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111 days of hope

last year, having read on 7e article of the orthopedist about a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints, I left the comment. Since then to me about 2 - 3 letters with a request come every week to tell about treatment and to advise the Doctor who helped us. I answered all, as promised. Also decided to write the article when the daughter grows up not to be unfounded.

the Purpose of this article - to help those who really need the help. To help kids and parents who faced a terrible problem - a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. So, one after another.

When to the daughter was 3 months old, I on the Internet came across this term and learned what is it. And at once article of the girl who wrote how she transferred all horrors of treatment of dislocation of a hip at the daughter got to me. At once remembered how the pediatrician, for the first time examining our daughter at home after maternity hospital, told that the daughter does not put the left leg, sprains it (the leg was just 2 cm shorter and did not reach a table!). And disturbed me that when I take the daughter, click is heard. But, unfortunately, the pediatrician, seemingly, at all heard nothing about a dysplasia, about cultivation of legs, about click - a sure sign of dislocation...

on September 13, 2007. The daughter is 4 months old. Went to the orthopedist and made a X-ray. The scary diagnosis was confirmed: congenital dislocation at the left, a leg is 2 cm shorter. Shock! Article from the Internet was remembered... The orthopedist appointed traditional treatment: ozokerite, rotation of legs on 100 times three times a day, the tire CYTO... Interestingly, this tire though helped someone? And whether there are such children who allow to make all these manipulations?“ Will not help, in 2 months we will roll up in plaster for 3 months“, - the orthopedist summed up. Bought the tire for 1300 rubles - a plate in a rag. The daughter at first did not allow to put on her the tire in any way, I roared, the husband told that we will not carry. Next day the tire was put on. The daughter quickly got used to her. I asked 5 orthopedists whether correctly I put on the tire, all told that “yes, it is correct“... As then it appeared, no. In 2 weeks the daughter did not pay any attention to this tire.

It is natural, I looked for various ways of treatment. The girlfriend advised a miracle - a vertebrolog. Hardly broke through to it. In usual policlinic in mummy`s corridor with chest kids, carriages, bags... Get in a queue from 7 in the morning, wait for 5 hours. Vertebrolog then within a minute will twist the child for considerable money, and everything, are free... I came to it with pictures, asked whether it is possible to recover without plastering? Of course, only you pay.

on September 21. Gathered in the search line “congenital dislocation of a hip“ and at once encountered doctor Kolesov`s website. It turned out that he lives and works in only 100 km from us! At once called it, sent pictures. “One month for reposition of a head, then two months in a plaster bandage“, - the doctor answered. And so there was a wish without plaster! But Kolesov cannot directly tell what differently cannot be cured... “Time keeps count for days, the child till 6 months very quickly develops, come“, - better he so would speak! By the way, now he already sometimes so speaks. Too it should correct a lot of things! And we gave to a vertebrolog 1 more chance.

on November 22 vertebrolog sends to

itself us to the familiar orthopedist. That directed to a X-ray at once. The result of a picture - without changes, i.e. the child grows, and together with it and the joint continues to develop not where it is necessary to it.“ Urgently in plaster under the general anesthesia for 3 months, and there we will look. You do not want the disabled person, especially the girl?! “-“ and how you learn whether you correctly arranged a joint at operation? “-“ we with you not in car service what 100% of a guarantee can be? But the fact that muscles will be atrophied and will go at best years in 2 - it is precisely! And what you wanted?“ Yes, we wanted that we in maternity hospital examined the child if this maternity hospital carries a rank “Favorable to the child“ that the pediatrician did not pay attention only to growth, weight, feeding! Sometimes it is even terrible to mummy to take the baby on hands, but not to twist - to twirl legs and handles!

after that we called doctor Kolesov and agreed to apply a plaster bandage at it. Went on November 25 on Sunday. We from a threshold begged somewhat quicker everything to make. The doctor examined the daughter, found still plainly - valgusny deformation of legs... (“Why to treat flat-footedness at such kids - with amo will pass!“ - words of our pediatrician). Then showed us pictures of children before treatment. There we met the girl from Khabarovsk who transferred both traditional plaster, and an extract (thank God, I do not know what is it!) ... Her mother too found at once the website of our Doctor, but did not decide to arrive from Khabarovsk.

