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Private matter. We improve the relations with the chief of

Here also that long-awaited moment when you learned that you are pregnant came. After a while passions about it cease, the closest people it is already aware of changes in your life. But is for the working future mother to one more spheres of relationship - office.

Rate of our life such is that more and more future mothers seek to remain on a workplace to the most maternity leave, and sometimes and almost before the date of childbirth. And appearance at work quite often happens in 2 - 3 months after the birth of the kid. The reasons such decision can have a set: desire to keep a workplace, to be socially active, a material aspect and just a habit to be engaged in something... But each future mother understands that the peace of mind and balance during this period are extremely necessary for her. Of course, in this situation there can be disagreements and even the conflicts with the administration, mother should ask for leave more often from work, the emotional background changes, the fatigue is felt stronger. And any employer wants to see the employees always vigorous, vigorous, efficient. Besides, the chief should redistribute work volume between other employees or to carry out it. And if you decided to work, despite pregnancy, so work is important for you, and you have to use the best efforts that it not to lose and remain in good relations with the administration.

It is unconditional, everything needs to be prepared in advance. And the administration would be quite good to be prepared for your pregnancy too. For a start remember what relations with the administration other colleagues when it became known of their pregnancy whether the chief has children had as in general your chief treats children (perhaps, after appearance at work you should take also sick-lists on care of the child). It is not necessary to hide the pregnancy even at employment, temporary deception anyway will be found, and the situation will be already difficult to be resolved. But even if it was not succeeded to provide everything in advance, not all is lost. So, we improve the relations with the administration for the good to ourselves, the future kid and work.

Silence - gold?

Yana worked with

in the company slightly more than a year when learned that it is pregnant.“ I will not tell about pregnancy until it becomes for all obvious. I work in the company not so long ago and when learn about my situation, certainly, will create such conditions that it is necessary to leave“, - Yana so argued.

Future mother endures the mass of stresses, especially at the beginning of pregnancy. Besides fears for the health and health of the kid, the working woman worries also about the workplace. It will be pertinently frank to talk to the chief after registration in a maternity welfare unit. Then you will have a reasonable reason for conversation, but not just guesses. Now you should change the schedule of work in connection with frequentations of policlinic for inspections and testing. And here it is necessary to consider two moments: you have the right for a workplace under the law (you should not consider yourself as the defective worker) and you have to be prepared for conversation with the chief. Choose suitable time for conversation, accurately and clearly state as you see performance of the duties now (perhaps, sometimes you will be able to come a bit earlier or, on the contrary, to be late, to take part of work on the house, to agree with colleagues about your replacement etc.) . Let know that work is important for you and the relation to the duties at you will not change.

be not afraid to talk about the pregnancy in time, it is not an illness, you remain the full-fledged person and the employee, and depends only on you as you will present the situation to the management. Believe, it is hard to find the good worker, and the reasonable head will not begin to throw away shots, the company has to not only spend a lot of time for search of the new employee, but also train it. Will pass at least of three months before half a year before the newly made employee begins to work fully. And here not to do your head without you: at the planned actions you will manage to prepare to yourself replacement by time of a maternity leave, and your temporary absence will be not so painful for the company.

of Emotion can be prevented

Irina ran in in an office of the director in tears, begging him not to dismiss her as she is pregnant, persuading him and not allowing to tell it words. Assured that it occurred incidentally...

Agree, emotions are in this situation inappropriate, be they positive or negative. Present that you go to the head for meeting: in this case you always prepare for conversation and try to be laconic. Of course, pregnancy - a special state, but is a golden rule of office - not to mix personal and work, and the one who follows it, I think, never regretted about it.

Make the approximate plan of your conversation with the management.

So, make the approximate plan of your conversation with the management, but you do not hurry: you have to be ready to conversation and are sure that you are really pregnant. Of course, it is a private matter, but nevertheless treat it efficiently.


Competently choose time: at you has to be it enough that to discuss everything, conversation should not be “on the fly“, in a hurry. In advance make an appointment, having told the chief that you would like to discuss a private matter. During conversation try to behave quietly, be going to answer not absolutely pleasant questions, stock up with patience and the medical certificate from your doctor. But the most important that your head saw the sure employee who already resolved everything and it is ready to be prepared for leaving in a maternity leave in advance so that work did not suffer from it.

the Head considers pregnancy as an illness

Tatyana expected not only a baby, but also promotions.“ It is heavy, but it is possible to combine“, - future mother, however the thoughts with anybody, except house argued, did not share. Unexpectedly for herself she began to understand that all important projects were distributed between other employees, all its initiatives and offers remained unaddressed. And in general ceased to charge it something, at meetings the turn, respectively, too did not reach its reports. What to do how to correct a situation? Tatyana did not know...

