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You nurse longer than

Everything begins in maternity hospital when to you the child is brought on feeding full, and he lies all hour and snuffles. And you do not know then what to do, breasts stand a stake. And all the time allowed for rest is spent for decanting milk, but not to have a rest. Though it is necessary to be decanted, but not so much already time. By the end of stay in maternity hospital it so exhausts. Council: ask the nurse from children`s office that whenever possible the child was brought to hungry.

You arrived home, and all try to give advice, but the child himself will prompt how many milk and when it is necessary to it, more, than it can, will not eat. Council: you feed on demand, but not on hours.

there Will pass this period, and the mode of feeding will be set though at first it seems that you only also feed, without knowing rest. During feeding try that nobody distracted you, the moment of a privacy of the child and mother as the kid feels protected is very important and, respectively, it is quiet. It is not necessary to start doing household chores as soon as you the child put to bed. Pay yourself a little attention, and there is nothing terrible in if you have a sleep too. Health of the child depends on your health. Do not forget that your healthy nutrition - pledge of the fact that the child will be healthy and quiet.

I Bring up the fourth child and I consider that the feeding up needs to be given from 3 months according to age norm (juice, fruit and vegetable puree, porridge). Council: to give a feeding up - it does not mean that it is time to refuse chest feeding; continue to nurse as long as possible that did not speak to you. I fed the children till 2,6 years. In it there is nothing terrible though there are small inconveniences when you come to work, but these are temporary inconveniences.

If you give to the child water, never sweeten it, otherwise unsweetened he will not drink. If the child refuses the offered food, do not insist, make it a bit later. Entering a feeding up, you watch how the organism of the child reacts. So you will understand what product so far you should not give. Do not refuse if it is possible, breastfeeding during the summer period when there are a lot of intestinal infections. Emergence of teeth too not an occasion to refuse feeding by a breast.

Dear mummies, I urge you to feed the children with breast milk as long as possible!