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Traveling notes, or Avtoputeshestviye across Europe (part 3) of

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Put 11. Carcassone

we go to Carcassonne Today. The day before I called a camping (and it nearly only in this city) and advised me that it is the best of all to arrive about 12 in the afternoon. The road passed without surprises. On the road stopped on the road parking to have a bite. The parking was wonderful - the fountain, very cool shower. We as the most business placed our little table with chairs (for some reason on this parking there were no tables) and have fully breakfast.

Lodged without adventures, on a reception collected a heap reklamok, and one of them brought us on an ostrich`s farm. It was something! Our girl peeped from delight and it was interesting to us - ostriches of all grades and the sizes, little kids, a manual pig of Newton. Only the entrance is expensive - 35 francs on the adult and 25 on the child.

At the exit from a farm is sent in their gift shop and bought a toy strausenk for Marusya, ostrich`s egg and smoked sausage from ostrich`s meat. Egg broke in 2 hours. I had a feeling that we will break it, without having taken to Moscow, but did not think that SO soon :).

Then went for a walk in the local lock. The lock - a charm. However, inside - anything special, all locks and fortresses something are similar. But outside - just as a knight`s castle in the fairy tale!

took a walk in the center of Carcassonne in the Evening. Very nice the small town (as well as all here), but was very desert and everything is closed. It seems that in France today (on August 15) a national holiday - all shops were closed and on doors of many there was something in French about August 15.

Put 12. Andorra

Got up early not especially - we are going to Andorra, and in it nearby - it is less than 200 km. Eh, we would know as we will regret about it :(. Practically all second half of the road - mountain, but is florets in comparison with the road between Spain and France on which we got at the very beginning of our travel. Strips are wide, the road good. One continuous pleasure!

On the road stopped to have a bite in McDonald`s. I did not see such McDonald`s yet. In it there was no sandwich - either a gabmurger, or a cheeseburger, nor even Big - Poppy! You can imagine Makdonalds without Big - Poppy? I - am not present. Ate potatoes and went further, enjoying life and the road. The pleasure ended in kilometers 50 from Andorra. The huge stopper which lasted to Andorra in which we staid more than 3 - x hours began! It was awful. Weather disgusting (rain), way tiresome. Arrived to Andorra already in the second half of day. Quickly enough found a camping which looked after in the reference book. It was in kilometers 10 from the capital of the country. Was in fantastically beautiful place - Xixerella. In two meters from tent the nice mountain small river flew.

Delivered to

tent and decided to lighten themselves mood the local thermal pool of Caldea. The entrance costs nemeryano there - 3 500 pesetas, but we decided that we deserved such overindulgence. Parked the car on the underground parking, and went to buy tickets. The signora not a reception took a view of our child, and terribly asked about age. Having heard that dityu 4 years she joyfully stuck us with a nose into the brochure in which it was accurately written that the entrance with children to the 5th summer age for reasons of safety is forbidden. The girl at me large, and at us flashed crazy thought: next day to come and tell lies that she is 5 years old. But in a bukletika there was prevention that in case of doubts can demand from us the passport, and there was no wish risk such sums (I have no confidence that tickets accept back).

generally, evening was finally spoiled. Perhaps, it was the most unpleasant impression about our rest.


Madly liked the country. Tremendous mountains, looney beautiful nature - stone lodges look just perfectly. Therefore the unanimous decision to remain here for one day was quickly made.

Put 13. Andorra

At first drove on the machine on the neighboring mountains, hills and gorochka, were photographed against the mountain small river flowing directly in our camping.

Then, remembering that Andorra - an offshore zone, decided to be engaged in shopping. On border with Spain there is a huge commercial center. What there is only not present, and it is valid at the ridiculous prices. In the city the photo - and video equipment is full. The first impression - everything is madly cheap, we there even bought a memory card for our new camera. But then, having arrived to Moscow, found out that it costs at us 20 dollars cheaper (the truth if it is good to look). Also compared the prices of other equipment. For a conclusion such - if not to buy in the Moscow expensive shops of type of “Tehnosila“, and it is better to look on the Internet (for example on www. newman. ru), at us it is possible to find cheaper, and much more.

