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Mistakes and difficulties of breastfeeding

Among the girlfriends I am, probably, a long-liver on GV. The majority of them stopped feeding in 6 months, minority - in 1,5 years. And we finished this process in 2 years 1 months. Many girlfriends, having become pregnant the second time, asked my council for these questions. Therefore I want to collect all information which saved up for this period and to classify.

At first mummies worry that the child eats a little or gains weight a little. It is the first problem which conducts to the fact that GV stops, and the kid becomes a bottle-fed baby. Here it is possible to give several advice. The first, the most widespread, - to consider wet diapers and if they are enough, to calm down. - to watch the second at health of the kid. If he does not worry, well sleeps, then too to calm down. Still I consider important the time spent of the kid for a breast. Children who suck minutes 5 - 10 usually and add a little as they eat only light, forward milk without dokorm. And if the child long sucks, then production of back fat milk begins, and from it and there is a set of weight. At us on such fat milk for the 2nd month the son gained 1,5 kg! If there is no it, there were difficulties, I would advise to invite the skilled girlfriend or the consultant for GV to check whether correctly the kid takes a breast. Because all problems described above for 99% depend on it. And to finish feeding if there is such need, it is desirable from a spoon or a pacifier with very small opening that the kid sucked more.

the Second problem, from - behind which comes to the end with GV ahead of time, - the child well sleeps at night and does not suck. I on this matter consulted on many as at me such situation did not arise. The summary of all councils - to try to sleep with the kid so that he in a dream could suck a breast, in a dream to offer it independently at night, having enclosed a nipple in a mouth of the kid. Here, of course, the fanaticism as I perfectly understand that there is a wish to sleep at night is not necessary. But at least 1 time it needs to be made in the morning for successful production of milk.

Still troubles in the form of the cracked nipples, wounds can arise. At the beginning of feeding this trouble almost passed me, I more - adapted less successfully, and here when to the little son there was a year, at it was chopped off zubik, and near a nipple I had a wound. This could not nurse. I tried slips, but it did not rescue too - the son refused them, and milk began to leave. Then I ceased to feed with the patient a breast, began to look for means which quickly would zazhivit it. Tried everyones - both modern, and grandmother`s. And itself meanwhile at night at least 1 time decanted a sore breast. In two weeks of milk became very little, but the breast recovered. And when I began to give it again, everything was restored. So you should not be afraid of such troubles. The main thing - the correct spirit.

Me personally still was visited by one misfortune - a milk surplus in the very first months. Of course, you will not name it Laktostaz, but there was a wish to cry with pain very much. My main conclusion from this - to decant a sore breast absolutely slightly - slightly, to simplification and if there is opportunity, to offer it to the child. I still remember how I woke up at night from the crowded breast pain, the child this night slept more than always, and I was a little decanted, sat and roared, waited when the sonny wakes up. It is good that such difficulties usually arise only in the first months. And further at the majority of milk nevertheless becomes slightly less, than in the beginning, or it simply seems to some. I noticed that if to decant a little milk under a hot shower, then it will arrive in good quantities soon. It is my council to those at whom is it a little: be decanted under a warm shower of minutes through 30 after feeding.

finally I would like to tell

A about our excommunication as at many mothers and this question is raised by many difficulties. The most important - your spirit on a positive. I made the decision on the termination GV almost spontaneously - in advance did not choose day. Just woke up and decided that I already cannot any more: breasts hung as rags, the fatigue collected, at the child all 20 zubik got out, and he is already skillful to eat everything. And with a spirit everything appeared very easily, especially in the afternoon. Because during this period in the afternoon sisya it is necessary to the child more for calm, than for food. There is more caress, books in the afternoon, stories about cows who milk to adult and big children. Such, as it. It was difficult only the first night without breast - I decided that at its age it is not necessary to feed at night, and allowed it to drink water from a small bottle, sang songs and ironed. Next day the sonny went to stay to the grandmother for 1 day, and having returned, already and did not ask sisyu. And I that not to provoke it, hid a breast and left the room at disguise. And I, by the way, even had not to do something with a breast - milk just was not.

Here so we passed this fascinating period and saved up many abilities and knowledge. I hope, my councils will help many mummies.