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Put 5. Salon de Provence (France)

we Plan a way for French riviera. But distance quite big - more than 300 km. If we leave at 5 in the morning, then to 8 we can not be in time and fly by with a camping. Therefore we decide to go in the second half of day, and will stop in a camping in kilometers 50 from the coast (the pro-ring was made previously, places in similar campings are even in the evening).

Therefore in the morning quietly drove by a ship and in the second half of day of a startanula. On the road several times stopped on excellent parking where there is both a toilet, and shop, and restaurant, and even a playground. Sometimes there even saw tents.

Arrived to the city of Salon de Provence. Directly at entrance found Casino. It is not the gambling house :), but a huge supermarket. Spent more than an hour there, bought all that so was not enough for us - for example, a bowl for flakes or a table with chairs rolled into one - here it costs kopeks, about 15 dollars (in “Ramstor“ just the same table costs about 40 dollars) .

Then began to look for a camping. Here very much the computer and the MS Autorote card helped. We just hammered the name of the street where we were and where there is a camping - and to us all way was right there drawn. Camping very nice and thin.

But, remembering that we want to approach Cannes, I right there went to ring round campings. It was already done yesterday, but not up to the end. A pro-call rather heavy occupation as in a phone booth it is very stuffy. Therefore from vcherasheny day there were several “not rung out“ campings. And, about a miracle! The fifth camping in which I could be rung out, agreed to reserve for us the place. For this purpose the credit card was required (we paid VISA). By the way, this visa is suitable for payment practically everywhere, unlike electronic which is not taken, for example, on paid roads.

Now we are free

! And we do not need to get up in 4 mornings as the place in a camping is reserved and waits for us. About it we have a chance to get tomorrow to Marseille.

in the Evening we went to walk to the downtown. Everything is fantastically beautiful! Very beautiful fortress, in which “yard“ a heap of small little shops (almost all of them were already closed) and small restaurants. In one of them we have also supper. I had a strange feeling from ALL French cities. When you get to it, apparently, that better cannot be any more - such tranquility, a high and pleasure :). And when you get to the following city, again begins to seem that cannot be better :). And so indefinitely. Everything is pleasant, and there is no wish to leave. But time has not enough, and there is a wish to look much. Therefore we amuse ourselves with thought that it will be even better further.

Put 6. Marsseile (France)

the Camping is reserved by

and therefore we quietly go to Marseille. At once is evident that it is business and not a resort at all. Quickly enough we find the underground paid parking for which we pay nemeryano money subsequently.

Very much wanted to swim on the island If, but this day the ships did not go there. Whether something with weather not that, whether sanitary day - we up to the end did not understand. From a grief it was necessary to float on the island of Frioul. There too is a fortress :). Right after a priplyv we take the small train - the tram (to pleasure of the child) and we go to ride on the island. In the course of driving listened to lecture on island history (probably) in pure French which none of us know. But the portion of pleasure from it did not decrease. In general, “Martians“ or “marsialtena“ quite often stop by in this place, seemingly, to sunbathe and be bought. Beach there amazing. I for the first time in life saw the azure sea on the present. Unfortunately, we did not take with ourselves bathing personal belongings therefore it was not necessary to be influenced, admired from the coast.

Then still a couple of hours hung out on the city, and later went towards a camping, to the suburb of Cannes - Mandeleieu - la - Napoule.

Normally lodged, without surprises. The city left not the best impression. Heap of hotels, dirty beaches, crowd of cars. One pleases, we lodged in quite strategic place - close to both Cannes, and Nice, and Monaco. Therefore 4 days which we planned to carry out all here, we will spend on vicinities.

Put 7. Cannes - Grasse - Aurbeau (France)

Today in our plans - Cannes. Since morning flopped on the beach, by miracle having found the parking directly on the beach. After warming up puz moved to the city of Grasse - the city of perfumery. A heap of factories on production of spirits, fragrant soap, fragrant bath salts. Visited excursion at one of such factories, were sniffed all what only it is possible directly to faintness. However, there was an impression that all these factories so small that all their production and is on sale directly from factory shop.

Then went to the city of Aurbeau. It was just tremendous! The ancient village with small streets width meter - one and a half. It is not enough tourists and the city makes impression of the “live“ place, but not tourist. Directly at entry into the city we were expected by the free parking, it is impossible to drive by car. One and a half took a walk hour in the pleasure. Unfortunately, exactly today we broke the camera, and it was necessary to buy cards in memory of the town.

All not late evening we spent

for purchase of the new camera. Stopped by in the local Casino supermarket, looked after the digital camera of Sony there. Just in case went to other supermarket, there found nothing interesting and returned to Casino. Here for the first time there was a problem with payment by credit card. Any card available at us (different banks) did not work. I suspect that the device had problems - the magnetic strip was not read out. Waited for a neprukh further - the next ATM did not work too. It was necessary to go to the husband to the city and to look for “dengodavalka“ there. Everything, the chamber is bought, and now - Cannes.

the City makes impression of an eternal holiday. We parked the car on the parking of the palace of festivals and felt acute sense of hunger. The day before we bought hot chicken in all same Casino. We settled down on a sand directly opposite to the Palace and have lovely supper.

