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12 websites about repair and design of

Arithmetically adjusted natures removed for themselves simple definition of repair for a long time: one repair - two moving, two repairs - one fire. I sound enough painfully, but as Mulder and Scully, I hope that truth somewhere nearby, and not everything is so awful. There are also pleasant parties here.

However as turn, but process a feather - and improvements of own dwelling from time immemorial breaks up to two unequal stages: pleasant creative (design and vague flight of fancy) and difficult practical (realization of a plan). Let`s conditionally call them design and repair and we will look that is in the Network on this subject.

To admit, I was a little surprised by the fact that the majority of the websites devoted to architectural design and repair have very unsightly virtual registration. However, to what to be surprised? Apartment renovation and construction of the website - a thing absolutely different. From here the rule - do not trust the website to the builder, and the apartment - a web - to the master. In the latter case you risk to find on the door a friendly inscription “Best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. x or higher“, at an entrance to you will suggest to look at prompt and to choose the coding, and then you will long wander on the apartment, getting used to new “intuitive“ navigation. However, I distracted. It is not important that a decor of the websites poor, the main thing - content good. Here today we will also talk about it.

One of the most volume and difficult on structure - the Your House portal. This project - an example of the fact that evil tongues are called “horizontally - a vertical portal with diagonal content“. I will explain. The website has two-level structure. At the first level all information is broken into 21 sections, like “A window and a door“, “Finishing materials“, “Ladders“ etc. In turn, each section represents as if pass - the website devoted only to certain subject. That is, say, of “Ladder“ you will find in the section the catalog of ladders, the list of producers, articles about ladders, normative documents about them, announcements of sale, exiles and special “ladder“ conference. In a word, all. Agree, it is quite convenient especially as here really it is a lot of information. It is enough to tell that now on a portal are presented 1531 companies from 87 regions of 16 countries of the world. The prices, addresses, instructions, consumer properties, - all this you will find on a portal. A little the abundance of motley advertizing on a portal spoils impression, but - where to disappear? - at the website too good targeting (Shishkov forgive, I do not know how to translate).

One more quite good project - “The encyclopedia of construction and repair“. As authors define, it “is intended for those who wish to build by own efforts the house, to adapt the internal volume of city rooms for the tastes and requirements, to update the old dwelling - to make cosmetic or serious capital repairs“. I liked the phrase “The encyclopedia will be useful also to those who understand nothing in construction, but wants to understand - what is done by builders at it at the dacha, in the apartment or office“. It is valid what they do there? Live, probably. And if it is serious, then on the website you will find many useful data on finishing materials and tools for repair. Besides, there is a section with information on the firms specializing in repair work and the section devoted to sellers of construction and finishing materials, the tool and the equipment. Conference on the website for the unclear reasons is absent, it is replaced by the guest book - visitors communicate with each other here. Looks quite silly. One more small lack of the website - it is made as if “for growth“, i.e. many headings are declared, but are still absolutely empty. Say, here, what we still sometime will have. It discourages. And in general, - quite decent resource.

I somehow, straight away, was fond at once of pragmatical resources - repair, finishing, materials, tools... Let`s make a small halt on estetsko - the design Habitat project. Here you will not find information on how to putty cracks or from what party to knock on a chisel. But you will find “thoughts of design, its purposes and essence from the famous designers“, the story about styles, beautiful ideas, ergonomics and history of things (for example, the epic “Evolution of a Chair“, in 2 - x parts, with a prolog and an epilog). There is a remarkable section “Features“ here - just beautiful pictures at which it is pleasant to look. And also “The glossary of the terms concerning design“. From Ambivalence to Epigonstva. Pleasant and stylish place.

Throughout this beautiful subject I advise to read A. Samyshkin`s article “Secret of the cozy house“. The speech in it will go about color schemes, about furniture and about those trifles, “which give to the dwelling originality, charm and, of course, a cosiness“, namely - about flowers, a photo and pictures, pillows, stones. Small, but good article with references on a subject.

