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The reasons of patrimonial pain

It is known that childbirth are the process which is followed by rather intensive pain. What mechanisms of developing of this pain at what stages of childbirth it develops and whether it is possible to overcome it?

Pain is a peculiar mental condition of the person which arises at influence of any very strong irritant. For what pain is necessary? Its biological purpose - protection. The body affected with an illness or injured draws to itself attention of a brain with pain in order that necessary measures for elimination of danger to life and health of an organism were taken. It is resulted by emission in adrenaline blood, increase in muscular activity, tension thanks to what the person can protect himself or avoid danger.

Thus, the physiological sense of any pain is in giving an organism information on violations of natural processes. Childbirth in itself is not something destructive for an organism of mother is absolutely natural process. Therefore patrimonial pain has the features.

Pain during fights

during the first period of childbirth occurs opening of a neck of a uterus, It is carried out due to reduction of muscle fibers, shift them relatively each other and stretchings. Actually involuntary reduction of muscles of a uterus are and there is a fight. Force and duration of fights gradually increase with the course of childbirth. At the beginning of childbirth they short - for 5 seconds, and intervals between fights make 15 - 20 minutes.

By the time of when the first period of childbirth passes into the second, duration of fight makes one minute and more, intervals between fights - 3 - 5 minutes. The first period of childbirth at women who give birth to firstborns lasts 8 - 12 hours, at povtornorodyashchy it is shorter. At the same time intensive fights take about 30% of this time at the end of the first period of childbirth. At this time the woman has less opportunity for respites, apparently, that pain amplifies, besides, pressure more which is rendered by a head on patrimonial ways joins the specified mechanisms of pain. Reductions of muscles are well familiar and habitual to us: various movements, walking, a mimicry, physical exercises, swimming are carried out due to muscular contractions. Reduction of uterine muscles happens in the same way as any other muscle in a human body. By the end of pregnancy the uterus becomes the biggest and strongest muscle therefore its reductions in childbirth very powerful.

the Factors causing pain during fight are disclosure of a neck of a uterus, decrease in delivery of oxygen to muscle fibers because during fight of a muscle press the vessels feeding them. Besides, during fight there is a sdavleniye of the nervous terminations going to uterus muscles, the tension of ligaments of uterus is noted. Whether it is possible to avoid it? Possibly, no because it is the mechanism which provides process of childbirth, but it is necessary to use possibilities of removal or reduction of a sensation of pain.

Opening of a fetal bubble Sometimes at the time of delivery doctors open with

a fetal bubble. It occurs during vaginal survey. The doctor enters into a vagina at first the fingers, and then on a depression in the ground between fingers - a thin hook which hooks covers of a fetal bubble. This procedure is painless as in fetal covers there are no pain receptors.

during fight pain accrues gradually, reaching the maximum at fight peak (at the time of the maximum reduction of muscles of a uterus) then also gradually recedes. Between fights the woman in labor can have a rest, have a sleep and be prepared for the following fight. Dull ache, the exact place of its localization it is impossible to specify in the first period of childbirth, it is felt not accurately in the place of emergence, and gives to a waist, a sacrum, a leg, inguinal area. It is connected with the fact that pain proceeds mainly from uterine sheaves, uterus muscles, extends on the nerves going from these anatomical structures, and these nerves “are responsible“ for rather wide areas therefore pain has poured character. Such pain call visceral.

at the beginning of the first period of childbirth reductions of a uterus, and also the tension of ligaments of uterus accompanying each fight are the reason of developing of pain. In process of progressing of childbirth the increasing value in developing of pain gets stretching of the lower uterine segment.

Pain during attempts

at the end of the first period changes nature of fights: the first attempts begin, they join fights. During an attempt there is a reduction of muscles of a diaphragm, abdominal tension and pelvic bottom. Unlike fights, attempts is any reduction of muscles, that is the woman herself can regulate them by effort of will. Attempts promote advance on patrimonial ways, exile of a fruit.

of the Attempt arise in 1 - 5 minutes, duration of each attempt about 1 minute. Weigh potuzhny the period lasts at pervorodyashchy about 1 hour, at povtornorodyashchy - till 30 minutes.

at the end of the first and at the beginning of the second the periods of childbirth the irritation of internal part of a sacrum, a tension kresttsovo - uterine sheaves, mechanical pressure the prelying part of a fruit (a head or buttocks) on soft fabrics and a bone ring of a small pelvis begins to play the main role.

