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That the tummy did not hurt!

the child`s Birth - a long-awaited and joyful event. And here the kid made the first breath, it is put to a breast. To grow, to it it is necessary to eat much and often! For the first year of life the child triples the weight. Imagine with what loading his gastrointestinal tract works!

Formation of normal microflora in zheludochno - an intestinal path of the newborn - difficult process. It plays an important role in formation of healthy digestion.

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a way of childbirth (the child, passing through patrimonial ways, receives maternal microflora), type of food of the newborn and his environment on formation of normal microflora at an early stage. At the children born in the natural way and receiving maternal milk, this process takes place most harmoniously. In formation of normal microflora of the child especially important role is played by bifidobacteria. The quantity of bifidobacteria in intestines of the baby who is on breastfeeding quickly increases in the first weeks of life, and finally makes 80 - 90% of total of all microflora. At the same time at the children who are on the artificial or mixed feeding, process of formation of microflora more difficult and is longer.

In risk group on violation of balance of microflora children of mothers who had various complications in pregnancy and childbirth, the premature babies and children who are on artificial feeding are. Catarrhal diseases, fast introduction of a feeding up can also lead to violations of balance of intestinal microflora and, as a result, emergence of intestinal frustration, digestion violation, discomfort, decrease in immunity.

Many mothers cannot find an explanation of concern of the kid, night “concerts“, gripes and a small appetite while the answer can be “on a surface“: it is all about violation of balance of intestinal microflora. A probiotics - complexes on the basis of useful bacteria can become the decision. They restore balance of intestinal microflora and contribute to digestion normalization. For the smallest it is recommended to choose modern, developed taking into account features of children`s microflora, means.

in the Spring of 2009 in Russia Bifiform Bebi - a pro-biotic complex for children from the first days of life appeared.

the Danish experts created packing in the form of a bottle with the dosing pipette in which cover there are pro-biotic bacteria. It is rather simple to mother to turn a cover and to stir up a bottle, and pro-biotic suspension for her kid is ready! Bifiform Bebi is recommended to accept within 10 days once a day. Before application it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

That healthy, we will be helped by a probiotic! Learn more on www. bifiform. ru