So, imposing of a plaster bandage. The daughter lay on a pelenalny little table, the doctor by means of the nurse applied a bandage, between legs in an ankle fixed a stick which fixed legs in the necessary situation. Any drugs, any anesthesia. The daughter babbled, muttered, fingered a toy. We with the husband stood and reproached ourselves with the fact that we did not go to the Doctor at once. Everything would end when the daughter was 8 months old. And instead of 2 - x months in plaster the daughter spent 3,5 months in a plaster bandage. Or 111 days. 111 days of belief, hopes for the happy healthy future of our daughter! At first the Doctor just parted legs that the daughter got used to a bandage, we had no time for reposition by means of massage since the daughter already was nearly 7 months old. Then every week the Doctor parted legs even stronger. And so within a month. After we there went to it each 4 weeks, changed completely plaster bandage since the child grows. The daughter got used to a bandage for 2 - 3 - day, as well as the Doctor promised. Then in a month in a joint there was hypostasis from - for the fact that the leg was put into place. That is the condition of congenital dislocation when the leg is not in a vertluzhny hollow, for an organism was norm, and the doctor as if made “dislocation“, putting a leg into place.

B 7, 5 of months the daughter sat down independently, being in a plaster bandage. Her hobby was to thumb through magazines and to find images of kids and mothers. In 10 months the daughter turned over in plaster, raised legs as though swung a press!

on March 13, 2008 removed plaster! Legs dangled as strings, it was terrible. But the doctor told that it is normal. It is necessary to bathe every day in a bathroom, and then to do exercises on data of legs, legs got used to full “twine“. The daughter as though did not know what to do to her with legs. She to us did not allow to do exercises, gradually began to sleep on the left side, and legs were cramped.

on April 13 - happy day in our life - a control picture! The doctor admitted that it always for him the most concerning moment. The result is excellent! There is no dislocation any more! Joints develop even with an advancing! We in tears thank our Doctor, the person who presented to our daughter the healthy future! Every day I thank God for the fact that we met the Doctor, for the fact that we did not do much harm to the daughter traditional treatment.

the Doctor says that after his treatment children develop quicker. It encourages all physical exercises, walkers. And here does not use the tire in general: they or do not yield result, or they need to be carried very long. And why long, if there is an alternative way?

the Daughter began to creep in 11,5 months - in a month after removal of a bandage. In a year rose. Did not give itself to drive for the handle, itself went, holding a sofa.

on July 18, 2008 the daughter went! And not 2 - 3 steps, and at once meters 15 also did not stop! That is after treatment there passed only 4 months! We called the Doctor at once, very much wanted to share our general pleasure! It is one more its big victory!

Went to the Doctor on control on April 9, 2009. Told that everything is excellent, it is not necessary to prevent it to move as she wants. Only flat-footedness it is necessary to treat. It is very good that it goes on socks and jumps. So she treats herself. In 3 years we will make a picture, and at this age the scary diagnosis - “a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints“ is removed.


Now to our daughter 2 years, more bright it it is necessary to look still. In year and 10 months she began to somersault forward and to do “bridge“, at the same time “walks“ hands and legs.

Began to pay attention as other children go: someone pigeontoes, someone incorrectly puts legs. Parents wave away: “Itself will pass“. Well, good luck!

All parents treated at our Doctor want

that it helped also other children that parents did not allow doctors to experiment on kids. The annoying that about Kolesov in Samara is known, but nobody advised him. Are afraid, probably, that will select “bread“. Only the few orthopedists recognize its technique. So who prevents to master it and to help kids? One Moscow professor to whom I to him sent the daughter`s pictures before treatment just told me: “Cannot be!“

Each parent himself decides that is useful for his child, itself chooses a way of treatment. The main thing - not to do much harm. And that was not excruciatingly painful. In literal and figurative sense.

of Health to you and your kids! Let Children`s Day will be not only on June 1, and every day! Love the children!