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Fight for life or As my Alyosha of

that I am pregnant was born, I learned at the sea on June 18, 2008. We with the husband were very glad to this change in our life. Pregnancy went well. Neither toxicosis, nor something else did not torment me. On September 11, 2008 I for the first time felt the movements of my kid.

our kid grew at

. There were 23 weeks of pregnancy, the next ultrasonography showed that everything is normal, but the therapist sent for ultrasonography of kidneys since one analysis of urine was bad.

on November 1, 2008 I went for ultrasonography of kidneys with the husband. The ultrasonographer carefully watched me at first on one device, then on another, and then absolutely quietly told:“ You have a trouble, and trouble that you are pregnant since you should delete a kidney“. That!? Legs of steel at me wadded, everything hardened. I as a mummy left an office, and in a corridor I began a hysterics, the husband could not understand anything in what business. So our fight with the kid for life began.

showed to

of ultrasonography a tumor of the right kidney, the size of its 8 cm!

the Husband carried me on all doctors of the city, collected several consultations, but a verdict one: urgent interruption of pregnancy and operation on removal of a kidney, since a tumor on all signs of 99,9% cancer!

At work I took

the sick-list since from the seller with swelled up from got down eyes to sense a little.

Every day we with the husband woke up and went to even new doctors, only with one hope that he will tell another, but... I could not understand how they speak to the pregnant girl facing them with already enough pot-belly actually: “Your child should be killed!“ How it can be made?!

So in tears and tortures there passed November. One morning the husband woke me again - it is necessary to go to the chief surgeon of area, forces were not any and hopes too any more. The surgeon told the same, as all previous doctors. As usual, I could not tell words from tears, and the husband asked about whether there is a chance to leave the child. But, as well as everything, he said that I, maybe, will die soon, it is necessary to think of rescue me, but not of the child. But seeing our doubts, directed us to the chief physician of the regional perinatal center. Went there, without seeing hope already for anything, at the same time the kid very much pressed on a bottom. The chief physician directed us to the associate professor, and she so optimistically speaks to me:“ So, we will wait to 32 - x weeks, then Caesarian, and then urologists will be engaged in you“ Really! I so long waited for these words, here it, the Saint woman. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!


Made ultrasonography of a fruit, the term of 27 weeks, a head it is not visible, very low fell, there is a threat. Put on preservation. Lay half-weeks, it were half-weeks of happiness since nobody said to me that I and my child we will die. The manager carried me on consultation to urologists, as a result on ultrasonography kidneys were seen that the tumor grew by 1 cm. And here again began, only now and that “the Saint woman“ that gave hope and... husband, all.“ It is necessary to interrupt pregnancy while you go, the tumor will grow, metastasises will go, vessels can be blocked“. How to kill the child? Yes let better I will die! And here I got it together and made the decision. I will give birth!! Also leave alone all me! Next day I was written out, having told that I came in several weeks to give birth.

it was good

of the House, the whole month I lived quietly. We met New year, and it was time to go to hospital. Again apathy and fear overcame me, only the reason was in another: now I did not want to give birth earlier, was afraid that my kid will be born unhealthy, etc.

Went to hospital on January 9, 2009, 11 - go collected the next consultation, its result: the neck is soft, disclosure of 2 cm, can infect itself, we will wait for week. I.e. Caesarian it is cancelled! Lay week, but did not infect. The doctor came, speaks:“ Choose any day next week“. Chose on January 20.

on January 20, 2009. The 36th week of pregnancy began.

to me punctured with

B 7 - 00 of morning a bubble. Began in 10 - 00 nothing, put a dropper. In 11 - 00 fights began

12 - 00 of fight go. I want to write. I wait when the dropper ends to descend in a toilet. Suggest to anesthetize, but pain tolerant, I refuse. In breaks between fights I stir by phone with the husband and mother.

the obstetrician watches

B 13 - 15 and says that within an hour we will go in rodzat. How? Already? And in a toilet? And where intolerable pains for which I so waited?

B 13 - 45 we go in rodzat. “Tuzhsya! Not so!“ Generally, made an effort not so, made a cut.


B 14 - 00 it was filled with shouts. He was born! Boy, 2740 gr., 49 cm, healthy, full-fledged child! Here it lies at me on a breast! We made it!

Week we with my angel were in hospital. I with happiness just shone and did not want even to think that there is more to come... I completely plunged into cares of motherhood. On January 27, 2009 discharged us from maternity hospital. All were glad, but next day I heard conversation of the husband by phone with the doctor: next week to go to hospital! No! I do not want, I want to be with the son!

Then that is in regional hospital. Same result: tumor right kidneys of 8 cm, 99,9% cancer!

on February 10, 2009 me performed on

operation on removal of a kidney. Then there were 10 days of excruciating pains in hospital, but I struggled with pain, rose, went along a corridor, and, above all - before a staffroom that doctors saw that at me everything is excellent, and wrote out quicker to mine to a synula!

results of research of a tumor which struck all came In a week after operation. The tumor is good-quality, very rare, such time in 10 years develops on a kidney. Generally, I was a unique person! And all tortures to which subjected me and my family within 3,5 months were just reinsurance of doctors...

Now to my Alyoshe 4,5 months. And at me, and he`s fine. We are live and happy together!!