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It is possible grow up!

When parents notice that the child is lower than the peers, often they do not attach it significance. It will be extended still. What to do if it does not occur?

Unfortunately, parents and pediatricians begin to sound alarm too late - only to awkward age. Then it becomes especially noticeable. Against lanky schoolmates the child still looks the pupil of elementary school. Here - that doctors also make the overdue unfavourable diagnosis: nanizm, pathological low-tallness.

And I am small such...

Actually, the abnormal growth inhibition is yet not the diagnosis but only a symptom which can testify to the most various diseases. Diseases at which process of absorption of nutrients (a tseliakiya, long dysbacteriosis), a long hypoxia (is broken at congenital heart diseases, anemia, diseases of lungs), heavy metabolic violations (chronic diseases of a liver and kidneys), pathology of bone system (rickets, a hondrodistrofiya), various chromosomal anomalies can become its reason.

But in all these cases pathology proves a set of other characteristic symptoms, and the growth inhibition is only a consequence of a disease. And, when the state of health is normalized, leveled also growth.

But the illness at which a growth inhibition - not a collateral, but the main symptom is: hypophysial nanizm. Insidiousness of a disease is that for the time being it has not an effect in any way. In kindergarten the child almost differs in nothing from peers and begins to lag behind in growth gradually so it first not too is evident. And then, at teenage age, there is no normal growth jump.

Scarce hormone

the Disease is connected by

with dysfunction of a hypophysis, the endocrine gland which is in occipital part of a brain. It produces the somatotropny hormone necessary for the child for the normal growth and development. It and is called - growth hormone. If it is allocated insufficiently or it for any reasons is not acquired by an organism, the school student begins to lag behind in growth.

Most often the hypophysial nanizm arises from - for genetic deviations, however functions of a hypophysis can be broken also in some other cases: from - for patrimonial injuries, tumors, the infectious disease postponed in infancy, for example, meningitis or even a severe form of flu.

we Last up

the diagnosis Until recently “the hypophysial nanizm“ sounded as a sentence. And the child was doomed to become over time the Liliputian, the little man whose growth does not exceed 130 - 140 cm. But at the beginning of 90 - x years of the last century hormone of growth on the basis of which very effective preparations are developed was synthesized. The earlier the school student will begin to accept them, the it is more than chances that he will manage to reach normal growth. Really grow up on 60 - 80 centimeters, that is from the Liliputian to turn into quite tall person and to lead full-fledged life. That is why timely diagnosis of this serious illness is important.

If at elementary school the child considerably (on 7 - 10 cm) below peers also adds

in a year on 2 - 3 cm (at norm of 6 - 8 cm) is a serious occasion to show it to the good doctor - the endocrinologist. If growth of the school student is on the lower bound of norm or slightly - is slightly lower, doctors will fixedly watch it within half a year and then will make a final decision. Most likely, diagnostic inspection is required.

Besides the general analyses, ultrasonography, an electrocardiogram, it consists of two main stages. At first define so-called bone age. It is known that in process of growth cartilaginous parts of bones (actually, growth zones) are replaced with a dense bone tissue. Also determine bone age by extent of ossification - that age of the child to which there corresponds the structure of his bone. For this purpose do a x-ray picture of luchezapyastny joints, find out as far as the quantity of kernels of ossification meets age standard. Then by means of special tests reveal growth hormone level in blood. If the diagnosis is confirmed, to the school student select an individual course of treatment which is rather long. Besides hormones, it includes steroid preparations, vitamins, minerals.

height Formula

Approximately in 80% of cases the growth inhibition has constitutional character. Having been born with the normal growth and weight, such children grow rather slowly. From 4 - 5 years growth rates are restored (5 - 6 cm a year), but also at school age the child remains undersized. At the normal level of hormone of growth the bone age a little (on average for 2 years) lags behind chronological. Sexual development in such children, as a rule, is late for 2 - 4, and, respectively, also pubertatny growth jump is late. The late introduction in puberty in this case is the benefit as exactly thanks to it the school student finally gets normal growth: with the end of puberty of a zone of growth are closed, and the person does not grow any more.

Other common cause of low growth - hereditary. If both parents low, most likely, this feature are given also to children. In this case the bone age of the child corresponds chronological, and puberty comes in normal terms. If the school student has no hormonal violations and other diseases which are slowing down growth it is possible to determine its final growth by the following formula approximately:

the Error of such forecast does not exceed 8,5 cm in this or that party.

4 councils of the sports doctor are constant to do to

  1. special gymnastics. Doctors know that if to irritate growth zones in long tubular bones and vertebras, the skeleton can be extended fairly. At guys these zones of growth stiffen only by 24 years. So time for trainings is. Growth zones special physical exercises - high jumps and visa irritate.
  2. to Lean on porridges. Why guys quickly grow in army? Because move much and every day eat hated porridge. Still such products are important for growth (we list them as importance): vegetables, fruit, bread, meat and all dairy. This “six“ has to be on a table daily.
  3. not to be nervous. The teenager who constantly asks for trouble fusses, badly grows. It is important to avoid stresses, to be able to calm down and relax in time. You noticed that all nervous growth of a melkovata, and unperturbable - very often lanky fellows? So you study at laid-back persons.
  4. not to be ill
  5. . Frequent colds slow down growth therefore it is necessary to become tempered. The easiest way - to take a contrast shower in the mornings: cool, hot. Only it is necessary to do it every day, without breaks. And, of course, it is impossible neither to smoke, nor to drink vodka, wine, beer - alcohol and tobacco will nullify all your efforts.