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Country. “I dream the village...“

to Call this style fashionable somehow language does not turn. Rather it is eternal. Meanwhile, there passed many years before the citizens who got used to metal and a stone recognized modest charm of rural interiors. It appeared, the old grandmother`s things bought in antiquarian salons or brought from the remote farms where they were sent into “honorable exile“ of years so thirty - forty back, easily get accustomed both in standard city apartments, and in well-planned multystoried cottages.

However, it is not the only places of “production“ of “old regime“ furniture and accessories. Today the whole industry works not only for country style (and the speech about it), but also for its separate versions. If there was a desire to give to the dwelling the real rural shape, the main thing - not to be mistaken in details and nuances. And for this purpose not so superfluous will be in them to understand.

Texas ranch or Russian log hut?

of Country - the word English. Also it is translated as “village“, “rural“. Initially, it was applied to musical style of the North American remote place and to a North American or English country house. However gradually its value extended. Today country style is the embodiment of the subject world and tastes of country life in general. And therefore “country“ can be both French, and Scandinavian, and even Russian.

we Will begin

with sources of this style - from its American versions. The furniture, as a rule, hammered together roughly and primitively is characteristic of North American “country“ modest, without delicacy. At an interior there are chests painted in national spirit, by all means - big cases, is frequent - rocking-chairs, and walls are veiled by regiments with kitchen accessories of semicentennial prescription. On furniture and walls pattern drawings are obligatory. On beds - quilted covers. Fabrics - in a large cage or a small floret. They have to be mainly dirty - blue color as if burned out on the sun. It is a classics of “country“. The most available and its democratic look.


“Rural“ style of Hugo - the West of America (american south - west) such simplicity does not differ any more. Here generally Indian motives and drawings - on carpets, fabrics, wall-paper, on an upholstery of furniture and cushions “boss“. Colors it is similar to Hugo`s color - the western deserts, mountains and prairies. Generally it is sand, ochre, nebesno - blue, it is washed off - blue and greens of a grass. At an interior there are objects of crafts of “the last of Mohicans“, silver knickknacks of the Spanish conquistadors, ancient glass of a greenish shade, chairs with leather seats, a tile of color of a terracotta, round fireplaces.

Comfort in everything - from planning of the house before arrangement of furniture and accessories - patrimonial line of English “country“ (english country). It is style of the “untold“ elegance with a shade of easy shabbiness of things. Here any more there is no place of dimness. The upholstery, carpets, covers and curtains of windows have saturated, juicy colors. The polished an old pine furniture, for example, quite often colors of a golden melon. In the house of the English remote place there was always a lot of wool. She takes the important place and in the modern interiors issued in “english country“ style. Often - in the form of the ancient shawls thrown over sofas and chairs. It is paid also to textiles, in particular handwork much attention.

In the French country (french country) furniture surely handwork. It is simple: tables and cases look deliberately roughly. Chairs have bent legs and a reed seat with the soft pillows attached to it. The furniture undersigns or painted in bright colors: intensively - yellow, blue or saturated red. Color in general plays a large role in French “country“. It is urged to give to ordinary objects special expressiveness. Sometimes it is possible to meet also very unusual shades - honey, a rose or an apricot. Walls are usually upholstered with fabric, especially in bedrooms, and a floor, as well as one thousand years ago, spread a ceramic tile of color of a terracotta.

of “Country“ on - Scandinavian (scandinavian country) is always a scope and orderliness of interiors. Furniture often in general not colored. And if it is painted, then by all means pure bright and pastel colors. Walls are trimmed by lining. Beds - with alcoves which serve as good protection against cold. Everywhere - on walls, floors and furniture - pattern drawings.

the Design view of the Russian specifics of “country“ is very ambiguous

. Some specialists in an interior believe that purely Russian, folklore motives - for example, Khokhloma, a Dymkovo toy and Gzhel porcelain - in rural style are hardly pertinent. These objects concern to another, so-called. national or folk - to style. Others, in general, agree with them, but appear not against other country attributes at all - distaffs, spindles, donets and oven forks. So it is hardly possible to speak about purity of style of Russian “country“. Another matter, it is possible to enter some exclusively Russian elements in all above-mentioned kinds of “country“ (for example, icons) - and it will already be a rural interior with our national “osobinka“.

Three in one

Comfortableness and functionality - here that is a basis of country style. The same principles concern also planning of premises.

As a rule, in the traditional rural house at once three rooms - the kitchen, the dining room and a drawing room with a fireplace - are as if united in one. This is the main room in the house, around it other, already minor rooms are placed: bedrooms, wardrobe, “utility rooms“, bathrooms. As in country houses there was never an office, planning also does not provide it in country style. However, one of bedrooms can play a role of an office.

