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From life of our family

Practically a year ago in our family the main little man - our sonny Daniil appeared. Or Danya as we tenderly call him. Month after month he matured, changed, and together with him also our mode changed. And now, in anticipation of a year, we from Tributes had many interesting occupations and affairs. About everything one after another.

Ya - “owl“. And therefore I wake up in the morning usually on call of Dani which costs in the bed, joyfully waves to me a hand and speaks the language to me: “Good morning, mummy! I woke up in good mood and is very hungry! Take out rather me from a bed!“ After such joyful tirade, of course, we with it go on kitchen and we make a breakfast, more true I prepare, and it me adjusts. In the morning we eat squashes (Danya - the nursery, and I the - adult) and we wash down with berry compote. Further we have water procedures: washing and washing after a breakfast (as the son is active a spoon too, sometimes sneezes, and sometimes tries to feed me), toothbrushing and a meeting on a pot. After this ritual we go to bring order and to make a lunch. By this time Danya already begins to want to sleep, and we are going to the street where we meet the Daniny friend who is more senior than him for 10 days. The modes of kids coincide, and hour one and a half it is possible to walk quietly on shops or just to chat with mother of the Daniny friend. But here the dream ended, and Danyusha together with the friend with new forces starts studying of the street.

As it is a lot of interesting us expects on the street! And Dana very much wants to touch everything, to feel, sometimes even to chew. Its favourite toys - a shovel on the long handle for which it is possible nagrest a heap of pebbles to pick in sand, to knock, and a ball which can be thrown in a grass, a pool or still where - nibud. Running and collecting various sticks, pebbles, catching up with birds, breaking leaflets, Danya learns the world. We began to learn the concepts “big-small“, and on the street there is a set of examples: cars, sticks, trees, boxes etc.

Having come home after so long walk, Danechka usually very much wants to eat and with pleasure eats mother`s soup. The menu at us already quite various is and pollock or hake fish soup, borsch, chicken noodles or soup with trickled pastries. After a lunch and water procedures (washing and washing, sitting on a pot) we begin a razvlekalochka - a razvivalochka: we play the game “Travel“ (Danya finds objects which I to him call in the room), “Small letters“ (letters of the A4 format hang on a wall at us and we teach them), “Animals“ (cut out from the torn Tributes of books of the picture of animals and hung up on a wall opposite to letters). I show how these animals move and what sounds are made. And the final stage is a developing toys: a pyramid or a cube into which it is necessary to insert the cut-out forms. If Danya was tired and begins to distract, between games we dance or we ride a fitball, or we play a game of tag (it creeps away, I catch up).

after classes at us there comes rest time. Hour through one and a half Danya gets up, and we go to have an afternoon snack (cottage cheese and fruit puree) and we gather for repeated walk. We meet on the street of ours the daddy from work, and all family we go to have supper. While I clear the table, Danya plays and communicates with the father. Before going to bed Danya swims in a bathroom under supervision of the father, takes the tempering baths, drinks a kefirchik and, happy, falls asleep! After such busy day, I think, mine to a synula dreams bright - bright dreams!