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Do not give up, please! You win!

washing Mashul did not take a toy almost about four months, slept badly, to us put “convulsive readiness“, ischemia 2 - y degrees, the delay of psychomotor development (DPD), a pre-natal hypoxia. Here my result of pregnancy about which I told in the article “Every Day - as in the War“. I will not tell about childbirth, they were not postponed in the head in comparison with further events... I remember pressure 160, doctors of everyones, anesthesiologists, resuscitators, surgeons, about 20 people in the operating room, exclamation of the doctor: “Oh, what hairy“. With such parting word Ksyusha (50 cm, 3 kg), the curly and kindest capricious child, then shriek came to the world: “Oh, what small!“ So there was fighting in every sense Mashulya of 45 cm in height and weighing 2 kg.

It is very bad

later “Caesarian“, girls for the third day are sent to Institute of pediatrics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (to grow Masha), to me treat an otsloyka of a retina, and in a week I go there...

Having lain month in hospital, we went home with improvements, but in a month it became clear that lag in development in Mashuli is available. And not small. And what did not allow me to forget for a minute about it is the sister - the twin who developed according to the “average“ schedule.

showed to

of the Electroencephalogram underdevelopment of these or those processes without gross violations, lack of many provodimost, including absence of hearing on one ear, there was an uneven development of coxofemoral joints (for example, one - for six months, another - on three, but both are “normal“), a wryneck. Three times we appeared on “ambulance“ in hospital from - for neurologic a throat spasm when crying, ice hands and legs at the slightest pretext. Mashulya choked and became similar skin color to an eggplant in a section, and we with an oxygen mask were carried to a hospital.


Well, it was necessary to work. As I was engaged in Masha, was engaged also in Ksyusha similarly (naturally, except medicines), I all the same dragged both of them with myself, and decided not to separate them even during occupations.

We began

with massage - 10 courses every two months. After the second session I learned to do it. Feeding was exclusive according to the schedule, otherwise we would be in time nothing. And in two weeks girls wanted to eat exactly on hours. Actually, any difficulties, hungry crying and additional requirements for this question never arose. Two walks a day for two hours - are strict. All toys - developing no toys “without appointment“ in the house existed. Maria Montessori was read from cover to cover between feedings, the benefit, Ksyusha always slept well, and I read, walking up and down at the nights on the room with Mashulya on hands, having fastened on the head a small lamp on a hoop which are on sale in any shop of tourist accessories. By the way, little Masha became interested in this small lamp first of all - she lay on hands and considered the book, a small lamp. She did not sleep in a bed before half a year at all - only on hands, demanded that I either went, or sat, but did not lie. Therefore I tied dressing gown belt to a leg and the Ksyushiny bed to pump up it, without getting up. Embraced Mashulya, tied itself with two diapers that in a dream hands were not unclenched and Mashka did not fall down, sat down with her in a chair and slept.


On a floor put the rug similar to a bath mat, to it more than 15 transparent sacks with beads, coins, shurshalka and pishchalka of all grades, pieces of multi-colored rags fastened in different places. Thus a bit later we stimulated interest and desire to creep though a little to get a sack.

Separate therapy was carried out by

in the sphere of music - houses always (in total about 10 hours a day within one year and eight months without exception) music - from the easy, adapted classics to the jazz, national songs, church chants, songs from animated films, the weakening melodies was played back. In year and two months Ksyusha was able to change disks in the player, Masha learned in one and a half (and here is how time at the same time they began to play about and press other buttons later, is closer to two). Since seven months three minutes a day (further - till 10 minutes) on the computer Glen Doman`s cards were shown (too it was studied “completely“). Besides foreign experts, I studied those materials which could find in free access from Petersburg Institute of a brain and Institute of early intervention. I will tell at once, without wearying that the hearing on the right ear arose in 11 months, but it was leveled with norm on quality of conductivity only in two years (we did at first ultrasonography and EEG, then only EEG is each three months; we also do still each three months).

is closer than

by a year special massage of feet and fingers of hands was added (twice a day to each girl daily till today), with it we are helped by “hedgehogs“ - metal masseurs - springs. We love massage of the head - we adore - I do it by a special masseur before a day and evening dream (since one and a half years till today). Bathing - every day, games in a bathroom, attempts to float though we went to the pool because of my fatigue and lack of free time only a month ago. From half a year I began to lower water temperature after bathing, now we after bathing have a shower bath cold water (in the summer - as much as possible, in the winter - slightly sparing), doing a contrast shower. Ksyusha pouts, but goes. Mashulya loves and “jumps“ for pleasure. I will not say that it morally came to me easily when at first they cried and refused... But it was necessary to do something....

