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Useful computer games of

you considered that they are harmful: both sight worsens, and the mentality suffers? Also were mistaken - from computer games of health will increase. The speech at all not about the medical or training games, and about simple and all known “balls“, solitaires, short quests... Scientists came to an unexpected conclusion: office games are useful! There is an occasion not to be ashamed for a tetris in working hours and mahjong in the evenings any more.

Catch “ulybochka“

Experts from McGill`s university in Montreal (Canada) suggested several clerks to play before work an unpretentious computer game. On the screen there were 16 photos, and it was necessary to find as fast as possible among gloomy faces smiling and to click it. In only 5 minutes of game the cortisol level (the hormone which is responsible for a stress) at players decreased by 17%. However, scientists do not specify what affected result - smiles of people on a photo or just an opportunity is pleasant to begin the working day.

But the fact remains: the elementary game increased resistance to stress of office workers.

Put cubes

Larisa, 31:“ When home computers still were a rarity, I adored electronic „ Tetris “. Took it with itself in the road, constantly played houses. Still then paid attention that this elementary game is capable to calm nerves, to put in thought order, to distract from cares. Thought up even guessing on it. Made a wish and gave itself installation: I will reach it - that level - it will be executed. Then „ Tetris “ broke, and I did not begin to buy new. But when I had a computer, again conceived a liking for toys. I am not captured at all by games with the virtual worlds, realistic characters and difficult graphics. It is a pity for time. Simple game can be switched off at any time and to lose not offensively. Solitaires and „ balls “ for me - only a way for a while to retire into oneself, to distract then to return to affairs“.

the British scientists also absolutely agree

With Larisa. Their recent experiment showed that the tetris softens manifestations of a post-traumatic syndrome and fights with unpleasant memoirs. Showed to volunteers a photo of people with severe injuries, including a video about consequences of drunk driving. In half an hour of part of examinees suggested to play 10 minutes a tetris. A week later it turned out that at playing remained much less negative memoirs.

Concentrating at the game, we do not allow to be formed to bad memoirs, we force out them.

Working mood

Office games can increase working capacity and improve a microclimate in collective. Scientists from the Dutch city of Utrecht divided into two groups of 60 employees of insurance company. To workers of the first allowed to play solitaire, to play a tetris and other simple games at any time, but no more than an hour a day. The second group worked in the usual mode.

as a result it turned out p that participants of the first group worked more productively, with pleasure, were tired less.

Having rummaged

on game it is possible to compare to a break on coffee and if it is strategically correct to use it, it can become good help in work.

With game on life


, 27 years:“ In phone at me costs Lines - I play to pass away time in a stopper or in turn. At work the fighting friend - a solitaire „ “ Kerchief;. It orders thoughts and even promotes inspiration: I abstract from a specific problem, and the decision itself sometimes „ comes up “ from - for cards. And still I adore Sven - very cheerful game, but unlike above-mentioned, tightens. So I removed it from a computer so far, otherwise for work there will be no time left“.

according to Natalia Batishcheva, the clinical psychologist, the specialist in treatment of dependences, the simple computer game is irreplaceable when it is necessary to pass away time waiting: it does not proceed in vain any more, it is as if given sense. The tetris and To will be helped out and when we are tired of a role of the adult (that is from the pulled hard work and high responsibility).

Game gives to

the chance to return for a while to the serene childhood and to fill up resources of forces and psychological stability.

Main - that games remained incidental entertainment, did not turn into dependence. If you catch yourself on persuasive desire to interrupt work to pass the next level, is already an occasion to prick up the ears. For the rest, no doubt, it is useful to play! And if your boss is immoderately serious and imposed a ban on office toys - let`s it read this article.

Europe recognized by

advantage of video games


not only do not damage health of children, but also promote their intellectual development. Such is a conclusion of the report which was presented to European Parliament by the joint commission of doctors and virtual reality experts.“ Parents in vain repeat to children that those will grow stupid if they stay hours with a prefix, - the author of the report Toyne Manders declared. - On the contrary, video games are capable to stimulate memory, strategic thinking, creativity and skill to communicate“. Researchers from France, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands came to a conclusion about great importance of video games for education and education.