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Medicine for a clubfoot of

B 20 - day age made to my son the diagnosis - a congenital clubfoot of 1 - 2 degree. Feet were crooked inside. It was 1996. Then a clubfoot treated only plastering of legs. But in our policlinic there was very skilled orthopedist. He suggested not to immobilize legs, and on the contrary to train them as much as possible, and to bandage in the correct situation only for the night. And here we began trainings, every day. Massage, dynamic gymnastics for babies, then swimming in a bathroom. Since four months swam in the pool at children`s policlinic. For the night I bandaged flannel bandage both legs in the correct situation. When in 6 months we came to the doctor, he told that improvement of a condition of legs for 60%. We continued to be engaged, got special insoles for footwear. In a year my boy pigeontoed already only one leg. He well swam, wore orthopedic boots.

Active occupations by swimming we practiced

to 3 - x years, then the sonny went to a garden. The doctor did not remove the diagnosis, we went to policlinic to physiotherapy exercises, but the leg still up to the end was not corrected. And then I decided to try roller skates, driving on them is possible only with the feet developed outside.


rollers, and the son began to put on one fad a leg, and the second leg in a boot to make a start from the earth. In half a year dared to go by two skates already. The section of figure skating became the following stage. Three times in a week of training on an hour. In two years the diagnosis a clubfoot was removed finally, in a year of trainings the son received a prize-winning place at competitions and the third youthful grade in figure skating.

When the second son was born

, I most of all was afraid that it will have a clubfoot too, but managed. However swimming and dynamic gymnastics I carried out occupations also with the second son. Then the turn of rollers and the bicycle came. In 5 years the younger son began to be engaged in figure skating too. In 9 months after the beginning of trainings he got the first medal. Recently I gave birth to the daughter. With legs at it too everything is good, but for prevention of a clubfoot we with it already swim, and then and we will start skating surely.