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The child - the fan: let`s understand the parties of a medal

When we are met requirements by group of the teenagers and young people who are obviously united by some idea we prefer to curtail or come over to other side. It is possible that we see before ourselves not shaven napes of skinheads of which any normal person, and only football scarfs of fans of “Spartak“ or a t-shirt with symbolics of Alice group is afraid. For certain and one, and others for us are in this situation absolutely safe. However unless it is possible to be sure of something when before you fans?

Fans against admirers

the Fanaticism in the past was only religious. People who not just adhered to certain beliefs, but were ready to give life for them, called fanatics. They frenziedly believed in certain views and showed extreme intolerance to all others, and this commitment was measured by liters of the shed blood. Today the word “fanatic“ concerns only to sectarians and religious figures though the concept “fanaticism“ considerably expanded borders. Passionate devotion to something, and is more often to someone - here what is fanaticism in a broad sense of this word. And it is related to religion in the last turn; where as the fanaticism meets in the environment of sport and art more often. Therefore we will not consider a phenomenon of religious fanatics, we will be limited only to one conclusion: good in it there is nothing, and that the result will be worse, than more strict and growing furious rules of this or that church.

In that, as for fans of music, cinema and sport, not all so is certain. Perhaps, it occurs because that the concept “fan“ was changed for the concept “admirer“ or “admirer“ though actually between them there is nothing the general. The ornamented young people who drink beer before stadium during game of the team are not fans, but simple fans, and let them loudly shout slogans and sing anthems of the team, all of them equally will not become fans. Girls who at a concert of Hands Up group laugh, smile and wave hands in a chamber - not fans, but the fan, and these are, as they say, two big differences.

to Fans to spit on a chamber - they look only at idols and smiles among fans - a thing rare, they at concerts even more often cry. If someone is taken away by “ambulance“ - it is the fan to whom it became bad because for the admirer a concert of an idol are exclusively positive emotions and a charge of cheerfulness. If at night young people watch for the actor about an entrance, week without appearing at home, are fans: they can both scratch the car, and to set fire to a door to the apartment that the idol jumped out to them on the street. And if in the afternoon the girl after school sits about the same entrance and waits that the left actor will sign it the autograph for now it did not come, reads the textbook on algebra, is a fan. You catch a difference? Perhaps, most simply it is shown by concrete examples which we also will try “to sketch“.

Admirers: treatment is not required

you sometime watched football matches? Pay attention: what intensity of emotions in the field, where each member of one team - the enemy of team opposite where play rigidly, though by rules where in a voice dirty swear at each other and on judges... And here two players in collision of which both are guilty lose a ball and fall on the earth. One rises quicker and instead of zapinat the second to death, offers to it a hand and, helping to rise, friendly priobnimat it and taps on the shoulder. In total some five seconds, and it becomes clear: these two in usual, not football life if not friends, then, at least, respect each other as professionals of the business. Football fans - concept just the same: these are people who, being at stadium on different sides of the field, leaving it, disperse hand in hand, and red scarfs do not disturb Xing at all - is white - blue. Football fans are people who appreciate in national team of players not only the favorite team, but also all others, and are ready to forget that representatives of teams of other clan, perhaps, prevent favourites to win against them the Russian Cup or the championship of Russia. What difference if now all of them together fight for football honor of the country on the international scene!

you endure

what the child still is crazy about very disputable creativity of On - On group? However look narrowly in what it is expressed. If continuous listening of music and viewing of records of concerts is not reflected in school or institute life of the teenager, and the fanaticism is reduced to a reading over of the book of the producer Bari Alibasov of “Fundamentals of the Nanaian philosophy“, then hardly it will lead to something bad. You can also to look through this book; in it the producer - by the way, the person of keen intellect, a broad outlook and improbable erudition, - advises as much as possible to listen to different music, to read different books, to go to different theaters and in general most variously to develop. And what harm will be if your child follows this advice?

So only one can draw a conclusion: the quiet poklonnichestvo (or honoring) will bring to the child only benefit as it will have new hobbies, beginning from domestic soccer and finishing with studying of French if the idol admits interview that adores reading Maupassant in the original. Meanwhile, most of actors, odious on a scene, in life - quiet and very clever people, affection for whom will not do harm.

Fans: treatment is necessary

Psychology of the fan well reflects the clip of the singer Eminem (Eminem) on the song “Stan“. The hero of the clip - the young man who writes an idol of the letter, thanks for creativity, praises and tells that he wants to call the yet not been born daughter in honor of the actor`s daughter. Certainly, he waits for the answer, but have you ever seen anything like it that actors answered all the fans? And the young man continues to write letters, changing tone for more and more menacing. He writes down the last letter on a dictophone when he at a full speed flies directly from the bridge to the river with the pregnant wife in a luggage carrier. “I loved you, we could be together!“ - he exclaims. It is a typical fan. For it the idol is that person who something has to it: owes a part of the world glory, owes winter cozy evenings in a house situation, owes love and respect... If at the admirer the idol is only confirmation defined - own! - outlooks, the fan is outlook builds around the idol.

“The admirer is an adherent“, - the leader of Alice group Konstantin Kinchev considers. And the fan is a savage who instead of to aspire to something, worships a golden calf and kills everyone who dares to speak of it badly. Fans arrange bloody infightings after football matches, they write last letters and jump from a skyscraper because the idol, you see was tonsured, shaved or, God forbid, kissed in front of a chamber with the person of an opposite sex. Admirers will rejoice to any positive change in life of the actor and, perhaps, even modestly to mark out him in a house situation. Marries someone? Loves? And thank God, the person found the happiness!

Fans are mainly teenagers of awkward age when the requirement to knocking down in packs is felt most fully. If with age fans grow to admirers, having left idols invariable, everything will develop as it is described above. If is not present, parents should address experts - psychologists with a request for the help because the fanaticism will end sadly sooner or later for the fan who at the wrong time will lose sense of proportion.