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Summer camp: that new

“... But the girl banished that woman and did not help her. And at night black - a black hand leaned out of a wall and dragged off the girl...“ This terrible story, and also not less ominous about a white grand piano, a sofa - the vampire and the recovered dead men now with ecstasy are recited by the third class of my daughter.

of History cause in me nostalgia - on a summer camp where, wildly being afraid, exactly the same we told each other in the dark chambers. Summer life in camp was good the fact that she did not resemble on school, in it it was possible to get acquainted with new friends, to learn to burn out on a tree, to play volleyball and to burn down fires, to hide bread under a mattress and to smear with paste of boys. However, it had also unpleasant sides like wooden toilets on the street, cold water in wash basins, melancholy for parents and sad stolovsky food. But the choice was not, and that who had no grandmothers - on - dachas, parents steadily sent to free profkomovsky camp.

the Happy Soviet childhood which sank Into oblivion, appear, a visor with itself not just pioneer camp but also thought of such type of rest for children. The new generation of parents began to travel around all corners of the world, and if to send somewhere the child in the summer, then to learn languages abroad. And camp came to desolation, without having sustained an excommunication from budgets of the trade-union organizations of the enterprises. Many of them were immediately privatized and turned into nice cottage settlements or just private estates.

I just now, for the first time for the last 20 years, the new tendency - according to messages of Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare appeared, the number of summer recreation children`s camps increases the second year. And if in the USSR in a year 10 million children, then today - already 6 million spent vacation at camps in spite of the fact that the population of our country for the same time decreased twice.

However, camp now absolutely others. First of all there were many their types, they differ on an orientation, on comfort level, over the country of an arrangement and even on a sex of the accepted children (is separate camp for girls and for boys). From Soviet period there were only sometimes constructions which are (more or less repaired), system of leaders and some participation of the employer in payment of parental expenses (the part of children`s permits passes on system of social insurance and the rich organizations too often pay rest of children of the employees).

Survived Soviet pioneer camp now are called improving, and in them parents receive permits for the account of Social insurance fund. But the main market of children`s rest is made commercial now camp which live with the money received from sale of permits. Therefore the level of comfort and number of services grows, there are new types of children`s camps about which earlier nobody heard.


to Whom suits

: to the children of 9 - 10 years who do not have serious chronic diseases.

“Forgotten ship“, “Children of spies“, “Secrets of the rocky city“, “Robinzonad“ - even from names it becomes clear that the program becomes the main thing in this type of rest. Children adore games, always wishes to glance in novel and strive for independence. All this is also provided to them in such camps. Adventure camp also campaigns are divided on stationary (passing on the basis of boarding house, rest house or a camping). The firms specializing in rest of this sort develop several programs. Each of them is devoted to a subject: for example, “The emerald city“, or “Frontier post“, or “Hogvards`s Secrets“. Further big game in which children are included all change is built.

If the program on the basis of a camping, then children live in tents. As a rule, campings are located in specially equipped places which safety is checked in advance. So, the Robinzonada company which is engaged many years in such rest annually brings children to the same place, on the coast of Valdai where the camp grows and there passes the Valdai Robinzonada program. Children learn to be guided in the wood,

swim on kayaks, get on “desert island“ etc. They eat at the same time orderly - the kitchen where train the cook is arranged here. Among the offered programs there are a lot of ecological when children study the local nature: caves, mountains, rocks, the sea, are ethnographic, archaeological, etc.

Campaigns differ with

also on complexity level, and on tasks: from the simplest when children leave stationary camp on two - three days, to difficult, for example, passing across mountains Tian - Shanya. From simple pedestrian rounds where children learn to make fire, to put tent, to overcome the rivers, to bicycle, horse or, for example, a thriathlon. “Robinzonada“ has a campaign “A thriathlon across the Czech Republic“ where the part of the distance is covered on foot, part - on kayaks. In general, the more difficult the campaign, the is more strict selection of participants - in the most difficult expeditions invite those who already participated in other campaigns.

narrowly targeted programs Happen, for example, the Collection of Adventures company offers the Fotookhota on Beavers program passing across the Kostroma region. They have a camp under the name “Lodge to Prostokvashino“ located in the rural house in the usual village where city children can see from where milk undertakes and as apples grow...

Experts say that it is better for the child for the first time going to camp to begin with stationary option, and already then, the next year if it is pleasant, it is possible to go hiking or in a camp.

Safety of children, medical care, creation of psychological comfort - all this depends only on organizers. Therefore, choosing adventure camp for the child, it is necessary to show consideration for the people organizing rest and the accompanying children very much. It is better to give preference to those who work long ago at this market who has own tourist and pedagogical experience, preparation on first-aid treatment. Ideally about one adult has to fall on each 6 - 7 children - it gives the chance to control a situation and to help each child to adapt. Besides, in camp (or in tourist group) there has to be a qualified physician.