All rooms of the country house executed in country style are located compactly, its planning is simplest and convenient. It is dictated by functionality reasons. As for the city apartment, it is the best of all to do in general without re-plannings here - to be limited to dressing of the room enough.

“On - simple, on - rural...“

country Style excludes any artificiality. At construction and finishing of the “rural“ dwelling roughly processed stone, a brick, a tree and other natural materials are most often used. This circumstance does not exclude different application of imitations of natural materials. The main thing that they were environmentally friendly.

country Style does not suffer glossy splendor. In total - from a floor to a ceiling, from within and outside - has to meet the requirements of a rural esthetics. Floors in interiors of “country“ do not assume a parquet at all - as a rule, they or give all the best a tile or a decorative stone, or are covered by boards. Ceilings - with wooden beams, traditional for the rural house. And it is not necessary to plaster them: the main thing - naturalness.

Decoration of the walls can be the most various. Paper wall-paper with plain flower drawing is usually used. But it is impossible to forget also about other materials, ideal for a decor of “country“: about textiles of bright coloring (the more brightly, the better), a ceramic tile and decorative plaster. It is possible to use also a facing stone. Decorating it the room, it is important not to go too far: it is necessary to remember that “country“ is the “warm“ style demanding a minimum of such “cold“ materials as a stone and metal (especially chromeplated and shining). However in a “rural“ interior the bronze and brass which are made old will seem not so superfluous or it (is even better) touched by places a noble patina. Objects of manual forging are also welcomed.

In decoration of the walls, floors and windows the combination of various fabrics is admissible

. They can differ according to the invoice (for example, a chintz and flax or a chintz and wool), but to have similar drawing. However, the return option (differ on drawing, but meet according to the invoice) is admissible too. It is important that the difference of density of the combined fabrics was not really big. At windows simple curtains with a minimum of folds will well look. Floors it is the best of all for p to issue

the doormats and motley rugs sewed in the patchwork equipment - from different rags, the casual remains of fabric or specially picked up pieces. In this equipment also covers, throw pillows and various jewelry for walls which will also not bad fit into interiors of “country“ are made. As a rule, each of such things - handwork. In uniqueness and originality of each element - a charm and charm of “rural“ style.

of the Cage, a strip, small florets

it is a high time for p to talk about color Now. As it was already noted above, the color scale is very important for country style. Because, that in “rural“ interiors objects of the most different quite often are at the same time used (both very bright and even motley, and faded, pastel) flowers, one of the most important tasks remains observance of balance between them. For example, if an upholstery of furniture light-blue and light-beige, then and wall-paper, carpets and curtains also have to be pastel tones.

In a list of objects both the abstract ornament, and concrete drawing - for example, the so-called drawing mille fleurs is admissible

(“one thousand flowers“ - a plain scattering of small florets). Cages and bright strips of all types are widely used.

Fashion on dressers

the furniture Set for interiors of “country“ is simple and plain

. For a bedroom - it is a bed, a dresser and a wardrobe. For the dining room - a dining table, buffet and stools. Especially the inexpensive pine furniture approaches. Today the “wild“, roughly processed tree furniture is most popular: branches, logs, chips, plates and willow pletenok. However, such furniture is widely used only in country houses so far.

As for city interiors to create “rural“ spirit in separately taken apartment also does not make special work. The “traditional“ a natural tree furniture with which practically all furniture salons are crowded will be suitable for kitchen, - from a chestnut, a nut, a pine and an oak. Even if the apartment abounds not with absolutely “natural“ materials (on a floor - linoleum, on walls - vinyl wall-paper), it is all the same possible to create a stylish interior in rural spirit. Such “modern“ situation it is easy “to make old“ a “grandfather`s“ chair “, to favourite grandmother`s“ a dresser, a trunk or an old shelf for spices and herbs. Here it is possible to add also pieces of old utensils: teapots, chimney nippers, ware, and also ancient cans with spices, dry bouquets, a decorative linking of garlic, pepper and others. In kitchen all this will peacefully get on with up-to-date kitchen equipment.

By the way, these things can be and are younger than you - the technology of total artificial aging which as well as possible is suitable for country style is popular now. The same teapots are made in forms of the last century and with artificial chips of enamel for greater plausibility. Just painted walls and new floors specially are rubbed clean, they are given a look worn and decayed. Quite difficult technology of artificial aging of furniture allows to achieve absolutely plausible cracks, attritions and wormholes.

it would Seem to

what can be attractive in things not from our time, the place, which in the museum, but not in the modern apartment? On the contrary! The old thing perfectly fits into modern life that at a casual view of it the heart tired of a mad rhythm of modern life was filled with awe and a pacification.