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Pregnancy and childbirth - the important, responsible and finest period in the woman`s life. But, unfortunately, the changes which are quite often happening to skin and a figure sadden life. Whether it is possible to correct shortcomings, to return former appeal? Whether it is possible to make so that not only eyes of young mother shone happiness, but also all shape radiated beauty, optimism and health? Yes, it is possible.

during pregnancy considerable hormonal changes which continue and after the delivery happen. Young mother is disturbed by inflammations on skin which becomes too fat, or, on the contrary, excessively dry, rashes, extensions and pigmentation. The woman feels the general fatigue, it seems to it that skin as if “not it“ and too was tired.

Former elasticity and beauty can be returned to

by means of modern cosmetology techniques by which, in a complex with cosmetology and medical procedures, our Lechebno - the diagnostic center works. What several years ago we only dreamed of, became available and ordinary now. New techniques and technologies, natural preparations and the saved-up experience opened great opportunities. And we can not only support beauty of skin now, but return it a charm and freshness of youth.

Well-groomed skin, radiance of eyes and elasticity of lips not only and not just result of influence of perfumery and cosmetics. Beauty more depends on health of all organism in general. But even at almost healthy person the face is constantly changed. The cause is both influence of environment, and daily stresses, and natural biological processes. It is clear, that beauty for many years manages to be kept only under one condition - continuous everyday work on personal care.

If to try to answer unambiguously the question “what to begin with?“, then the answer will be laconic:“ from visit of the doctor“. If there are problems with vessels, a stomach, a liver, hormonal violations - hardly cosmetic procedures will have steady effect. When the organism is treated by “narrow“ experts “, updated“, it is possible to work on beauty of the person and body. Our task as cosmetologists - professionals - to provide prevention of possible cosmetology problems and their treatment, to pick up means for individual home daily care.

Care of skin is carried out by

at several levels: epidermis (the most top layer of skin), shit (deep layers of skin), hypodermically - fatty cellulose. Complex influence yields tremendous results - skin is updated, becomes more elastic, pigmentation, various inflammations vanishes.

our experts own all arsenal of the techniques known to cosmetologists. A distinctive feature of work of the center - a reasonable combination of injection and not injection techniques. Among them is such which are applied only at us so far.

We work as

with several cosmetology lines.

For example, the KOKO dermaviduals line is a dermatological cosmetics with the individual concept, i.e. preparations are made on basic cream especially for each woman depending on specific properties of skin. This cosmetics is absolutely harmless - it does not contain fragrances, preservatives, synthetic substances. The natural vegetable components which are its part restore a protective cloak of skin, humidify and rejuvenate it.

Cosmetics of the line Eriksson Laboratoriya (France) is an example of application of cellular therapy in cosmetology. DNA and RNA of a phytogenesis, natural vitamins, enzymes, products of biotechnologies, collagen and elastin of a sea origin, phytoestrogen, essential and natural oils, extracts of curative plants which keep the properties in full thanks to a fast and deep freezing are a part of preparations of the line. The cosmetics is stored in special conditions and is intended only for professional application in hands of skilled cosmetologists as contains big concentration of active ingredients and possesses very high efficiency - protects from free radicals, increases collagen synthesis, stimulates regeneration, gives to skin youth and special shine.

As both of these lines contain safe components, they can be applied both to the pregnant, and just given rise women to face care and a body.

More active and purposeful impact on skin is made by application of hardware techniques which allow to influence more actively, to inform of medicinal or cosmetic preparations with the smallest losses.

the Hardware technique to Okh LIFE Plus uniting and combining all newest and effective methods of treatment and rejuvenation of skin - the new word in cosmetology. A method essence - in painless saturation of facial tissues and bodies oxygen and use of special medical cosmetics.

can carry out by

by means of this technique a delicate and deep peeling by means of sterile small sand. Procedure levels a skin relief, improves its regeneration, and presence of oxygen promotes fast restoration and starts formation of collagen.

we carry out by

by means of this technique vacuum massage of a body and person which improves structure of skin. Oxygen promotes strengthening of metabolic processes therefore the blood-groove improves, local fatty deposits are burned. All this allows us to struggle with cellulitis and hypostases, to correct weight. But it should be noted that it is possible to use this technique only at the women who already finished breastfeeding. If young mother does not nurse, then it is possible to start these procedures only in 2 months after the delivery.

Speaking in images, procedures with use of this hardware technique - a breath of fresh air. By the way, a pleasant bonus to this procedure - mask supply of oxygen during other manipulations. Ten - fifteen minutes of breath are equal to 2 hours of stay in a pinery.

One of methods of fight against aging of skin in an arsenal of our Center - an ultrasonic peeling, system of noninvasive and most delicate rejuvenation. This procedure is safe and effective as the concentrated preparations are transferred directly to the place of influence. This procedure refreshes skin, improves a lymphatic drainage, a metabolism of cages. This procedure for correction of a face form is especially good.

the Injection techniques used in our center are presented to

by a number of techniques, including a mesotherapy and an ozonoterapiya. They allow to make individual programs for the person and body. At a mesotherapy medicine or a homeopathic remedy is delivered by means of an injection in skin. And use of homeopathy which influences an organism in general allows to solve not only a problem, but also to clean its reason.


positively influences all organism: blood formation, microcirculation and blood circulation improves, production by an organism biologically - active agents becomes more active, displays of cellulitis decrease, skin rejuvenates. Thanks to the fact that preparations come directly to blood the technique allows to solve many problems quickly.

the Novelty of our Center - bioreinforcing. It is a kind of procedure of a planimetric face lifting. It, being absolutely physiologic and harmless, allows to stimulate development with an organism of own collagen. Our specialists in special equipment inject drugs in the area where wrinkles were formed. The method allows to correct a face form, “to raise“ cheekbones, to increase a tone and elasticity of skin.

All procedures about which we told are simple

only in hands of professional dermatocosmetologists who can guarantee quality and safety of application of techniques. Only the competent skilled doctor can correctly calculate a dose of necessary preparations necessary for you and carry out procedure without serious consequences and most effectively.