In a year and three the neuropathologist demanded to separate us from a pacifier which we loved. I read a heap of forums and articles, solved business thus. Nipples were attached to the case handle in kitchen and in the room at a case there that it was impossible to remove them, and to suck, standing nearby - how many you want. The ban on a pacifier was not, you want to suck - please. But all interesting was not in the apartment near these cases, and, having sucked minute, they ran away to play, and if wanted “to be put“ to a pacifier again, it was necessary to give up game and to run to a pacifier, to stand near a case and to do nothing. We refused a pacifier exactly in four days.

of Bans in the apartment was not any, except 1) plates, 2) an adult toilet (where I brought and put all household chemicals, drugs, other dangerous things), 3) an entrance door without mother, 4) a window sill. In total. The rest was “possible“. To put on a pot the head, to climb with it on a chair and to shout loudly, swinging a diaper - on health. To pull out all clothes from a case and to put on on itself six trousers and from above shorts - please, you want to sort a sofa, to climb inside - please, only then everything together we will put all this back. On all sockets, doors and jambs there was a protection, and corners of furniture were pasted over with foam protection. It seemed to me that slightly it is quite possible to impair a little furniture in that case.

the Strict diet and healthy nutrition were included into my program too. I nursed about three months, buying in addition donor milk, then my milk was gone absolutely because of nerves. We passed to mixes, entered a feeding up. Everything always paid off on grams literally. To us now 2,5 years, and still girls do not know taste of macaroni, pelmeni, sausages, chocolate, candies, jam, seasonings, the fried, packaged juice etc. Twice a day - porridges, once - soup, cottage cheese every other day, easy cheese sandwiches on small loafs from whole grain. Fruit - only from our strip and only seasonal, all the rest - in compote. Dried fruits, there are a little cookies, kefir. All food was given on the lower bound of necessary quantity for their age and that “I do not want to eat it“ I so far still do not know, they are ready to eat with pleasure always. Was not and still there is no having a snack (only in the summer water on the street from the poilnichok), night feedings early departed, after a year about it we forgot.

On walls from half a year at us arranged letters, syllables and simple words on color paper of the A4 format (the leaf is placed in the transparent file and it is pinned by pins to wall-paper). 33 letters of the Russian alphabet occupied walls just of all apartment, pictures with animals and the nature settled down below.

the Carriage I threw out

in one and a half years, having explained to girls that they are already big “lyal“ and if you want to be small “lyalechka“, I will incur them on hands. It was necessary to drag at first, of course, but not often, on mood, all rest of the time everywhere we went on foot. To girls small handbags where they could put juice or a jar with food in shop were sewed, and they always bore these handbags together with mother home.

In a year and eight we entered daily circulations on a ladder - twice a day before and after walk - on the fifth floor on foot and back. Long, painfully, whimsically, Masha hangs on hands, Ksyusha hangs behind her... What to tell.... But in two years it was already the tenth floor (there and back twice a day). It becomes still daily without exception. And it is already easy.

were welcomed by

of Walk during a rain very much. Any indulgences, house seats - good kombeza, boots, carefully closed head and a neck. And open nose.


In a year bought the sports Pyramid complex, and girls by two years twisted a somersault and went “hands“ rather easily. Of course, one likes to do it, and the second - not really, but both can. Twice a day before an afternoon snack - a fizkultminutka. Every time it was on age, now it is ten swings of a press and forty circulations on hands (mother holds by legs). It takes 4 minutes, really it is less, than tea to drink in the morning.

the TV as a class was absent (after their birth the antenna till March of this year was immediately switched-off), but books lie everywhere - near pots, on a sofa, in the car. We began to watch animated films for the first time in March of this year, in 2,4 g, and still special “passion“, such to refuse walk, the pool or a zoo in favor of animated films, I do not see yet.

Three times a week - the developing center near the house, unpretentious, but it is not important. It is important that there still children, their relationship.


