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The summer of open doors, or “Moika“ will not be!

that maternity hospitals are closed on a sink, know, probably, everything. And here about what is it and that happens at this moment in maternity hospital, know the few.

“Moika“ is not only cleaning of the room, but also special scheduled maintenance which cannot be made in working hours of maternity hospital. The high sanitary security introduced in all maternity hospitals is created for protection of mother and the kid against serious infections which can lead to development of postnatal inflammatory diseases of a cavity of a uterus in the woman and infection of internals of the child. Therefore, according to sanitary standards, all maternity hospitals 2 times a year are closed on preventive processing which lasts from 2 weeks to 1 month. Patients are not accepted at this time because the sink and disinfection of all rooms and objects is carried out to this moment, up to electric bulbs and systems of ventilation.

Only one maternity hospital is not closed by

in the country on a sink - it is the Perinatal medical center. It is open 3 years ago and meets the most modern requirements imposed to maternity hospitals. The unique structure of the Perinatal medical center allows to observe strict sanitarno - epidemiological norms, without being closed on “sink“. The building is arranged in such a way that in it there are three “compartments“, in each of them the delivery room, the operating room, chamber of intensive therapy are located.“ Compartments“ work serially - while one of maternity blocks accepts patients, “minisink“ is carried out to the others. Moreover, individual chambers in which there takes place childbirth are isolated from other rooms. It allows to carry out to them careful sanitary processing even then when in other boxes are delivered. All this allows to function to the Perinatal medical center all the year round, without doing a break for carrying out sanitary works.

Terms of closing of maternity hospital on a sink surely should be considered at the choice of maternity hospital. Before deciding on the place of childbirth, consult to the doctor and learn whether estimated date of your childbirth coincides with closing on “sink“ of the chosen maternity hospital.

Often situations when the account goes literally for days arise - whether there will step the long-awaited event about day of closing on “sink“ or it is necessary to give birth in the unfamiliar place. Also more sad option is possible - childbirth comes before term, and the chosen maternity hospital is closed. In this case it is necessary to hope only for good luck - “ambulance“ will bring to that maternity hospital which “is at the moment free“ and capable to accept the woman in labor.

Secure yourself and think over that you will do if you get into such situation.

At receipt in the Perinatal medical center it is not obligatory to conclude the contract for childbirth or hospitalization in advance. Rather just to arrive to a reception from the beginning of fights, izlitiy amniotic waters or any arisen problem and on the place to sign the relevant contract. Such approach allows to feel confident, expecting approach of childbirth and know that so long-awaited and joyful event will happen in worthy maternity hospital, regardless of circumstances.