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Cosmetic operations: for and against

of the Client of plastic surgeons often ask a question of that, injections of Botox and other rejuvenating procedures are how effective. Americans even go to so-called “cosmetic tourism“ - leave to Brazil, Mexico and even to Hong Kong for plastic surgery. Most of clients of plastic surgeons do not seek for radical changes, they want to keep habitual shape only (or “to refresh“).

Some plastic surgeons willingly recognize that they used services of colleagues and corrected the appearance a little (tightened skin on a stomach, on a face, cleaned bags under eyes and so forth) so it is not necessary to doubt popularity of cosmetic surgery. But we would like to know how change of appearance influences our welfare and mental health?


in mass media literally spread Today need of plastic surgery and other, less “radical“ forms of esthetic correction. Botox injections (a kind of a poisonous botulotoksin) are considered as quite normal. It seems what does not concern us any more what drug to us is injected by the doctor if this preparation smoothes wrinkles. Let`s lower details and we will pass to the main point: why we want to change the body or the person in the surgical way? To what purpose we aspire?

As a rule, the surgeon urges patients to rummage in mentality and to solve psychological problems. Why not to ask more important question: what do I wait from this procedure for? Would you like:

to look better than

the Answer to these questions will a little clear your motivation... and why not to consider the decision? All cosmetic operations, as a rule, quite expensive and risky. Before spending all the time and money why not to learn about other, easier and cheap ways of achievement of the purpose. For example, your purpose - to cause admiration of people around. When you achieve the objectives, and all will admire you how it will change your life? Quite often patients after operation feel worse as, despite the spent times and money, life did not change for the better, everything remained still. After removal of bandages the most severe depression often begins; before operation of the woman hope that with a new nose, a flat stomach and without bags under eyes and other they will be pleasant to themselves more. They on own example were convinced that appearance change not necessarily involves positive psychological changes as they hoped: operation can raise a self-assessment. For example, if you have a nose really ugly nose or teeth, or the bulged ears. But it is not necessary to count that it will change your life! Think of it.

If your purpose - to improve opinion on itself, is more to be pleasant whether there are more effective ways to make it, without resorting to so drastic remedies of change of appearance? Unless the self-esteem really so depends on appearance? If it was the truth, the most beautiful people would be also the happiest (and we know that it, unfortunately, not so). Unless it is not better for p “to work“ as

over increase of a self-assessment instead of spending several thousands for “updating of a facade“?

Unless you will not cause rather admiration if you treat kindly people to show self-confidence and ability to keep in emotional connection?

If you want to have a body, worthy admiration, unless fitness (powerlifting, yoga, run) and a healthy balanced diet in the long term are not more effective remedy of achievement of this purpose, than lifting of a stomach and a liposuction?

So why many of us feel desperate requirement to change appearance? Why we allow mass media to cause in us feeling of inferiority and discontent with our body? One business if we are unhealthy or sick. And quite another matter, if to us our reflection in a mirror just ceased to please. Unless it will not be more correct to ask a question: why I so depend on opinion of people around and I allow to manipulate my consciousness?

of mass media spread an image of unnatural beauty that promotes development of neurosises in us because of imperfect appearance and increases demand for the means and services promising us illusion of popularity and admiration. If your self-assessment completely depends on the appearance and means helping to keep external beauty (Botox, plastic surgeries), you are doomed to defeat - to you not to win against the nature. Any improvements are temporary. They will not remain for the rest of life. The only thing that really remains, and probably only improves with age - it is our mental health. We are doomed to aging and dying - but only a corporal cover. We can fight against it some time, but none of us will leave live this fight, and the little manage to make it, having kept youthful “freshness“.

to Hope for eternal youth and achievement of perfection of the person and body - all the same what to go to travel, knowing that the destination not to reach. An ideal, perfection - concepts relative, and if to speak about external perfection, temporary. Today the model (a modern role model), as a rule, is drawn in several years. The image of the ideal man / woman very quickly changes, and it is heavy to keep up with it. In the industry of fashion there is one dirty secret: if the image of an ideal does not change, nobody will begin to buy new production (clothes, cosmetics, a hair-dye and so forth) therefore standards of beauty constantly change. Recent article in one of glossy magazines was devoted to methods of plastic correction of elbows; in it it was said that the person, hands and other parts of a body today to correct not a problem, and the following in line - elbows. Correction of elbows - here the new direction in plastic surgery.

in conclusion we would like to return to an initial question: whether injections of Botox and other rejuvenating procedures of this sort are effective? We suggest to replace it with two more practical questions: whether really it will raise my self-assessment and will give to self-confidence? And if this is true whether temporarily it, or the effect will remain for long time? Perhaps, it is worth looking for other, cheaper and less painful ways of increase of a self-assessment? Be not afraid to ask yourself unpleasant questions and to make decisions. The choice for you.