From Mashul`s inoculations it was exempted at the birth, I insisted on that inoculations did not do also to Ksyushe until I do not understand what, actually, occurs. About one year I made the decision at own risk not to do an inoculation before full treatment of neurologic problems at Mashuli, well and Ksyusha, of course, went according to the same schedule. I will make a reservation at once that till this period I carefully avoided public places, trips, other children and even guests of the house. Frankly speaking, there were not absolutely to them first one and a half years... In one and a half years we made Manta and BTsZh, then selectively added the following vaccines and still “we lag behind“ the schedule a little. I can tell that for 2,5 years my girls were ill once together with me flu (this spring 2009). All process on a disease, rise in temperature, recession, cough and recovery of three took 5 days all of us. On the sixth we already walked under a small rain in favourite gumboots and sat “a waterproof bottom“ in the next pool, starting up ships. Any more we were never ill. At Ksyushenka immunity is worse, and sometimes she “soplivit“ slightly - slightly, but I cannot complain more of anything...

Of course, also, it is natural. About medical interventions I will long not tell - it is personally business of any mother. To Masha pricked tserebralizin, korteksin and aktovegin, she drank bellataminat, feninut, to asparka with diakarby, pikamilon and other corresponding preparations. I will tell only that I fulfilled all requirements of doctors and clamped all “pity“ concerning “etching of the little baby drugs“ deeply inside.

our result of two and a half years of fight. Daily. Well, really daily, without breaks, holidays, trips, admissions, eases, sometimes with tears, the truth... I am not praised. I think that I all in God`s hands, and just did everything, depending on me that if that not to have even a small opening to reproach itself that I something overlooked. The rest, of course, depended on the Mashkiny nature and God.

to us two and a half years were a few days ago. Ksyusha “spurs“ far ahead as the engine, doing almost everything, behind some exception, on an equal basis with three-year-olds. Masha overtakes the age on a number of the moments, on some - corresponds, but in general goes straight for Ksyusha (except physical development which Mashule comes very easily, here she ahead on the head). We know all Russian and a half of the Latin alphabet (everything is written on a wall, it is not even necessary to learn), we count up to seven, we know figures and numbers to 12, we know all colors and forms. We dance simple 16 dances and I will eat three songs, we know several poems through the word. We swim in oversleeves to 20 meters in the pool, and then we complain of life and fatigue, we twist a somersault on mother`s hands, we stand with support in “bridge“ and “swallow“. Mashulya is brought up once on hands easily, both go rukokhody three crossbeams, Ksyusha - with a scratch. We put on independently completely (from shorts to jackets), long, of course, and also Masha cannot put on a sweater the head, and both girls do not tie laces so far, only clasp flypapers. We independently eat, since two years and two months - absolutely independently, including a nalivaniye to ourselves the warmed-up kefir from a jar, carrying out of dirty ware in a sink, rubbing with napkins of the person and hands, cleaning of chairs. Sometimes, of course, we play in “lyalyu“ - I thought up it to relax them a little - if someone wants special attention, to cry or that mother fed or wore on hands, she declares herself “lyaly“ and receives required (for a long time not they last). We are not ill at all (fie - fie - fie). Masha speaks worse than Ksyusha. I collect puzzles on age 3,5 years. Draw and mold with three-year-olds. Ten words are spelled.

the Result accompanying, which appeared in parallel to which specially did not aspire: girls very bright and fast, not rattling on, not arguing, living according to the schedule, on minutes, without problems to eat, put on, leave, to return back, to come off a swing, to refuse a delicacy and to begin to gather quickly somewhere... Active and not whimsical generally. Very constructive and “adult“ emotionally. And very much love each other.

What reminds me of the past?. Sometimes Mashulya shudders if she hears very sharp sound (a drill in the neighboring room, cotton), she needs to be warned that now we will turn on the blender, and now - the hair dryer. Warned, reacts quietly and with pleasure. Even helps to press. Closed in the presence of strangers, demands more time, till several o`clock to begin communication. Ksyusha does it in the next second after acquaintance. If several new people came to the house, can hide or climb on hands to mother, hide the head and not react. However, it does not extend to those whom she sees the second time, only the first reaction. Becomes isolated if it is abused though a little or are simply dissatisfied with her behavior. More “manual“, of course. Falls, stumbles, drops objects, having reflected more often than the sister. Well, and all. There is nothing any more. Neither in analyses, nor in practice. The foreign, unaware person, does not see anything in behavior.

the Famous children`s psychologist at whom we were a month ago, on my trial remark: “Well... one of girls had a hyperactivity at the birth... Mmmm. Well so... Small... But we did massages...“ Told: “All right, at which of them? I see nothing! You are healthy!“

I Will repeat, everything depends by nature, I will repeat, we were lucky. It was very lucky... I very much would like that you if trouble or even trouble comes to the house, did not despair and did not lower a hand. The chance often nevertheless is. Let`s hope for the best and much - to work hard...