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Traveling notes, or Avtoputeshestviye across Europe (part 1) of


the Idea was following - at once on an arrival we rent the car at the airport and we travel around Spain and France, stopping in campings. Purchase of tickets and registration of the visa were made through travel agency Svoytur.


For now made out the visa, we had to be engaged in shopping as for accommodation in a camping we lacked several vital things.


First of all to us needed tent. It is better to buy frame tent which is established by means of two flexible arches. The installation time takes minutes 3, besides the tent weighs very little (3 - 4 kg).

Also bought

inflatable a bed - a mattress of Coleman firm. Here it was necessary to be spent as all mattresses which in abundance are on sale in shops usually it is less, and we wanted wide:) (as we will sleep three together). Three narrow mattresses did not turn out too - with a width of tent of 180, each mattress had to be 60 cm - such could not find.

That else could be required: a thermobag, a lamp from the automobile accumulator, the pump for a mattress and any trifles.

farther needed to reserve the car because otherwise the necessary car at the airport it could not appear, or to be too expensive. I studied offers of very many international and local companies - Avis was the cheapest, besides when booking on the Internet they had an additional discount. And it is good that I studied the website up and down - in the section of special offers the special code, having entered which into a booking form we was specified received still additional 20% a discount.

it is a lot of

of Campings in Europe, but many are jammed in the summer. And to go on the route, infinitely trying to discover the sign “camping“ difficult. Therefore via the website www. amazon. de after long tortures (all website in German) was acquired the magnificent reference book of the European campings in which there were all coordinates, a complete description (whether even with the instruction there is a shadow and how many meters to the beach) and the price. The reference book was delivered very quickly (days for 10).

farther needed to develop a route. Here tourist guides came to the rescue, and we made an automobile route on the website www. mappy. com. Very cool website - it not only prints in detail where to curtail and how many kilometers to pass after a certain town, but also writes the budget - how many it will be spent for gasoline and how many - on paid roads (by the way, by drawing up a route it is possible to expose the option “without paid roads“, then the route will be developed only with municipal roads).

At the last minute all - decided to take

with themselves the laptop to use the computer map of Microsoft Autoroute. The card very much helped us with France - there are plans of all cities, even very small. But www. mappy. com is much better and more convenient, but regular Internet access moreover and from the car, at us was not :).

Put 0. The road

day at us was all in moving therefore the first day of holiday to call it language does not turn.

By the taxi called on the Internet - service www. taxi. ru, we come to the airport. We arrive to Barcelona and - run to look for office of AVIS, behind car. Everything passed very quickly and without surprises, the distance car it is even better, than it was supposed - “Opel Astra“. As time already later, in Moscow the decision to go to the camping, next to the airport, - Camping Cala Gogo El Prat was made. In spite of the fact that the camping is very close to the airport, we had to stray in the town before we found it.

Put 1. Colera (Spain) and Collioure (France)

Woke up and set to a way. In Moscow reserved a camping almost at border with France, in the town of Colera. It was a tiny small village. At once went to bathe. In this small village there is nothing to do therefore after a lunch decided to go to France especially as to the wonderful French town of Collioure in which we were 2 years ago, only 30 km! The road appeared not for the faint-hearted - the narrow serpentine. As a result instead of the planned 30 minutes we spent more than 2 for the road - x hours, feeding my blood with fair portions of adrenaline. In France miraculously walked, have supper at sea small restaurant and set home. I flatly refused to come back the same road, and we made not sickly hook through Figures. However, though in kilometers the road nearly 3 times longer, spent for the road an hour and a half (instead of 2 hours on the mountain road).

Put 2 - 3. Llanca (Spain)

As in our village nothing to do to

, we went to the next rather large city in the territory of Spain - Llanca. Without having reached to it, we saw a strange bay where bathed not really to many people. There also decided to warm ours of a paunch. Hour through the 2nd to the people there was much more. We sunbathed a little more - were bought and went to Llanca. Made small shopping, have a bite on a bench in the downtown homemade sandwiches, walked on the embankment and returned to a camping with intention to return to Llanca in the evening.

the Next day all first half of day sunbathed on the same half-civilized beach, and went to Rosas in the evening - very nice and more live town.

were rung round In parallel by campings on the Southern coast of France. The vast majority of them was busy. However in one place we were told that in case we arrive no later than the 8th morning, but we have very real chances to receive the place.

Put 4. Agde (France)

not to miss the place in a camping, we got up in 4 mornings and at 5 in the morning were already ready to leave. On border of a camping we were met by terrible security guards and in pure Spanish told us that till 7 in the morning departure is forbidden. It was necessary to represent the plane (type, in the airport we are late :)) and then they passed us.

B 7. 30 we were already about a camping. It did not turn out the first in turn to be (were the third). But we were lucky and there was enough place.

Having delivered to

tent, we went for a walk to the city of Agde. At once the difference with Spain - France was felt much more richly. The city killed with the parkings - is captivated by them the half-cities, and all free. That is to find the parking practically at any time - not a problem.

Having reached the beach, were surprised once again - absolutely smart and absolutely free beach. Gadded on the town in the evening. Crowd to the people, attractions, aquapark, heap of shops. Everywhere local French wine is on sale.

the City surprised with almost total absence of hotels. However there are a lot of vacationers :). In the town there are a lot of houses externally very similar to hotels, but without any signs. We decided that it or apartments for a summer season are leased, or they at vacationers in property - like giving.


, Agde is that place where there is a wish to return, and not once.

We expected that in France there will be problems with communication - French badly know English. However, in practice it appeared absolutely not so - problems with language was much less than in Spain.