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Our first birthday of

I Want to share experience of preparation and celebration of the first birthday of our little son. I very much wanted that the first birthday was somehow remembered, but did not pass as a usual sit-round gathering of relatives, acquaintances, friends therefore it was decided to celebrate the real children`s holiday.

Preparation began

approximately one week prior to a gala day. At the nights drew the wall newspaper with the birthday man`s photo for the first year. In the same place growth and weight of the kid in a year (in the form of mushrooms - weight, in the form of a plant with a set of flowers - growth), the congratulatory inscription “Happy birthday“ which is cut out from color paper, the congratulatory poster, something like a big card where everyone could leave the wishes and congratulations for memory are represented. Kids of the same age (with them we walk in the yard), for whom previously we made invitations own hands were invited to a holiday.

at Night on the eve of birthday mother and the father had a good time, decorating all apartment with spheres, hanging out everything drawn on the put places.

Long-awaited day came, the sonny woke up early, lies to himself in a bed something stirs, studies a new situation. We, of course, kissed him at once, congratulated, told that he is a birthday man that his first birthday today today! We did not change a day regimen and guests were waited only after a day dream and an afternoon snack, by about 18 hours.

Deniska was ready

to reception of guests in full rigging: the grandmother sewed a suit of the real gentleman - a shirt, trousers, a vest and a butterfly. Children came together with mothers for whom in kitchen the table with light meals was laid. Strangely enough, children everything quickly accustomed, found everyone to themselves occupation for now mummies had a bite, guests and the birthday man under the sensitive guide of the father played in the room a ball, were taken for a ride in a car, the bicycle, built towers of cubes, developed gifts.


about one tradition and decided to reproduce it. 4 subjects are offered to the birthday man: garlic (health), chocolate (dolce vita), purse (wealth) and keys (wellbeing). What he chooses from the first, and expects him in the future. Our sonny pulled out both garlic, and keys. Well done!

to One of favourite entertainments of our malyshna. Also game with balloons pleased (threw up and caught). Kids were enraptured with a puskaniye of soap bubbles, this entertainment proceeded long and, probably, could proceed still if not the tired father.

cake time would Come. Cake was chosen easy, yogurt, on it the candle in the form of figure “1“ is put, distributed to guests Bengal lights. Deniska with guests stood with the seen Bengal lights and as could, blew out the candle to the applause. As it is sad, but day approached end, and finally to each guest the surprise - the book was given as keepsake. All slightly got a bit tired, but obviously happy, went home, and joyful Denis saw off, waving after each guest. And there passed our first birthday: cheerfully, unforgettably and joyfully!

Many say that you should not celebrate the first birthday since the kid will remember nothing, but I do not agree - positive emotions and fine photos of this day will keep everything, and still Denis with interest examines the wall newspaper, and a card with collective wishes we will keep for a long time! The main thing to approach celebration thoroughly, to think over an operations procedure and to calculate everything on time not to break a habitual daily routine neither the birthday man, nor his guests. More positive energy and creativity!