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Melancholy all age are obedient to

the Depression sometimes call sincere cold. And not without the bases: the despondency is infectious. Children adopt an internal spirit of parents also at the genetic level, and on household.

If mother at heart the pessimist and the child`s father the cheerful person you do not call, the kid simply has nobody to be another. And if so - a stock of mental immunity from a depression at it small. But hereditary predisposition - yet not an illness, it is possible to correct it! Alan Fromm`s councils - one of leading experts of the USA in the field of children`s psychology and psychiatry will help to protect the child from despondency.

Milk and honey of life

the American scientist divides mothers into two categories. Representatives of the first (their majority) milk to children only, that is feed, dress, drive to walk - the word, carry out the program of a usual “parental minimum“. Mothers of the second type besides “milk“ are capable to share with the child also “honey“ of life, having taught to rejoice each new day, to regard the stay on the earth as a gift. The feeling of pleasure of life absorbed with mother`s milk - a reliable depression inoculation. Only from where to it to undertake if mother has a mood “on zero“? Alan Fromm answers this question in a word - change!

Urgently reconsider the relation to life and try to understand what prevents you to be happy. Smile more often, arrange draws and small holidays, make gifts to yourself and to relatives. If all this does not help, address the psychologist. It is not excluded that you have the most real depression, and the earlier you will get rid of it, the it is less than chances to go on your feet will be at the child.

Melancholy because of nerves

Even at incorrigible optimists the children inclined to melancholy sometimes are born p. The reason - in adverse effects on developing and therefore extremely vulnerable nervous system of future kid during pregnancy, childbirth and within the first month after birth. The majority of these factors are almost not reflected in health: so, small nausea - a symptom of slight toxicosis, or hemoglobin is slightly lower in the mornings than norm.

Future mother of a difference practically does not feel

, and at a fruit - oxygen starvation! It is especially disturbing when pregnancy coincided with a catarrhal season. Scientists from laboratory of immunological rehabilitation of the Moscow medical academy of I. M. Sechenov made sensational discovery. It appears even if the pregnant woman did not get sick with flu, it does not mean that the kid remained too is healthy. During epidemic the artful virus can stay in an organism of future mother “incognito“. “Having imperceptibly filtered“ through a placenta, it is built in the genetic device of cells of a brain and other bodies of the child. As a result embriogenetichesky frustration which range is extremely wide - from a congenital immunodeficiency to weakness of nervous system develop: it does not maintain the loadings put on age and easily is given on favor of a depression.

the neuropathologist who ideally has to examine your kid every month will help to Reveal and eliminate with

disturbing signals on the first year of life. Consider the raised or lowered muscular tone, excitability, high intra cranial pressure as grains from which sprouts of a depression, neurosis and other frustration in the future can arise.

Having celebrated with

the second birthday, the child, as a rule, joins ranks of “almost healthy“ children, but the nervous system still remains his weak place. Not to provoke psychological failure which at the kid from risk group the depression can quite follow you have to follow a number of rules.

the Muscular pleasure

At a depression suffers from

not only mentality of the child. Children prefer to indulge in long despondency in motionless poses, paying off for months of melancholy with weakness of muscles, violation of a bearing, bad shipping of physical activities. But told ancient:“ A sound mind in a sound body“. The gymnastics will help the child to feel muscular pleasure, will bring out of a dejectedness, will force to smile to life.

any all-strengthening exercises are useful to

In fight against despondency. But the child will carry out not everything from them with identical hunting. The monotonous, repeating movements (into the account on team of the trainer) and cause yawning in healthy children, and their grieved peers especially need complexes of the “amusing“ game gymnastics based on effect of novelty and surprise when the child does not know that he will do at the next moment.

Joint researches of psychologists and physiotherapy exercises instructors confirm

: the best melancholy medicine - aerobics. 4 main secrets of its salutary impact on children`s mentality: vigorous rhythmical music, a variety of movements, the fast rhythm which is not allowing to be distracted by sad thoughts, presence of peers.

you Remember

, Robinzon`s life when near it appeared Friday became how more pleasant? Collective - the great doctor if his salutary force is used to destination. But you should not pull the resting child by a hand on a soccer field on which other children with enthusiasm drive a ball. It is necessary to grow to interest in collective game!

Together with parents

On the way from exercises under music in the presence of peers to the real sports game with her passion, dependence of the general success of command from actions of each player, at preschool and younger school age games together or three together lie. The best partners - mother and the father in whose society the child does not feel constraint and discomfort.

Who whom will outwit? Get up the friend opposite to the friend at distance five - ten steps. Mother throws a ball - the child catches and returns back. From time to time do the deceptive movements - strike a ball in a floor and you catch it instead of throwing to the child. Cause in it reciprocal desire to outwit you. At whom better it will turn out?


, do not yawn! Players form tops of an equilateral triangle. Without being limited to deceptive blows about a floor, periodically throw a ball not to the child, but the third participant, or, on the contrary, send it to the younger member of team out of turn when he does not expect it.

Doggie. Mother and the father throw each other a ball, and the child standing between them tries to catch it. It was possible - take the place of the one who made an unsuccessful throw, is not present - wait for the successful moment. Surely conduct counting of points together with the child.

the New stage in fight against a depression - sports: to them there is a fight for a victory, the command spirit is important. Begin with such in which it is a little participants and rules are simple. An example - game in tennis in couples. Then it is possible to master soccer, hockey, volleyball and other games. Having joined team (school, domestic or real sports - does not matter), the child not only will achieve force of muscles and symmetry of a body, but also will temper strength of mind, having gained psychological immunity against sincere cold.

Information to reflection

according to psychologists, danger to ache with a depression is above at the child to whose parents of 35 - 40 years. At this time adults endure the so-called crisis of the middle of life which is followed by revaluation of values and strain of relations in a family, and children, as a rule, cross a threshold of school. Study imposes increased requirements to nervous system and lays down burden of additional cares on parental shoulders.

the Most unstable experts consider by

a family triangle of which the imperious spouse with strong character is at the head, in the presence of the only child - daughters. Infinite showdowns between socially successful mother and the father of whom his financial and professional insolvency is blamed an unresolved housing question and many other things depress children`s mentality.

depressions boys are Most subject to

. In a year after divorce of parents 5 - 7 - summer girls manage to restore composure.

their peers and after 2 years after disintegration of a family remain alerted, unbalanced, suffer sense of guilt, feel thrown. Quite often fuel to the fire of a depression is added by mother, transferring to the son negative emotions which experiences to the ex-husband.