In the second period of childbirth character of pain changes, it has acuity and exact localization - in a vagina, a rectum, a crotch. Such pain call somatic. During an attempt the woman has irresistible desire to make an effort - to strain muscles of an abdominal tension.

the Mental condition of the woman in labor

the Fear of childbirth promotes that pain is felt even stronger. At a big tension and fear in an organism of the woman there is an emission of adrenaline and similar to it hormones which cause increase of pulse and tension of muscles. Besides, there is a sharp decrease in a pain threshold. If the woman begins to feel that childbirth constitutes for her danger, the alerted expectation of this danger generates the fear which is carrying out protective function. At strong fear or a stress of people, as a rule, reacts tension of muscles, “contracts“. If at the time of delivery muscles of a vagina are constantly clamped, it breaks process of opening of a neck of a uterus, prevents the child to pass on patrimonial ways that, in turn, causes sufferings as woman in labor for whom childbirth becomes more painful, and a fruit he tries to overcome resistance of tight muscles. Besides, the fear or a stress influence vegetative nervous system (part of nervous system which irrespective of consciousness operates work of internals), in turn, it influences on poyasnichno - a sacral nervous texture, so, and bodies of a small pelvis.

In other words, feelings in a uterus depend on a mental condition of the woman. The fear of childbirth is the reason of developing of sharp pains and violations (diskoordination) of patrimonial activity. And at the same time it is absolutely unimportant whether the real or imagined danger was its source. the woman in labor Feels as

a crotch section?

the crotch Section which sometimes should be carried out to time of attempts, as a rule, remains unnoticed by the woman as the section is made at the attempt height when skin and muscles of a crotch are most stretched. Such stretching of fabrics, concentration of the woman on attempts leads to decrease in sensitivity of skin of a crotch. Mending of skin and muscles of a crotch - procedure painful, carry out it against anesthesia.

the Perception of pain, its emotional coloring is result of activity of a cerebral cortex. The pain threshold, shipping of pain and reaction to pain in many respects depend on type of higher nervous activity.

intensity of pain is influenced by duration of childbirth, and also whether they pass smoothly or with complications, the size and the provision of a fruit, force of reductions of a uterus, existence of the previous childbirth. So, long childbirth, these or those complications, a large fruit, as a rule, increase intensity of pain. And here the woman usually transfers the second childbirth easier, than the first.

All in our hands...

Physical training of pregnant women to childbirth is carried out by

at schools of future mothers by means of a special set of exercises strengthening one muscles which will be involved in labor and stretching others. Besides, all pregnancy has to be held under the motto of physical activity. If there are no contraindications, the gymnastics, occupations on a fitball, swimming, yoga, Pilates are recommended to pregnant women. Even if there is no opportunity to attend school for future mothers or fitness - club, daily foot walks in the fresh air, performance of not hard work on the house, the elementary gymnastic exercises will help to transfer tests in labor.


for the purpose of reduction of a psychological component of pain applies psychopreventive training of pregnant women. Its purpose - to remove a psychogenic component of patrimonial pain, to eliminate idea of its inevitability, sensation of fear and to promote creation of new idea of childbirth as about favorably proceeding physiological process at which pain is not obligatory. Even if pain is present, then it is necessary to be positive to it - as to the sign speaking about a fast meeting with the kid. In order that it is correct to react to painful signals and to be able to cope with them, special knowledge of the course of childbirth, of nature of patrimonial experiences, of possible options of behavior, the self-help, technicians of breath, self-massage is necessary. Now preparation is made on group occupations at schools for future mothers. On these occupations of the woman gain an impression about physiology of childbirth, and also master techniques and the special receptions helping to reduce effectively pain.

the Important psychological point at the time of delivery is presence of the husband or other person close to the woman in labor if on it there is a mutual consent. It is useful that the pregnant woman got acquainted in advance with the doctor and the midwife who will conduct childbirth.

the Prepared woman perceives childbirth as natural process, knows that it can help itself, feels more surely and quietly. Besides, the woman becomes more disciplined, accurately implements recommendations of the doctor that, in turn, in no small measure facilitates her childbirth.

the Easy way which considerably facilitates painful feelings of the woman at the time of delivery helps to overcome fears, - switching of attention from own sufferings to experiences of the child. Understanding that the birth - very difficult moment for the kid at which to it support of mother is vital helps very many women.


When need drugs?

Physiological patrimonial pain, as a rule, does not demand medicamentous anesthesia. The pathological, difficult endured pain, especially against the complicated course of pregnancy and childbirth and in the presence of various chronic diseases, demands application of medicamentous means.

of the Indication to medicamentous anesthesia is defined by the doctor - the obstetrician who conducts childbirth. It can be increase of arterial pressure, excessively painful, but inefficient fights which do not lead to opening of a neck of a uterus, need of carrying out medicinal stimulation of patrimonial activity etc. Anesthesia is carried out only with the consent of the woman in labor. If the woman concludes the contract for childbirth, a method of anesthesia, conditions of its application, the positive and negative moments are usually discussed with the doctor in advance.

Childbirth is a serious hard work and mental tension. From as far as the woman is ready to them physically and morally whether she is able to listen to the body and accurately to implement recommendations of the doctor, that depends, how smoothly, without serious consequences and joyfully there will be a birth of the new person.