are equipped with special metal or plastic pallets. The pallet is necessary in order that at some opportunity (the puppy will not sustain or something will spill) the most part of liquid went to the pallet. It is possible to put in the pallet also the absorbing napkin.

If you use a metal cage, it is useful to cover it from above with light opaque fabric or a cover. So the dog will feel to herself more quietly. And, of course, you will save it from drafts.

do not leave

in a bowl cage (if they are not supplied with special fastening) - they only take the place and can easily overturn.

it is the best of all for p to accustom a dog to a cage gradually. If you give to the puppy the chance to get acquainted with it, to get used, leaving a door opened and putting inside a favourite toy, the dog will begin to consider almost at once a cage the house. It is very good to begin to feed a dog, putting a bowl to her in a cage. The most widespread mistake is to punish a dog, locking it in a cage. So it is impossible to do! Only positive emotions have to be connected with stay in a cage at a dog. If the dog dragged off any thing in a cage, never select her - it is production which has to be at it in a den. It is the simplest to open a cage, to call a dog outside and to take away a thing from a mouth of a dog or from her cage.

you Watch that in a cage always lay one - two favourite toys of your dog. That toys did not bother, periodically change them on new (it is possible well forgotten old). In a month your pet will be very glad them again to see and with pleasure will play with them.

Never leave to

a dog locked in a cage it is more, than at several o`clock if it has no opportunity to leave, warm up, play or to drink waters.

the Cage can also be used for schooling of a dog to cleanliness. The puppy never napachkat in the cage, and will patiently wait until he is let out outside. Literally in the first days he will learn to ask “on the street“. Letting out a dog from a cage, you will be able to walk her right there. Thus, application of a cage will relieve you of excess pools in the apartment. If you placed in a puppy cage, do not leave him in a cage more, than for 2 - 3 hours.

If the dog for want of habit began to whine or howl in a cage, wait some time, let the dog will calm down, will become silent and only after that let out from a cage. Otherwise at it the addiction can be fixed to howl to draw your attention.

Remember that on trips in almost any hotel of the world will not refuse to you the settlement if your pet is in a cage. You will be able freely to leave a dog in the room of the hotel and to go to restaurant or on the beach, knowing that the furniture in number will not be spoiled, the door is scratched and will not make out you a bill. And having returned, you will see that your pet, most likely, with pleasure sleeps. At the same time the dog, certainly, will have no severe stress, she in the lodge.

I still - perhaps, it already caution: do not allow foreign people (the for a dog only family members - packs, and all other “strangers“ are) to approach a cage or to push hands through rods inside. In particular it concerns to small children. Many dogs against such invasion, and the one who encroached or tried to get into its “lodge“ can be punished - it needs to be explained to the acquaintances. And it is possible to let out a dog from a cage, then it, having appeared in some way in others territory, will be more favorable and it is not aggressive.

we Will sum up of

the results. The cage is a place where nobody will prevent a dog, and it will not prevent anybody. You never step on a dog, do not pinch a paw door to a puppy, you will not shout and punish a dog who continually plays pranks or just gets you under feet. Remember that a cage for a dog not the prison, and it is rather a den, the vacation spot and as dream of each teenager - the certain room. It gives to a dog feeling of rest and safety in any situation.