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How to choose a grinder of food waste (dispozer) of

of Stuff which we throw out in a garbage can is enough in each house. And too there is a lot of food waste in the general a lot of stuff. That is why some experts without any doubts can advise you to get a grinder of food waste, or as it is called still, a dispozer.

It is quite possible

that for someone it seems unusual at once, inconvenient, and therefore there is a wish to dump everything on a habit in a bucket again. But the charm of a dispozer also is in that that he does unnecessary a garbage can. And garbage bags which quickly begin to proceed and as a result floors in kitchen and in a hall are decorated with very not esthetic spots.

Dispozer exempts owners from unpleasant need to collect food waste. Besides, no scraps will attract ubiquitous cockroaches. There will be no fetid odor also. This big problem can be solved when you press the grinder button.


, dispozer significantly reduce the volume of garbage which we take out from the apartment. It relieves of need of disinfection of garbage cans and, respectively, of any campaigns to the container platform with garbage. Consider that dispozer are hygienic and will not allow to develop in kitchen to bacteria and fungi.

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A now how the dispozer works. Everything is very simple. Everything that remained after a lunch, is washed away in a grinder - washed away by just cold water from the crane. Food waste is very quickly milled. Process is this as all assure, safe. All because knives and edges for this purpose are not used. That weight which turned out after processing is once again washed away by water flow, but now in the sewerage.

to the Grinder of food waste on teeth the most different waste. To surprise of some, it is possible to add that it successfully processes meat, fish and small bones. And besides, egg shell, fruit and vegetable cleanings, nuts and many other things.

All grinders which offer you on shelves of shops today conform to the highest international quality standards. And these goods do not belong to the category of those that will serve year - another, and then throw out it. According to experts, the grinder should be bought, proceeding from calculations that it to you honestly will serve at least 10 years. For consumers it is reported that the product has to be also certified on compliance to ISO 9001 quality standards. For them certificates of conformity of all main certifying bodies of a world class on one and all models of grinders of food waste are provided.

the Grinder of food waste - at all not a novelty. It was invented in far 1927 - m to year. But, as often happens, from the invention before mass introduction time there passes a lot of time. That is why application of dispozer began to be applied rather widely only in 50 - x years. One circumstance became the reason for that: housekeeping demanded some simplification to have a rest after tiresome work, and the grinder gave such opportunity. In the USA, in the country at which we look, comparing itself in everything, now, for example, about 80 percent of new houses have a grinder in a big arsenal of household household appliances.

this Device is very compact

. It is suitable both for a kitchen curbstone, and for a sink. And is for the Russian hostesses in demand. First it was perceived as something exotic, and now became for many ordinary. There is a grinder, of course, decently. However when you begin to use it, you understand that in kitchen it is difficult to do without it.

everything is better than

- to buy it and to equip kitchen on - modern. In only 20 - 30 seconds it is possible to shovel a garbage hill. A prize not only that you relieve yourself of any fuss with garbage, but also that you save precious time.

to Handle a grinder everyone will be able. We include cold water. And a grinder - too. In a drain opening of a sink we dump food waste. The grinder works until the sound of the motor and the current water from the crane is heard. We switch off the device. For 15 seconds water we leave included, even when crushing comes to the end. This operation is necessary to wash out a dispozer and the sewerage.