Pluses: the child actively spends time, studies independence, interaction with people around, gains experience of overcoming of difficulties.


to Whom: to children of 7 - 16 years who are interested in any sport, but opportunities to be engaged enough during academic year have no.

If earlier summer sports camp were continuation of school of the Olympic reserve or special sports boarding school where future champions continued intensive trainings, then now appeared camp where any can go. Just to master soccer, karate, swimming, etc.

Sometimes the sports component of rest is just plused to rest. So, for example, in well-known “Eaglet“ carries out the training Russian Academy of Tennis program: the schedule of day included two trainings here.

But if the child wants to learn properly, then it makes sense to look for profile camp. For example, not so long ago in the city of Krymsk of Krasnodar Krai the Russia`s first children`s football camp - with several fields, comfortable cases, pools opened. Organizers claim that local trainers can well teach to play each boy or the girl till 16 years in soccer by the western techniques. Every day there pass several lessons of soccer, and at the end of the day - free game. Similar camp exist in many countries long ago, and some known teams like the Madrid “Real“ have own football camp.

Is in Russia of camp where will teach aikido, swimming, equestrian sport. If to glance for country borders, then it is possible to find a summer sports center practically on any kind of sport. For example, in the Polish city of Putska the sports center “Dolphin“ where in two weeks of the child will teach to ride tolerably a board for windsurfing works every summer. The camp is located on the bank of a silent Putsky bay that is very convenient for training.

Pluses: the child can try this or that sport before registering in section.

What to be useful to the child in camp

  • is A lot of socks, pants, swimming trunks (they are lost immediately).
  • it is Not less than three toothbrushes of
  • (for the same reason).
  • the Raincoat with a hood.
  • Open footwear - sandals, slaps.
  • Spare insoles.
  • Shampoo in disposable bags (big bottles often spread).
  • Disposable handkerchiefs.
  • spots Medicine (they often appear in camp).
  • of the Security measure from the sun.
  • the Repellent from mosquitoes.
  • the List of all things (one keep, give another to the child that he did not get confused when collecting back).
we do not advise

to give to the child with ourselves

  • Jewelry.
  • Expensive cameras and phones.
  • of the Toy which will be a pity for losing.
In general, to parents it is necessary to be ready to the fact that any thing can be lost or spoiled in camp. Make the choice, proceeding from it.


to Whom: to children from believers of families, to problem children.

Almost each faith creates

today and supports nurseries summer camp for children of the parishioners. The religious component in them seriously differs both by the size, and in a form.

Muslim camp are located the most part in those areas where the Moslem is widespread. For example, in their Tatarstan already more than 20. Children not only play and bathe, but also learn the Koran, study Muslim ethics and norms of Islam.

of Already 20 years on summer vacation in Moscow area the Gunn Isroel camp which the Moscow Jewish community arranges opens. Besides usual entertainments learn about culture, history and traditions of the Jewish people here.

it is a lot of

of Orthodox camps in Russia. One most known - “The Star of Bethlehem“ - it is created on the basis of the Patriarchal Center of spiritual development of children and youth at the Moscow Danilovy monastery. This year it works at base of Almaz boarding house in Ruzsky district. In camp there are game programs, for example, of “Secret of the destroyed lock“ or “Mumidol. Adventures of treasure-hunters“ in which children plunge into the fairy tale run, climb, sing, dance. But in addition leaders (and among them there are young teachers, psychologists, scientists, writers, engineers, etc. united by the general belief) work according to specially developed program which purpose - formation of the personality, judgment of and the inner world and familiarizing with orthodox culture. Organizers promise that to prayers and participation in church services nobody forces.

Pluses: the child receives knowledge about belief of the weakened situation from active young people, in a form clear to it. The standards of behavior accepted in this or that religion are acquired in practice.


to Whom: to children with psychological, behavioural problems, constraining, unsociable, disturbing.

have some

of Such camps so far, but they are. Their essence that on vacation the child overcomes problems which disturb him. One of such camps “Towards to Dream“ works several years near St. Petersburg, on the basis of boarding house, and this year will open also in the Crimea. Children are united in groups on 8 - 15 people, 2 instructors are attached to each of which. Parents specify the child`s problem in advance. Every day psychologists are engaged with children not less than two times till two hours. After the end of change psychologists hold consultation with parents in order that the effect reached in camp was consolidated houses. And effect, according to statements of organizers of camp, quite notable.

Pluses: the child can receive psychological assistance unostentatiously, without campaigns to experts. Besides, in the absence of parents and a habitual situation the child gets chance to build the new attitude both towards himself, and to world around.