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How to protect a stomach?

Even if you did not adhere to the principles of healthy food earlier, never late to begin to care for the stomach, to feed him with tasty, hard and healthy food. It not only will improve digestion process, but also will protect from zheludochno - intestinal diseases.

it is not so difficult to p to Avoid digestion violations. For this purpose it is necessary to watch that as as you eat and to make several simple changes to the way of life.

  1. of , but do not eat too much.
    If is often and gradually, you will avoid feeling of weight in a stomach, indigestion and sharp fluctuations of level of insulin - the hormone controlling sugar level in blood. Besides, big portions stretch stomach walls.
  2. Find

    time for a breakfast.

    If you do not have breakfast, the organism shipped in long starvation (more than 12 hours) reduces the speed of burning of calories during the day. A cereals dish, porridge or toasts from whole-grain bread - the best way to load a body with energy and to fill up cellulose reserves.

  3. you go to bed with light baggage. Try not to eat
    in three hours prior to a dream that the eaten food managed to be digested. When you eat before going to bed, all not burned down calories then will be transformed to fatty stocks. Besides the risk of indigestion, emergence of heartburn and a reflux increases (when acid from a stomach is thrown back in a gullet and rises to a throat).
  4. Chew

    slowly, savor food.
    When you hasty chew
    and quickly swallow of food, in saliva the enzymes necessary for full digestion do not manage to be produced. Always eat sitting and carefully chew each piece.

  5. do not train after food. After you ate
    , blood flows to a stomach, helping digestion process. Excessive physical activity in a condition of satiety “throws a switch“, and blood flows to heart, lungs and muscles of hands and legs. Respectively, process of digestion is broken. And easy loading, such, for example, as slow walk, on the contrary, promotes digestion.
  6. Eat with

    vegetables, once again vegetables and - for a change - fruit.

    Vegetable food - the best source of cellulose, vitamins, minerals and natural minerals. They help to prevent development of heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Try to include daily in a diet vegetable food of different flowers: salad, a garnish from vegetables or vegetable soup will provide an organism with all necessary scale of the necessary and useful substances.

  7. Once again about advantage of cellulose

    Include it in the diet, and you will reduce risk of emergence of a lock, hemorrhoids and serious diseases of intestines. Eat the “correct“ cellulose. The soluble cellulose which is contained in haricot, lentil, oat flakes, fruit and vegetables intensifies digestion, helps to block to the vsasyvayena of “bad“ cholesterol and to regulate sugar level in blood. Insoluble cellulose is not polished grain, grain bread, macaroni from flour of firm grades - “absorbs“ water and helps to prevent locks. But be not overzealous! As too large number of “rough“ food can irritate a sensitive stomach. It is normal recommended to eat 20 - 30 g of cellulose a day. For full digestion of cellulose you have to drink not less than 1,5 l of water a day, it is also useful for a vermicular movement. Ideally it is necessary to have a glass of water on an empty stomach, between meals, an hour later after food and before going to bed.
  8. Have less than saturated fats!
    Animal (saturated) fats - they contain in red meat (beef and pork) and the meat processed products, butter, cream, cheeses, especially in firm grades, and also in dairy products of the increased fat content and some ready cakes and cookies - promote increase of cholesterol and development of cardiovascular diseases.

  9. Check the shipping. Various spices act with
    on all differently. One can cause an aggravation of symptoms of heartburn, stomach pain or disorder of intestines. At the same time, as show researches of experts, a number of spices (for example, ginger, kumin and red pepper) helps to improve digestion.

  10. Reduce consumption of red meat.
    the set of obvious proofs that red meat and meat products (such as sausages, bacon and smoked sausage) increase risk of development of oncological diseases of the digestive system Exists. According to the World fund for studying of cancer, fans of meat delicacies have a cancer of a stomach and intestines meets for 20% more often than at vegetarians. If you want to keep health, then refuse meat products with addition preservatives. And if life without them is not lovely to you, limit consumption of “vrednost“ to once a week.

the Products breaking digestion

In certain cases disorder of digestion, an abdominal distension and pains can arise from - for shortages in a lactase organism - enzyme which splits the dairy sugar (lactose) which is contained in dairy products. It is simple to check it: for a week exclude dairy products from a diet. If symptoms disappear, it is necessary to pass to kefir and natural yogurts. Bean and cabbage promote the increased gas generation. It is necessary to limit beer and sweet aerated water, apple and grape juice, nuts, raisin. Meteorizm is promoted also by sorbite and fructose. Tea, coffee and kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks can provoke diarrhea, and the concentrated juice - to irritate mucous a stomach therefore it is better to dilute them with water. And, in general, clear drinking water has to become the main drink during the periods of aggravations.

