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There will be a summer!

Go, happens, in school, hair flutter from a warm breeze, birdies sing, and behind the back the same heavy backpack... And at this moment you think of summer! What this pleasure! You remember last year, all those summer entertainments, festivities on the street late... “Ah, - you think, - somewhat quicker summer!“

Summer - a favourite season of all children. I not an exception. I have many friends and we cheerfully spend in the summer time. When study only ended, but I am in the city as well as many of my peers. In the summer we get up early. Why to waste precious time!

we Have breakfast and we run on the street rather. Hours in 10 already decent number of children gathers in the yard. Each of them takes out from the house some things necessary for our cheerful games: various balls, crayons, threads, ropes, paper with the handle and so forth. When all gather, begin games. We live in the quiet district of Nizhny Novgorod where it is a little expensive and, respectively, cars. One of our favourite games are “Big“ (other their name “Moscow“) a hide-and-seek. We limit the territory (for example: the territory of these three houses, to a fence of kindergarten, from a big birch, to a gate...) . Then we are divided into teams and we discuss rules (for example: when we see you where we you, and will shout, you do not run away, and go on the specified place...) Here we play at hide-and-seek. It is very interesting and game bothers nobody!

Other cheerful game which we play in the summer is “Jam“ which still our grandmothers played. The leader throws a ball to players and cries out words. For example, names. What name the player will catch, so he will be called for fun. Then there is a surname, the residence, pets, age, a class, occupations... It turns out very ridiculously! Sometimes the turned-out persons register in a notebook, in memory.

Also we play

in various game of tag:“ Tea - tea“, “Cowboys and Indians“... We jump differently - through a jump rope, we play a blind-man`s-buff and other interesting games which usually play in the summer. We play “12 notes“ with new rules. In games with paper... Still we show card tricks which secrets we keep in secret! There is one very interesting game - “Mafia“. It was played by our relatives too. Weeks through two some children go in camp, to villages to the grandmother and the grandfather, on the South, on camp sites... Sometimes my girlfriends invite me to themselves in a garden or the village. There we spend cheerfully days of rest too. We bathe, we go berry-picking in the wood and we teach local children to our city games!

in a month mother takes vacation, and I with my brother Tema we go to the South. Usually we have a rest in the wonderful town under the name the Crimea. There the beautiful nature, the warm sun and the Black Sea with transparent water. There it is magnificent. Usually, when we go there, we stop not in the city, in suburbs. To the cities we go by excursion. Each of the cities is in own way unique! We live in the Crimea almost to school... We spend the stayed at home weeks at all not worse! And here again fall, cold snap, farewell shouts of birds, study, caps and scarfs... But nothing, there will be a summer again soon!