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How it is correct to choose a baby sling?

From all variety of baby slings are most popular and universal two look: a baby sling with rings and a baby sling - a scarf. Each of them has particular advantages.

These types of baby slings is united that they can be used as for the newborn, so for the grown-up kid, and allow to carry the child in various provisions: in horizontal (in a cradle) and in vertical (in front, on one side, behind the back). I will note that these baby slings supplement each other. Each of them is convenient in a certain life situation, at a certain age of the child, with a certain weight of the kid.

“What type of a baby sling is more preferable than

?“ - many mummies ask a question before deciding on purchase of this remarkable invention.

As a rule, for the beginning slingomama, especially, if it is about the newborn, the most convenient the baby sling on rings is considered. Rings allow more dynamically and in literal sense “on the run“ to regulate baby sling length, and also allow to postpone easily and quickly sleeping kid in case of need. Besides, the baby sling on rings allows mother to seize quicker the basic principles of correct “slingorazmeshcheniye“ of the child and, subsequently, not to experience difficulties in the address with any other types of baby slings.

- to a scarf, as a rule, the beginning slingomama address a baby sling from 5 - 9 months when the child already grew up and grew heavy. At first use only for long walks or travel. And subsequently find for it a lot more various applications as houses - use for performance of household chores in which two hands are required, and on the street - for campaigns in the wood for mushrooms - berries, for driving the bicycle and skis; and also as a hammock, a swing, covered etc.

If you are puzzled with the choice of a baby sling on rings, it is necessary to pay attention to the next moments on which depends as far as to you and your kid will be conveniently and safely to use it:

have to be a baby sling - a scarf the main requirements are imposed on

At the choice to fabric of which the baby sling is made. The best a baby sling - scarfs turn out from natural fabrics which do not last in length at all, last in width a little and last on diagonal. Such fabric ergonomically fits the kid, does not crash into shoulders and does not cause inconveniences to mother and the child. Some types of jersey, streychevy and jacquard fabrics belong to such fabrics.


Producers use the following types of fabrics: the lasting fabrics (jersey, fleece); slabotyanushchiyesya fabrics (jeans - streych, cotton - streych, poplin - streych); not lasting fabrics (Jacquard, coarse calico).

the Lasting fabrics and coarse calico are suitable

for newborns or more for those who just want to try whether the baby sling - a scarf per se will suit them. But it is necessary to know that with increase in weight of the child they begin to crash to mother into shoulders and/or to stretch strongly.

baby sling Length - a scarf is selected also taking into account your clothing size. In case marking is not specified, then if you carry 42 - 46 clothing size, you will need length not less than 460 cm; for the sizes 48 - 54 optimum there will be length of 480 - 520 cm. In case you have a boundary size, the baby sling - a scarf of the bigger size will be more convenient.

we Will sum up of

the small result:

Carry your children with pleasure!