Three natural assistants

  1. of the Probiotics are the “good“ bacteria, live microorganisms which are inhabiting intestinal microflora and favorably influencing health of the person. Generally it is lactobacilli and bifidobacteria which help to restore balance of intestinal microflora. They contain in natural fermented milk products. But be attentive upon purchase: on a label of the “correct“ yogurt the maintenance of dairy bacteria has to be specified. Also you remember that the term of life of yogurt cultures - is no more than 30 days.
  2. Fennel helps to kill spasms and stomach and intestines pains. Prepare fennel infusion: Fill in 1 teaspoon of seeds in mix with a dried grass with a glass of boiled water, insist 10 minutes, filter. Accept on 1/2 glass 2 - 3 times a day before food. It is possible to buy fennel in bags and to make according to the instruction.
  3. Mint oil helps to kill gastric or intestinal gripes, pains of average weight, besides, reduces spasms, an abdominal distension and the increased gas generation. Accept 6 - 12 drops a day - with warm water.
Communication of the head with a stomach to All of us the feeling when the stomach as if “is tied by knot“ is familiar to

- when you are nervous, feel fear, strong alarm. It is no wonder that from a stress the gastrointestinal tract glitches, it is responsible for it... our brain. In the people it is called “a sensitive stomach“, and experts call it “functional dyspepsia“. Our intestines are entangled by a network of more than 100 million nervous cages having a direct connection with a brain. Therefore heartburn, pains and spasms in a stomach, and also other temporary malfunctions not always demonstrate existence of serious problems in a gastrointestinal tract. It can be influence of a stress.

Risk factors


If you consume alcoholic drinks moderately, it does not do big harm, but at the same time alcohol can reduce elasticity of the “membrane“ separating a stomach from a gullet. And it provokes an indigestion and heartburn. Try to be limited in a day to two glasses of wine (or beer) or two shot glasses of strong drink. And surely observe “Prohibition“ at least 2 days a week.


We, without reflecting, we drink on several cups of tea, coffee, stakes and other kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks in day. And caffeine possesses unpleasant property to increase acidity of gastric juice, and it provokes emergence of such unpleasant symptoms as heartburn, stomach pain and diarrhea. Besides, caffeine slows down digestion of carbohydrates that can break digestion. If you cannot refuse absolutely coffee, be limited to one cup a day.

Seem to your doctor if you feel similar symptoms.

  • Persistent belly-ache to or during food.
  • Constant feeling of overpopulation, abdominal distension or meteorizm.
  • Often arising nausea or vomiting.
  • Severe heartburn, frequent eructation and/or excessive salivation.
  • Pain or the complicated swallowing.
  • Long absence of appetite.
  • Permanent and inexplicable weight reduction.
  • Suddenly begun indigestion, frustration.
  • Frequent diarrhea, locks or other violations of functions of a stomach and intestines.
  • Change of a consistence or color of a chair - for example, black, is dark - red, pale or with the content of slime.
  • Bleeding and/or pain during a defekation.
  • the Feeling of emptiness in a stomach which is followed by muttering.


This addiction increases risk of developing of stomach ulcer and cancer of a stomach. The cigarette smoke and products of disintegration of pitches contain the substances intensifying production of gastric juice as leads to formation of an ulcer in a large intestine. Besides, the cancerogenic substances which are emitted when burning tobacco - the main provokers of oncological diseases.

of Medicine

Some medicines sold without recipe can cause stomach pains or digestion violations. First of all are those which contain aspirin or an ibuprofen, a number of tranquilizers or antidepressants. Anesthetics as a part of which there is a codeine or its derivatives and also iron preparations in tablets can cause a lock, at the same time some antibiotics and antatsida (the means neutralizing acid) can provoke diarrhea.