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How to get rid of extensions of

of the Extension are formed on internal and external surfaces of hips, a stomach, a breast and buttocks during the teenage period, but can have an effect also on any other age at sharp change of weight. The risk of their emergence especially increases since fifth month of pregnancy: 80% of extensions are shown at this particular time. The red and blown-up in a stage inflammations, they gradually turn pale, contract and get belovato - a nacreous shade.

the Main reasons for emergence of extensions

As extensions are always followed by change of weight, it is possible to think that the main reason - too strong tension of skin. However not everything is so simple. Actually emergence of extensions demonstrate that the fibers of collagen and elastin which are carrying out the structural and supporting role in skin are deeply damaged. Moreover, the cages participating in production of these fibers are destroyed and cannot provide their updating. Such factors as increase in weight and change of a figure, certainly, are involved in this process.

However the main responsibility for similar transformations lies on cortisol - hormone which is produced by bark of adrenal glands. It atrofirut collagen and does it to more fragile. And during puberty and pregnancy, the periods of considerable hormonal changes in an organism, the indicator of level of this hormone in blood is raised.

Creams for prevention of extensions

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to the second trimester of pregnancy skin becomes more vulnerable. It dries, becomes thinner and needs daily conditioning agents to find the lost elasticity and more effectively to resist to negative action of cortisol. And if earlier for the prevention of extensions it was necessary to be content with a generous dose of body cream, the moistening milk or even vegetable oil (for example, from stones of sweet almonds), then now at our disposal there are more effective remedies which are specially formulated to strengthen skin resilience during expectation of the child.

Prevention of extensions yields excellent results. And here with their treatment the situation is slightly worse. If extensions appear during pregnancy, everyday two times putting special creams after the delivery allows to clarify them quicker.

to the Feeding mothers at their use should bypass area of a nipple.

the quantity of extensions will considerably be reduced by

In several months, however we will not create illusions - finally they will not disappear any more. Extensions really very much disturb you? After the delivery, having consulted with the doctor, it is possible to accept vitamin E which accelerates restoration of fabrics.

What is offered by cosmetologists for treatment of extensions?

If you very much are afraid of emergence of extensions or seek to get rid by all means of them, it is possible to address the dermatologist or the expert in esthetic medicine. In their asset there are most various procedures.

One of the most effective - the comprehensive program of treatment which allows to remove completely traces of extensions and to restore production of new elastinovy fibers in skin. At first by means of the vascular laser blood capillaries are clarified, and then by means of a microcrystalline dermabraziya in combination with a chemical peeling the problem of smoothing of a skin surface is solved.

Procedure of a dermabraziya consists in impact on skin of ultrasound and crystals of a hydroxide of aluminum which delete the top layer of epidermis that accelerates restoration of cages and increases elasticity of skin. The chemical peeling is carried out by fruit acids. Them, concentration is selected individually depending on skin type. Besides, by means of the microcurrents developed by special system development is stimulated with cells of skin of protein, the metabolism is restored.

the Method of a mesotherapy solves such problems as decrease in elasticity, flabbiness and slackness of skin. A mesotherapy - it subcutaneous injections pass - doses of biologically active preparations, vitamins, mineral, vegetable substances, and also various homeopathic remedies. For achievement of the expressed result it is necessary to complete individually appointed course of procedures after which an extension - striya will become narrow and less noticeable. it is better for p to begin

of Procedure for treatment of extensions after the end of feeding with a breast. Scheme of treatment, t. e the number of procedures and the area of the processed site, the doctor on consultation will define.

cosmetologists offer

For prevention of extensions various methods including based on use of aromaterapevtichesky preparations. After a light massage creams and aromatic essences strengthening their action including interfering flabbiness are applied on problem zones of a body. The procedure basis - a special mask, vitamin-rich And, In 9 , B 12 , F which increases elasticity and a tone of skin and supports its water balance.