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What to occupy the child with. We make dolls and a doll lodge of

If you have a whatnot, you can make absolutely remarkable thing together with the child - a doll lodge. Also the rack or metal or wooden regiments on frameworks will approach.

In this case them should be established to

directly on a floor or it is absolutely low (racks approach less, since their regiments narrow and long, but not square, as at whatnots). Well, and so on “first floor“ (regiment) there will be a hall, further - kitchen, a bedroom, a drawing room, a bathroom and a toilet; depending on the number of shelves and growth of the child. Regiments of a rack can be divided into two “rooms“ cardboard partitions with doors, having attached them an adhesive tape. On the first floor it is possible to make garage. It is possible to arrive in a different way: if you have several children and one of them small, let the lower shelves will be its “apartment“, and top - seniors. Otherwise it is necessary to listen to complaints of the senior that “he spoiled everything again“.

there will Live in such lodge dolls suitable by the size or animals.

can Arrange a lodge with toy furniture from shop, it is possible and to make of improvised materials (cubes, boxes, a cardboard etc.) . And all can be made very accurately, it is beautiful and realistic. There are a lot of opportunities for manifestation of the imagination of mother and child. For example, the plate can be made of a big cube on which from above it is necessary to paste images of rings, and sideways - oven doors; lockers with the opening doors - from small boxes which can be pasted over with pieces of the remains of the real film etc., etc. On the whatnot it is possible to make curtains on strings, in a rack - to paste images of windows on walls, to hang up pictures from calendar cards or drawn with the child.

to you the cardboard, paper, fabric, an adhesive tape, boxes, cubes, the designer, etc. will be necessary for

. Various stickers, cards and cuttings from magazines can serve good service.

can make by

For more senior children the elevator. The cabin is made of a cardboard or plastic box (the box from under juice will approach), with two cut-out walls. The block can be made of the coil from threads or some castor from the designer. Into the top shelf to hammer a big nail or to screw in a screw, with the coil which is previously put on it. To tie one rope to a box bottom, and another - from above, to throw via the coil and to connect in a ring. So, if pulls the elevator a rope to go sideways or in front of shelves up and down.

the Father or the elder brother can think up still some improvements for a lodge. For example, if he well understands electronics - light on each floor by means of bulbs and switches from a children`s electric set or something else.

Production of dolls

This remarkable occupation for mother and the child especially as then it will be pleasant to child to play the dolls made own hands. Dolls it is possible to use also for puppet theater. Of course, the child is younger, the more it is necessary to do to mother. Basic principle: we make together with the child, providing to him to do that within its powers.

of the Doll of Bee - oh - bo

of the Doll on a hand are made of old mittens. The thumb is formed by a nose, the main part - the head. According to a plan and character of the character we will attach eyes, hair, a hat from paper, fabric, tapes, buttons, etc. It is also possible to make a doll of a glove, having left only three “fingers“: big, index, and average, and two - are turned in. It is necessary to sew the head from a pompon to a forefinger or the ball which is wrapped up by fabric for a ping - a pong. And too to sew eyes, hair and other, it is possible to make clothes.

Are put on by

of the Doll on a finger one finger. They can be made them the sewed mother of preparation of strong fabric or the cut-off fingers of old gloves (only they should be hemmed that were not dismissed). Then from the forward party to paste or sew a face, hands, a comb, a beak, a mane, etc.

of the Doll from wooden spoons

Such spoons for certain were overlooked where - nibud at you in buffet, and you cannot find for them application. The spoon forms a doll trunk, the head is done, having filled a spoon cotton wool and having tightened in a piece of jersey or lycra from tights. Below it is necessary to stick and attach accurately the folded clothes draping the handle - it will be a trunk. Hands can be made of the wire wound by jersey. Well and, of course, to make the person and to decorate according to the imagination. The doll can be held for the handle.

Rag dolls of circles

Are made of round rags of fabric (them has to be much), which it is better for mother to cut out in advance. On a long severe thread on the one hand the bead is attached, and fabric circles are strung further. So we will make two legs, and then we will pass both threads in one needle and by the same principle we will make a trunk. Having finished a trunk, we put on one more bead, we separate threads and we do hands which come to an end with beads too. We do the head of a pompon or the ball which is wrapped up by fabric. We attach it to a trunk and that the place of an attachment was not visible, it is possible to make a collar. And not to forget eyes, a mouth, a hat and all the rest.

of the Doll and a toy from pompons

How to do pompons, many remember since the childhood. But I will remind: to cut out two cardboard circles (with a hole in the middle), such size what pompon has to turn out. Between circles it is necessary to place a thread which two ends will hang down on the one hand in the middle. We take woolen threads further and densely we wind templates around in several layers until it is impossible already to stretch threads in an opening. Accurately we cut a yarn along edge of a circle and we tighten a thread which was in the middle (it has to stick out), hardly we connect. The pompon which can give scissors the different form turns out, and to make a doll of several, connecting them by the central threads, and having added still some details.

of the Doll with the opening mouth

They for certain will give great pleasure to your child. The mouth is made of a square piece of fabric at which it is necessary to turn in corners in the form of an envelope. Further on one diagonal each half develops and sewed so that it turned out two a treugolnichka into which it was possible to thrust a hand, in one - a thumb, in another - all others. Further from above it is necessary to sew eyes, and in “mouth“ - language. The clothes in the form of a loose overall are sewn to the head behind, to the top and lower part so that to hide a hand.