Here again a lot of things depend on you. Without waiting that the situation became habitual, directly tell about the intentions to the head: tell that you feel in yourself forces that you will cope with the most significant projects and affairs, convince the chief that your initiatives and ideas of a voplotima and are very useful to the company. Pay attention to the behavior, if you constantly complain of feeling sick, often ask for leave from work and cannot adequately work in team or individually, anything, except pregnancy, are interested, - any reasonable head will cease to trust you important and responsible issues. If the situation with health really is not in the best way, it is desirable to refuse nevertheless the affairs demanding big efforts and to be engaged in something in less energy-intensive, so you will bring advantage and yourself more, and the companies. Especially as we always lack time for any trifles, and now it is a high time to bring order not only to the house, but also on a workplace. Having brought order and having classified everything, you with surprise will notice, as your thoughts became more measuredly, you began to forget less something, and even in the head there are more creative ideas (the same occurs after clear-out: becomes always purer, it is more fresh air).

Having convinced the chief that you can work in a former rhythm, prove it and in practice that there was no feeling of “idle talk“. If you feel in yourself forces - dare, realize all the most daring ideas.

“Indulgences will be to nobody!.“

worked with

of Evgeny in the small company. The atmosphere developed there friendly is happy, there were many young specialists. However there were also the minuses characteristic of the small organizations: often it was necessary to carry out duties of several people. So, it seemed to the management that if someone gets sick or will go on leave, the company will be able to endure it more or less easily. Therefore when it became known that Evgenia expects a baby, the director of the company insisted that he does not intend to give any indulgences to the pregnant employee. It, in his opinion, differed in nothing from other her colleagues and had to carry out also the duties, come and leave in time.

It is quite difficult and at the same time widespread situation. Let`s try to understand it. There are two aspects of a problem: legal and psychological. The legal aspect is that you have rights and you have to know and use about it them.

the Pregnant woman cannot be involved with

in overtime works or is sent to business trip without its prior written consent. But even at its consent the administration has no right to appoint by it work at night and the days off (Art. 162 and 163 the Labour Code).

According to medical certificate, the pregnant woman performance standards at the enterprise decrease or it is transferred to easier work excluding influence of harmful factors. At the same time behind it average earnings on that position at which it worked earlier remain. It is desirable that positions where pregnant women would be translated were provided in the organizations in advance. For example, the woman working in the company as the courier can be transferred for the period of pregnancy to work in office that does not provide traveling on the city.

that can be undertaken to avoid emergency situations.
the working woman has the right to demand

during pregnancy from administration of establishment of the individual (flexible) schedule of work. According to Art. 49 the Labour Code, establishment of part-time and (or) part-time working week is allowed. Specific conditions of work of the pregnant woman are determined by the separate order by the enterprise where operating time, time of rest and days in which the pregnant woman has the right not to come to work is specified. At the same time compensation is made in proportion to hours worked.

of Restrictions of the rights of the pregnant woman it is not allowed by p, including her annual vacation does not decrease, the seniority remains (including preferential and a length of service), awards, bonuses etc. are paid

Is clear that the relations in collective are not limited only to legal laws. There are still human relations, and they it is often much more important. Here also the psychological factor comes into effect: having armed only with regulations and documents, speaking with colleagues and the administration only legal language, it is difficult to keep friendly and cordial relations in collective. Therefore, knowing about the rights, it is necessary to work also at the internal relations.

Be honest Believe

if you is competent, accurately and you will orderly approach questions of the temporary absence, all questions will be resolved by itself.

without sparing itself...

Olga worked as

on one very important project and in the afternoon, and at night. There were many affairs, and everything wanted to be finished in time. The head adjusted, shouted. Olga understood everything therefore she worked, without sparing herself. And then, it seemed to it that the head has to understand that in her provision of processing are fraught... Everything ended with strong increase of pressure and a call of “ambulance“.

Quite often we think:“ Here now, I will take care of the own life soon, and at present it is necessary to use the best efforts and to do everything possible and even impossible, without thinking of consequences“. In such situations is not present neither good, nor bad, everyone has the truth. How to be? To talk! Whatever was your chief, he(she) first of all the person! Frankly tell that to you it is heavy that at such intense schedule to you can become worse. Think together, if you have to lay down on preservation, the team will waste more time. And in general, emergency situations most often arise in the companies where all got used to postpone for the last moment. Instead of with “head“ to be dipped into work, analyse that can be undertaken to avoid emergency situations: to prepare part of cases in advance, to accurately distribute duties and tasks. Be not afraid to be in it the initiator! Often people behind vanity do not notice how something becomes incorrectly, non-technologically, and yours noblesse oblige to reconsider the habitual course of affairs. Try to find allies - it can be the employees who already visited a maternity leave (they can share invaluable experience as it is better to avoid possible mistakes), the staff of department of personnel, as nobody else the deduction of shots understanding importance, and the regular psychologist (at his existence), which will give efficient council of your concrete situation.

during pregnancy to the woman should reconsider so many questions, and in her life there is a set of changes. Therefore, dear future mothers, remain demanded, active, realize yourself in different vital spheres. In total in your hands!