Unlike Cannes which for me became the city of traffic lights Andorra is the city of traffic controllers. Practically all traffic lights are switched-off and at each intersection (and them there much) there is a traffic controller and regulates. We decided that thus they solve an unemployment problem.

Put 14. Spain

Today at us the last day of holiday. Remembering a stopper from France, we got up in 4 mornings and in 5 already were on wheels. Reached very quickly, in 8 already were in Barcelona. Passed still kilometers 50 along the coast and stopped in the small small town of Sitges. We decided to spend all this day at the sea - it is necessary to compensate to the daughter our yesterday`s shopping. The beach was very pure - strips from harvest equipment were visible. The people have not enough (hours at 9 in the morning). The beach - small sand, in France we such met only in Agda. And very much - very warm sea - in France it is colder. And here it was possible not to get out the whole day of water that with success and was done by Marusya. To hours to 11 the heap of the people came, and on the beach in literal sense there was no place to step. Similarly in the sea. Provalyalis on the beach till 4 o`clock, then have dinner and took a walk, and then went towards the airport. It was necessary to pack things, to hand over the car. As we did not foreknow, delivery of the car what is the time will borrow, decided to arrive in advance. Hm, I would know! I approached check rack - in point, took away keys from me and voila! I - and to pay? And they - and type, already (when I took away the car, they asked for me the card and probably or blocked the necessary sum, or just rewrote data of my card that then to use it). I - and to check the car? They - yes you do not worry, we will check it then. Generally, procedure took minutes 2, apart from the fact that I 10 tortured minutes the employee of Avis how many from my card was or will be written off as in their pieces of paper fiendish difficulty (and besides a bazovay tariff which was calculated when booking the children`s chair, airport collecting, and payment for the second driver was added to us).

As one would expect, our plane was late and instead of 22:30 we took off in 1 night. What happiness that the taxi was called on www. go - to. ru, their meeting costs 25 dollars, is not dependent on as far as the plane was late (the others charged a fee in each hour of expectation). Here everything passed without surprises, we were vstetit and we safely reached to the house.

the Conclusion

we did not derive Such pleasure from rest for a long time. IMHO, similar rest surpasses any rest in impressions even in the coolest hotel. France was pleasant more, than Spain. Though I very much would like to return to some places, and at some (for example, Nice or Cannes) - 1 time is enough to look. From places on the bank of, perhaps, most of all Agde, from not coastal - Salon de Province. French riviera - so-so, only if to go “to be noted“. Most of all the Province of Languedoc was pleasant.

Andorra made unusual impression. I did not even expect that it is such beautiful country.

concerning a way of our accommodation. Campings have the pluses and the minuses. Pluses - you all the time outdoors, in rest are some charm. Besides, if in a camping still it is possible to catch, having arrived early in the morning, then with hotels such focus will definitely not take place. If to reserve rest in several places, then it needs to be done in advance, of Russia. And in this case the most important charm - our independence and freedom of movement, ability to change our plans vanishes.

But minuses of course too is. In - the first, we had no place to come in the afternoon. That is we came to tent, sat at a table. But sometimes there was a wish to roll about on a sofa, for example :). In tent it was difficult to roll about from in the afternoon - for heats. Well and sound insulation, more precisely - its total absence. If the neighbor sneezes at night, then him is very well heard :). But, IMHO, pluses outweigh all minuses MUCH stronger. And price? For the most abrupt campings we paid no more than 30 dollars for THREE! Well, where still such housing can be found moreover in French riviera?

So, all we spent about 3400 dollars. Our expenses can be divided into 2 main parts - the accompanying expenditure (those purchases which we needed to make, for example, purchase of tent entered here) - we spent about 500 dollars for it. Actually holiday - respectively about 3000.

On what money left:

Total: In total we passed 2682 km, replaced 7 campings, visited 4 countries and 21 cities :).