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When he matures?

answer questions of parents of behavior of one-year-old children the psychologist - perinatolog Zhanna Tsaregradskaya.

to the Son year, is on breastfeeding. All the rest eats, but in very small quantities. But does not depart from a breast. Cries - a breast, wants to drink - a breast, to eat - too a breast. It so many time is put in a day to a breast that it turned not into feeding any more, and into “game“ peculiar. And if not to give, begins to shout and climbs to me for a bosom. What to do?

Many modern mothers look for an explanation for such behavior of the, apparently, matured kid. I managed to find this explanation when I compared traditional tenor of life and a situation in a modern not numerous family.

From ethnographic sources knows that the young woman, the nursing mother, the first months being at the child, gradually joined in labor life of the family consisting of several generations, and the child remained under supervision of more senior women meanwhile - grandmothers, aunts who mainly stayed at home. The young efficient woman never sat with the child 9 months are more senior - she had more important economic issues, sometimes far from the house, and the child of this age “is already calculated“ that mother will periodically leave him. In the afternoon, in the absence of mother it could do without sucking of a breast and when mother appeared, and especially at night the kid “prevailed“. Thus, the main period of feeding was displaced for the night, more precisely - submorning hours.

A what occurs in a modern family? Mother till three years stays at home with the child, the father all the time at work, grandmothers (the senior women) live far. Mother does not leave anywhere - she has nobody to leave the child. She is glad to come to work, but it is terrible to give to a garden of the kid, the nurse to invite expensively, grandmothers do not agree to sit with the child. And the one-year-old child “is programmed“ by the nature so that mother has to leave, and he unconsciously waits when it leaves it for some time. But, while it here, it is necessary to nasosatsya, it is necessary to take while give. From here continuous applyings to a breast during the day - to the child nothing remains how to carry out the program put in him. And mother who is irritated by continuous sucking of “already big“ son turns out, fights against the forces of nature surpassing her many times over.

What to do to mother in such situation? In - the first to come into good contact with the child. They have to cease to take offense at each other and to begin to trust each other. The kid has to believe that he has good mother, and mother has to realize that her child behaves only and does it not from the evil.

In - the second, the child has to have many independent occupations and games, the food is necessary for it for development. It should allow to climb, sort boxes, lockers everywhere, to investigate everything. With such child it is necessary to walk much, considering on the road everything that can draw his attention - florets, leaflets, small insects, small insects... The more the kid will be busy present for the age with business - development of world around, the less he will suck a breast during the day.

Respectively, he will better eat “adult“ food. On condition of rather long vygulivaniye and... the companies at a table. It is noticed that the more in a family of people, the child of this age eats better - he just sits down to a table at first with mother, then with the grandmother, in the evening - with the father who came back from work. He really eats Pomala, but it is frequent. And if the family consists only of mother and the father who comes from work as dead of night? Then to mother it is necessary to sit down during the day more often “to drink tea“ and to suggest the kid to join.

How many to liquid it is necessary for the child of 7 - 8 months who is on breastfeeding if the feeding up is already entered (fruit, vegetables)? The daughter persistently refuses water and juice in favor of a breast. Whether it is harmful?

your daughter shows to

absolutely typical behavior for children of this age and does right thing, refusing water and juice. It is noticed that the children nursed on demand begin to drink water for a thirst satisfying approximately since 1 4 months. And juice is in general drink for more seniors, before 3 years to give them to children absolutely optional. During the whole first year of life and even a bit later the child when wants to drink, is put to a breast. Do not interfere with it in it.

my one-year-old little son too often wakes up at night to suck a breast (an interval of 40 minutes till 2 o`clock). We sleep together. Whether it is normal?

Usually the child who sleeps together with mother has a night pause in sucking of a breast - the one-year-old kid sucks before going to bed, then can be put once again hour through two, and then - only at daybreak, at 4 - 5 o`clock. And this night pause with a growing of the child is extended.

It is possible, your kid did not “ripen“ before yet to maintain a night pause in feeding. And matter is not that it is hungry, - to it just more often than other children of its age, need confirmation of that mother nearby. Often children who are not sure of mother, of her reliability and continuous presence by a row at night, and also children with unstable nervous system wake up at night.

to Mother should most calm down before going to bed, to provide free access of the kid to a breast and within several weeks to try not to pay attention to how the child often wakes up. And, of course, to use the best efforts that the kid felt protected and he had as little as possible reasons to worry.

I cannot force the one-year-old child to sit on a pot though I know that time came. I accustom from 7 months. Earlier I landed it, and at it everything turned out, and now it jumps from a pot as soon as you put. Prefers to run away into other room or to hide and make the business.

Wants to hit question with a question readers: what time came? Time to control allocations of the organism - yes, it came. Also the fact that your son tries to make the affairs secretly that to him did not prevent to observe as from where he is allocated it with a body demonstrates to it. And here time to sit down on a pot did not come yet - at boys it comes after 1 year 8 months, is more often - by two years.

But all one after another. On the first year of life the child solves very important problem of acquaintance to own body, establishments of control of it. The newborn does not realize yet that he has a body. The two-month child finds out that he except an upper body has some bottom, and this bottom does something. Through a two-three of months the kid begins to feel himself hands and finds out that something pours out and falls out of him. And only approximately to one-year-old age the child establishes visual control of these functions. Speaking to simple words, he needs to observe how it pisat and as he craps. And to connect these actions with the final products.

process of establishment of control of functions of the organism is usually longer

At boys, than at girls, and only when it comes to the end, they will begin to use a pot. You cannot only advise to disturb the son, not to hurry and not to abuse him at all. When mother does not try to seat by all means the child on a pot, the kid does all this at her presence, without hiding. Honestly reports what will be “and - and“, takes a newspaper or a polyurethane foam rug (it is convenient from the point of view of cleaning), settles down and begins to observe how all these “holes“ work.

A the pot has to be present at an interior, and periodically the corresponding products have to get there. If in a family there is the senior child, or such child can appear at you on a visit, let he will show to the kid for what the pot serves.