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Game in a sandbox of

Outside (at last!) long-awaited heat. In greens of parks and squares mummies with the kids walk. They absolutely are still small, lie quietly in carriages. And our sonny grew up, we will try to play with him in a sandbox.

Damp sand - excellent construction material for young architects. It is possible to make everything of it: beginning from simple hills, a Kulichiki and finishing with the whole sandy cities and locks. Playing with sand, the child develops both physically, and intellectually, modeling the huge world around himself in toy lodges, bridges, paths and many other things.

Sand can be and dry. They can train perfectly attentiveness and endurance, accurately pouring sand from one bucket into another. A shovel and grabelka we develop motility of small handles. So, we prepare for the first visit of the favourite place for most of peanuts!

For a start we will collect by

all necessary for walk.

Set sand (shovel, bucket, grabelk, molds etc.) Now in toy stores just eyes run up from abundance of sand stock. The set depends directly on addictions of the kid to any objects. At the initial stage it is possible to be limited to a shovel and a bucket. We arrive cunning and we take two buckets at once: on one we sit, and we play with another!

to Kids is more senior than

(2 - 3 years) very much the sand mill is pleasant. From above sand is filled up, and after a funnel miracles begin: castors move, and sand as water streams in different directions. The main condition - sand has to be pure and dry.

For active recreation of children we will take the machine on a string for the boy, for the girl - a carriage with a doll or a toy on castors. At a meeting usually girls reach for machines, and little boys drive a carriage as the superfast SUV. To sit all the time in sand too not business. The growing organism needs to run about and gambol!

we will not forget

about wet towel wipes (nurseries) which usually without the content of alcohol. It is possible to take a little water, on a case if sand gets to a mouth or to the baby`s eyes. The nasal kerchief is put in a pocket to the kid. We accustom since the childhood to etiquette and purity.

the Headdress will protect tops from the scorching sun. We do not forget! Everything, forgot nothing, we go to walk!

we start the most important Now - to the choice of a cheerful mushroom, such native since the childhood. What we pay attention to, first of all? Of course, on design elements. You should not risk. Be taken for a roof. Steady design? Is not unsteady? And how with contents? Clean sand? Everything is all right. We land!

children begin to pass the first lessons of socialization In a sandbox. Further it is simpler to such kids to adapt in kindergarten.

After walk wipe a face and hands of the kid with a napkin. Wash houses once again with soap. If sand incidentally got into an eye, wash out water at once, carrying out the movements from an external corner of an eye to internal. At home it is possible to use freshly cooked broth of a camomile. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Most important that the kid after such walk was satisfied, and we, mothers, will apply to it all the care and love!