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Smell in the car

the Choice of aroma for the car - business serious. Eventually, you will enjoy this smell (or to suffer from it) all long hours in traffic jams!

Of course, the smells created especially for a car are not so various as women`s or men`s fragrances. But all - to the poor you will not call the choice: one fragrances are suspended, others - are pasted, the third - just somewhere fasten, the fourth - are filled in an ashtray.

Inside of the car - personal space where everything has to please, and, above all - to reflect your identity. And what aroma can more individual, than?

, of course, - actually began to smell

But the main criterion. Here it is worth choosing not only heart, but also the head: the natural essential oils which are a part of autofragrances influence drivers definitely. It is especially pleasant to be warmed by deep aroma of a sandal-wood tree in the winter, to cheer up fresh myatno in the summer - lemon cocktail. Aromaterapevta call both other successful and unsuccessful options.

Successful (on my scent):


smells of exotic fruit - quickly become boring to Anyway aromaterapevta advise

to avoid strong and sharp tones even if first they seem pleasant. Also do not forget to consider tastes of your relatives!


the Most popular option - liquid fragrances which are attached to the deflector (a lattice of an obduv). Under the influence of warm air liquid evaporates. The stronger having blown, the more intensively aroma.

Other modification - a bottle with a special porous stopper or the container with a membrane. There are still sprays - sprays, but today very few people use them. For production of liquid fragrances the same components, as for usual perfumery are used.

Plus. Long duration of action: capacity of a bubble is usually calculated on 60 days of use. To fragrances which fasten on the deflector replaceable bottles are on sale.

Minus. Liquid can leak

of the Variation on a subject

of the Granule. It can be a sack with granules under sitting, or a multi-colored filler for an ashtray from porous material.
Aromatic sticks or cones. Quite extreme decision, but is pleasant to some. For example, Vanessa Paradis`s heroine in the movie “Magical Love“.
Wooden figures. the fruit or vegetables soaked with composition of their essential oils Turned from a tree - excellent option for those who love all natural. Can become an excellent gift.
of the Sachet. the Small paper bag of the dried-up petals and spices - classics of a genre.


Gel fragrance is a container with aromatic substance which evaporates or through openings in a cover, or through a special membrane. The choice of forms is huge: from massive cans which settle down on the dashboard, to various toy representatives of flora and fauna. Most often such fragrances are pasted to the panel.

Plus. Gel autofresheners - the most long-playing: validity period till 4 months. Aroma is evenly distinguished during all this time.

Minus. As a rule, such smells quite specific and not everything are pleasant.

With impregnation

the Classical example - the well-known fir-tree: the figure from a porous cardboard impregnated with aromatic substance. Of course, business is not limited to a cardboard tree - leaves, smilies, emblems of automobile brands, contours of cars, florets, butterflies, soft toys... It is suspended or on fixture of a rear-view mirror, or over a lateral door.

Plus. Easy, convenient, do not “load“ and please a look. Considering democratic character of the prices, it is possible to change often depending on mood.

Minus. Aroma quickly evaporates.