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Lips of the baby...

It is necessary not to be afraid to learn the world through the child and your questions will help with it. But the main thing not to deny vision of the child, and together with it to reflect iliporazmyshlyat most.

In three last days at us with Tanya (4 years) two very short, but interesting dialogues took place. Through them my daughter learns to understand me this world of an eeglazama:

  1. - “Mummy, I you very much, very much love“
    - “Long ago?“
    - “Yes, long ago. Till my birth“
  2. - “Mother, the poem so slowly goes time?“
    - “And why you schitash that slowly?“
    - “Yes, to me is only 4 years“
    - “And me it seems that to you 4 years. And for exchange you still quite recently were small“
    - “Mother, and it was painful to you me to give birth?“
    - “Yes, is sick. But this pain quickly is forgotten and remains only pleasure“ to
    - “After all very well what I you chose as the mother“
    - “And why you chose me?“
    - “Because you very best beautiful and still because you respect more me“

We often take talk and reflections of our children for “baby talk“, for nonsense. And in it is a high time too we say that lips of the baby of a glagoletistin. In this life nothing happens casual. And once to those words vnimatelneeotnositsya which we hear. My daughter says that it not yay I bring up, and she me. And I agree with it. When in a family a poyavlyaetsyarebenok we begin to treat more responsibly ourselves - as we say, chtogovory that we do...

the Child is first of all the person. The person with the views and sosvoy requirements. And as we respect the adult, so we and to dolzhnyuvazhat the little person. Each ban we owe prokommentirovat always it is necessary to give the chance of the choice. But it is necessary to explain chemmozht this or that choice will end and through what probably pridetsyaproyt.

All this

of course common truths, but when suddenly to nachinayeshponimat it, it seems that it actually opening.

I Wish

to all more than such opening! Let children feel sebyaravnopravny with you, do not deprive them of responsibility.

yours faithfully Tanya Shamanayeva`s mother - Oksana.
September, 1999

Oksana Shamanayeva