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How to bring together the child in the camp

Bring Together the Child in camp - no laughing matter. Still! The whole two, and even three weeks it will be provided to itself(himself). And there are no times an opportunity it is time to drive it for the handle, it is possible to minimize the experiences, at least: and if snow, and if rain, and if hail or, God forbid, frosts.

Therefore parents, as a rule, try to push all clothes which are available for the child, plus into “bottomless“ camp suitcases to buy couple of new things “for emergency“. Results turn out stunning. In the presence of densely filled trunk to the child happens there is nothing to put on! So, three camp sketches.

July. Izmir airport (Turkey). The group of school students receives baggage and tries to be loaded into the bus which will take them to hotel. On transportation of the suitcases all have forces not: the weighty baggage weighs sometimes more, than its owner. The reddened girl - the teenager drags a bag on the road. What in that bag? As it appeared, mother took care of the daughter for all 100%. Pair of sweaters (if becomes cold), the closed shoes, gumboots, spare sneakers...

All above-mentioned things - “are extremely necessary“ for

for comfortable rest in Turkey where stem of thermometer in the afternoon rises higher than 35, and does not fall lower than 25 at night. It is clear, that warm things will not be demanded. In the afternoon children perfectly feel in swimwears, undershirts and shorts.“ Cover in cool “evening“ shoulders“ with t-shirts. Sneakers for obvious reasons all change will lie under a bed - children for days on end rush in sandals, slaps - slates. As for gumboots, it is in general a comical component of the “Turkish“ clothes. The rain is considered great happiness drizzling warm (even not refreshing).

To the word: spare shorts with themselves did not give to the girl, but put two pairs of jeans which she, having never put on, brought back.

Children`s camp in the territory of very worthy 5 * hotel in Turkey. The structure of vacationers is a match for hotel. The public which is decently dressed, solid. Service - above everyone praises. One “but“! Across the territory of hotel the unpleasant smell “plies“. It is heard everywhere and at the same time anywhere. Or rather, it has no constant place. It is felt at the pool, - on an open verandah, in the elevator... The personnel of hotel were rushed off the feet, trying to calculate a trouble source. And the answer refused, as always, is simple. In hotel there lives the group of the Russian school students. To one of them parents put in a suitcase... smoked sausage (incidentally not to be starving, having a rest on system “all inclusive“). The child to whom the house food also for nothing is not necessary naturally instantly forgot about a culinary component of the suitcase. And when remembered - was late: sausage became rotten and “shared aromas“ with the clothes lying in the neighbourhood. It is clear, that the accompanying groups quickly smelled a stench source, the clothes were washed. But so far they “picked up a trail“ until they found “the sausage baron“ and found out the reason of the aromas proceeding from it... “Pioneer“, believe, said many “kind words“ to careful parents.

As a rule, all nurseries of camp opened on the basis of hotels work on system “all inclusive“ or “full board“. The adults who had at least once a rest abroad perfectly imagine what is a buffet in good hotel. “Farewell, diet!“ - only this way, perhaps, it is possible to call a power supply system on vacation. The children who are spending vacation at a camp as well as adult guests of hotel, with pleasure during the day estimate culinary abilities of local cooks. They have no lack of drinks, fruit, pastries and various delicacies.


But parents, bringing together the child in camp, for some reason absolutely forget about all these benefits of civilized rest. Probably, still in bad dreams sees to them own “palatochno - barrack-type“ the camp childhood: the slap of watery mashed potatoes shares the territory on a lunch plate with an unshaven piece of chicken...

I again Turkey. The leader reminds young tourists: “Do not forget to smear shoulders with protective cream“. Wards seriously nod. It becomes clear in the evening that one “pioneer“ everything is burned.“ You were smeared“? - “Yes“ - “Than?“ - “Cream!“ - “What“? - “Which mother put!“ - “Show“. From a bedside table protective cream is solemnly extracted from... mosquitoes. No comments.

All three sketches as they are not improbable, taken from real life. But, laughter - laughter, and children suffer from disorder of adults. Therefore, dear parents before closing the child`s suitcase, and to drag his airport, re-read once again our councils of skilled:“ How to bring together the child in camp“.

  1. It is important! If the child has chronic diseases, surely put to him with yourself medicines which it accepts constantly and (or) during aggravations. Write not to each box with drugs the summary: how to accept also a necessary dosage. Paint the full scheme of reception of all preparations on a single sheet. Surely warn about features of health of your child of adult attendants.
  2. As a rule, excursions are not included in the price the permit, souvenirs of local production - too. Therefore do not forget to give to the child with yourself cash. More than it is enough sum of 200 - 250 dollars for active recreation in Turkey within 15 days (the rich excursion program, gifts to yourself and to all relatives).
  3. If your child to go to camp to one of the southern countries (to the same Turkey - in this country there is a majority of popular children`s camps), do not put to it warm (winter) things: jackets, sweaters. A windbreaker or a jeans jacket it will be enough.
  4. in a suitcase spare t-shirts, undershirts, shorts, easy trousers have to take the Place of warm things. T-shirts and undershirts - to seven pieces: there is no time to erase and iron clothes during rest.
  5. Take care of that the child had spare swimwears, sunglasses
  6. Protective cream from the sun - an indispensable component of a children`s suitcase (degree of protection depends on type of skin of your child).
  7. Should not give to the child with itself towels - they only take the place in a suitcase. In any decent hotel (and nurseries of camp open only on the basis of decent hotels) towels give out free of charge to all vacationers.
  8. the Footwear has to be convenient and not new. For the southern camp it is important to have spare sandals, slates, slippers.
  9. Specify the program of camp: whether the elegant clothes are required to your child? As a rule, evening dresses are not necessary, but “a parabottom - days off“ will be required. At least comfortably to feel in an evening disco.

As is shown by practice, there is no universal list of necessary things for a trip to camp and cannot be! An exception - sanitary products: a toothbrush, paste, a hairbrush and headdresses - a cap, the Panamanian, a hat. The baggage of the child leaving for Turkey differs from contents of a suitcase of the children having a rest in the next Moscow area or, for example, in Karelia radically. Therefore before packing things, consult with the manager of travel agency in which you acquire the permit, or ask contact of the director of camp (the leader, the attendant) and ask the questions interesting you personally to it. Study climatic features of that place where your child will have a rest. Take collecting seriously - eventually, rest of your child depends on reasonableness and relevance of clothes: to it it will be comfortable in camp or not.

I still: irrespective of camp and its location, it is impossible to neglect gatherings of the child in camp. What independent it would not be, parents need to check and correct contents of its baggage.