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Private training in music or music school? Advantages and shortcomings of

This question is often asked by the parents wishing to teach the child to music. To understand what answer to it in your case, we will compare these two systems of training - each of them has pluses and minuses.

we will not stop on a question of qualification of the musical teacher now.

of Advantage of private training which especially suit adults, kids till 6 years and the pupil with features or deviations of development:

at the same time it is very desirable for

that lessons passed at the teacher of the house, except for extreme cases when the pupil is not able to move.

the Reason for that psychological - children concentrate attention in others situation, certainly, which is specially adapted for occupations better.

Possible minuses. The feeling of freedom of training should not pass into a non-obligation of performance of homeworks, attendance of lessons, their payments and lack of the accurate development plan.

of Advantage of good music school:

intermediate options Exist - when the private teacher is able to organize the program of training and the atmosphere, similar to music school.

As for the prices of training, in Russia private training was always much more expensive, than music school. The professionals who made the name at music school, school or conservatory are engaged in private practice, as a rule.

privately to study

In Israel, Europe and America it is frequent cheaper, than at good music school.

Now the choice for you. Progress!