However, we will return to ours to “the practical websites“. There is such www project. goodidea. ru. Quite mad project. You remember the heading “Small Cunnings“ in the Young Technician or Mad Handles magazine in the So Far All Houses broadcast? And so, goodidea. ru is virtual analog of these collections of national sharpness. Sorry, girls, for platitude, but in popularity at them are Kama on the first place - sutriansky councils like “If it is heavy to you to throw legs on the husband`s shoulders...“ and “The second wind of a condom“, is and still, but I hesitate to quote them... (Special charm the sycophantic button adds “To send idea to the chief“.) However, not about them the speech. We are interested absolutely another today. There are quite decent sections on our subject:

I Think, only here you will be able to learn, “how to take off rubber gloves“ or “than it is better to lachit a floor“ and still very much - much another, sometimes useful, sometimes just interesting and ridiculous.

In the Belarusian online newspaper “Svoy Dom“ very big collection of articles on the subject interesting us is collected quite quite good, and, above all. It is impossible to list everything, I will tell about the main headings:

Still sections are: Not all materials are equally good
  • “Health“ on quality, invited papers, but in general come across, the resource quite deserves attention. About registration I will better keep silent.

    In the Lithuanian magazine with the strange name “Lublu“ there is a heading with very Russian name “Domestic tyranny“. As well as the previous website, is an electronic version of the paper edition. Here you will find just a selection of articles on design and improvement of the dwelling (now there 63 articles). There is no thematic classification, it is necessary to look through everything. There are several last headings:

    • “Giving on the sixth floor“,
    • “The beach behind a threshold“,
    • “An orgasm of all flowers of a rainbow“,
    • “How to save on heating“,
    • “Type a toilet...“,
    • well etc., in the same vein.
    By the way, me liked article about a toilet, and on the website there is a material about an interior of a study of Putin. All articles with photos, but that especially pleases, this lack of banners on the website.

    One more website with odious design, but decent contents - Domaster. ru. Creators of the website position the project as follows:“ What is repair? What to begin with? In what sequence? How? From what materials? Whether it is possible most to make European-quality repair with the minimum expenses? What at the same time there are cunnings and subtleties? What technologies? How to plan the apartment? What household appliances can be used? About all this and many other will also tell this website“. From myself I will add that answers to these questions really are on the website. By the way, according to authors, all information on Domaster “is picked up by reasonable compilation of various prospectuses and the guides to materials and systems of construction, results of the survey and an oshchup constructed by real acquaintance to errors of construction and own experience“.

    It is known that the main guarantee of successful repair is the correct selection of initial materials. Very qualitative Material project. ru is devoted to them. Here you will find reviews on the following subjects: walls, floors, windows, doors, equipment, tool, bathroom equipment, heating, etc. There is an interesting section “Star Repair“. In it people famous to all country (Kara - Murza, Khlebnikov, Nikolaev - the Queen, Apina, Malikov, “Dune“, “Accident“) tell how they did repair and show photos of the dwelling. Quite entertainingly.

    The electronic version of the famous magazine “House &Èíòåðüåð“ is focused first of all on the wealthy citizens of the Russian Federation who conceived elite and, naturally, exclusive repair. Here you will find materials on all the concerning European-quality repair, the heading “Intellectual House“ and “Akvad“, and also article about prestigious furniture and an interior.

    The website with the transparent name Decor. ru is devoted first of all to finishing materials - paints, a parquet, a varnish, laminatny floors. Besides, on the website there is a big section devoted to Fan - Shui. In the heading “Design“ - several interesting articles telling about influence of color on mood, perception of volume about a combination of color and material.

    At last, our twelfth website - Architector. ru. The project is very serious, almost academic, it is devoted, generally to construction materials. Here you can get acquainted with “The database of finishing materials and firms - producers“. In “Reference book“ the information on properties of materials, features of their application, normative documents are supplied. The section of explanatory dictionaries on construction, architecture, materials deserves attention. In the section “Articles and Analytics“ - new in the world of construction, answers to questions, descriptions of technologies, materials. In a word, a resource for those who treat repair very seriously.

    It is natural that in one review it is difficult to tell about all stroitelno - it is repair - design resources. But, I think that these 12 websites which are selected by me will help you to orient with the sea of information on this subject.

    And I have all for today.