In Cannes for the first time heard the Russian speech, before met Russians only once in Spain.

A in general if to ask me what I associate Cannes with, I will answer - with traffic lights. I never saw such number of traffic lights - each 30 meters. Chesslovo!

Put 8. Nice

we go to Nice Today. But at first - on the beach to bathe. We decide to stop by in the town of Villefranche sur mer - according to reviews on a car. ru it has to be nice. And it appeared. The small coastal town which part is located ashore, and part - in mountains. Heap looney beautiful and, probably, madly expensive yachts. Astounding landscape. Very beautiful, blue and quiet sea. Only plyazhik pumped up - stones very sharp, heels hurt.

Which - as having had a bite

, we move towards St. Paul de Vence. We see there practically the same, as Aurbeau, only instead of the live city, is the tourist center, instead of premises (though they are too, but it is a little) - gift shops (as a rule, small art salons) and art studios. Here the parking - huge an underground complex with 9 floors made impression down (IMHO, a certain dissonance with small village sizes). And, by the way, practically all it was killed.

A in the late afternoon Nice. There was an impression that we got to Turkey or where there crowds of the Russian tourists? The Russian speech was heard just from everywhere, maybe, only Japanese met more often. And that because part of Russians was silent, and we did not identify them :).

Walked on the local Arbat, ate in a pizzeria. Then admired fountains, walked on the embankment. Cannes was pleasant to me more - somehow more cheerfully there.

Put 9. Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Today in our plans the Principality of Monaco. About it rose a bit earlier though distance not really big - all kilometers 70. Road very beautiful, mad number of tunnels. Parked on the first paid parking what then regretted about as is closer to the sea of these parkings nemeryano. Naturally, the first that was made, it were photographed about the well-known casino. In us did not let as access to persons till 21 year is closed, and we were with the child.

is sent Then to the beach. Went long enough along very modern embankment. The beach - small pebble. Almost sand. Water very transparent. And directly about the coast huge fat big fishes (length of 30 - 40 cm) swim. Brought to Marusya special pleasure to feed them with bread, and one of big fishes bit the husband for a finger (so far he fed her) - probably from greed :).

the Beach is well equipped with

- both restaurant and a toilet and, of course, gaming machines :).

After the sea went for a walk and it is natural, to my child was impatient to pee. We come into the hall of smart hotel and it is asked about a toilet. We are kindly told how to pass. I in public places did not see such toilets - terry towels which after use need to be thrown in a basket, an automatic fragrance after use of a cabin, super purity. Marble floors...

walked So far, saw a heap of salons selling any expensive cars, type of Rolls - Royce, Bentley and to it similar. And on streets I would not tell that there are a lot of abrupt cars. Probably, as much, how many in Cannes - came across to Yaguary and Portia of sports type, but them was not so much, the majority of cars everything are middle class. Though there are a lot of expensive Mercedes (not in comparison with Moscow :), and in comparison with France).

As had nothing to do to

there more, set “home“. Decided to go to Antibes in the evening - read in the guide that it is one of the most beautiful cities of French riviera. Perhaps, it is the truth. It was pleasant to us 10 times more Cannes and Nice - it not such big and is not spoiled by the industry of tourism, though vain it is a little. A heap of small restaurants, little shops - everything is very nice.

Put 10. ST Tropez (France)

ended with

our rent of a camping Today, and it is time for us to start on on a way back slowly. On the road wanted to stop by in St Tropez especially as 2 circumstances promoted: it on the way and only in 80 km from us. Here we for the first time “messed up“. 80 km of a way took us slightly less than 4 hours. As soon as moved down from the route (and the road to St Tropez goes mostly along the local road), got to a huge stopper. To the city arrived angry and tired. Minutes 20 stood in turn on the parking and went for a walk. The town of nothing of course, but anything special, in France is places where as more nice. Though the coast with really magnificent yachts impresses. Perhaps, in this place the highest concentration of really expensive cars - here to you both Jaguars, and Ferrari and Bentlya in large numbers. Here it is more of them, than in all other places visited by us, including Monaco.

But prices! We sat down in a cafe on the embankment, and for 1 small beer, 2 orange juices and 0,5 liters of mineral water from us tore off 113 francs (15 dollars)! For one beer of nearly 30 francs - even in Monaco is twice cheaper.

Landed in the same camping in which were on the way on the East to Salon de Pce. Went for a walk to the city in the evening and again enjoyed its beauty. This time the camera was not forgotten, in therefore made several good shots, though in the dark. Only this time reached us that this city - Nostradamus`s homeland, here almost everything is called by his name (even our camping), wall drawings in his honor and a monument.