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To the kid year!

the Most important, unusual and unpredictable, very first year of life of the kid - behind! Also it is possible to prepare for celebration of the first birthday...

“Well why it is necessary to give gifts and especially to celebrate birthday if the child also never remembers this holiday?“ - so the boring person considers immoderately pragmatic and, probably. Because there will be photos, parents and grandmothers with grandfathers will be glad, the family will gather and there will be a good occasion to remember and what were young parents at so tender age... And the gifts received by the child this day will be used and please him still long time.

you will win first place in the competition “The Most Banal Gift to the Child“ if decide to present a towel or bed linen. Believe, presented to young mother couple of tens of towels by the child`s birth, and they will be enough, at least, to school. The same concerns also bed linen. The kid needs not much sets, especially, more and more young mothers practice a joint dream with the child. It is also worth adding that the kid will be able to understand the value of these gifts not soon and hardly to them will be glad. The exception is made by hand things - made keeping heat of your hands. For example, the scrappy blanket with the beautiful applications sewed on it almost for certain will become one of its most beloved things.

the clothes also belong To gifts such: it is only better to buy if you know precisely the size of the child and that circumstance that here such overalls are sharply necessary for it. However, many parents, on the contrary, hold the opinion that to give clothes always pertinently if only it was “for growth“.

a gift, Traditional at us, is the silver spoon “on the first tooth“.“ The first tooth“ appears in 6 - 8 months, but the spoon can be presented also at the first birthday. Especially as just from this age children begin to use this subject for designated purpose. You should not forget that silver possesses also disinfecting properties that will be useful for the little man.

Following that comes to mind at the choice of a gift to the child, is, of course, a toy.

Hardly successful for. The new thing, just, of course, is interesting to the child because small everything is interesting: both doll, and frying pan, and father`s razor. But here why the doll is necessary, the girl does not know yet. She even does not know yet what is “girl“. And in the daughter - mother will begin to play not earlier 3 - x years. The same concerns also machines for boys. If of course it not tolokar. What the piece is? It is the car on which the kid can get, and, making a start legs, to ride on the apartment. If it cannot make, roll it it with success yet parents can. And suddenly except machines in the nearest shop nothing appeared? Well, then choose the largest and bright that it was possible to tie a string to it and to carry for itself. Godovichok, observing this process, has feelings it would be similar to Archimedes, and could shout “Eureka!“ if was able to speak. And here on batteries it is still better to refrain from radio-controlled machines: children of such age often are afraid of an unclear moving subject.

not the best option also. Believe, for the first year of life at their child accumulated much. You think, strongly it is useful to him or her 527 - y a bear? Most likely, dust from it in the apartment will be more, than pleasures.

Somewhere at the end of the first year of life in the child destroying and scattering everyone and everything the creator wakes up. And he not only scatters now all that mother collected in 5 minutes before, but also tries to build, connect, put. Means, cubes, designers and mosaics can be used. At the choice of such game set it is worth paying attention for what age it is intended. The one-year-old child should buy designers with large details and mosaics with large counters (diameter not less than 2 - x cm). You should not detain attention on thematic sets. The robot - to the kid will be beyond the power to bring together the rescuer for a long time. But it will fine build a tower of bright large blocks. And it is not obligatory to buy super - expensive Lego sets. Domestic producers let out excellent designers.

the Subject of toys is inexhaustible

. There was a wish to add still that at the choice of a toy you should not forget about traditional Russian toys. In total - it is quite good if since small years of the child not only Pokemons and Teletubbies, but also the toys created within that culture and language in which it grows surround. Remember the childhood and that pleasure which filled you when swing on a horse. However, buying a horse - a rocking chair, it is better to offer at first the child in shop on it to sit down. The one-year-old kid can be frightened of height and swing, unusual for it. And nested dolls at children of such age “go with a bang“. Recently the nested dolls painted in heroes of the Russian fairy tales were available for sale. It is possible to sort and bring together them, at the same time telling the fairy tale to the child. My son squealed from pleasure when we with it extended a turnip, making nested dolls, presented the grandmother, one after another. And about the developing value of these toys many volumes are written.

Good addition to toys. At this age children adore playing at hide-and-seek, dragging different groups of objects to and fro and to climb everywhere where it is only possible. So the tent will be used for all 100%.

All children like to run, jump, climb. Psychologists claim that the child spends the most part of time (80 - 90%) behind this occupation. Mothers often cannot be too much time with the kid on the street, especially in the winter. Therefore it is quite good to create to the kid conditions for active occupations in the apartment. And here gifts like the dry pool filled with multi-colored balls or a swing will be useful. The dry pool is very useful to development of all groups of muscles. By the way, the dry pool can quite be arranged in a lodge - tent. Even in the smallest apartment there will be a place for a swing. Almost all children like to shake. A floor swing will not suit the child of a year any more: it too heavy and amplitude of swing at them is small, besides, the big child easily can overturn them. Much better at this age a wooden swing which hangs up in a doorway and which all parents had almost in the childhood. The child with pleasure shakes itself or swings favourite toys. There are also more advanced options of a suspended swing.

the bicycle also belongs To good gifts such. The child in a year will not twist a pedal yet, but now there are many models with the handle for parents, supports for legs and any toys on the forward panel of the bicycle. With such transport and mother it will be convenient to walk!

Pertinent also musical disks with records of the classical music adapted for kids, children`s songs and lullabies will be p>

. If parents already allow to watch not for long to the child animated films, it is possible to please him with the developing movies on DVD. It is possible to help mother of the kid who a uvlechyona the developing techniques, having presented several good visual aids: posters with the image of animals, birds and everything, anything, sets of reproductions of pictures, books.

special problems with the choice and production of a gift to the kid at women - needlewomen will not arise. The self-made toys developing books and rugs, embroidered independently height meters and metrics will be not only an exclusive, but also most sincere gift for the child. Pleasures of its limit, besides, such things it will not be frequent are stored all life, remain in memory. It is also possible to buy a set for production of molds of handles and legs of the kid or to make independently exclusive photo album.

Recently “traditional“ gifts enter fashion. When every year besides other things the beloved child is given something special. For example, collection gold coin. If there is no wish to be spent especially and there is no confidence that all these souvenir bagatelles will remain, let it will be the traditional self-sewed bag for gifts.

the most pragmatic natures which aimed to present the gift useful to all family can get and present to

A an ultrasonic humidifier or a bactericidal retsirkulyator which will appear very opportunely in a nursery, and to add a kitchen interior with a double boiler or the crock-pot which will help mother with preparation of tasty and healthy food.

in conclusion I will remind



What you chose, creative children`s nature will always find for it application. Though the child will hardly remember for a long time who and that presented to him and, most likely, plainly and will not understand that he means “presented“. The main thing in the choice of a gift - soul and inspiration!