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Smile it is also green - blue color is increased by results of work

What is the time there is an employer, he is so much and struggles with a question of how to increase labor productivity of the subordinates how to force or interest workers to work more effectively that their efforts finally made powerful profit.

A the answer is actually simple - to recolour walls of office in colors of a rainbow and to smile more often. Several councils from the American experts studying management science and the organizations of work will help employers to provide to the wards the maximum comfort and a cosiness on a workplace.


the Air temperature, humidity, light, noise - here the first factors which should be taken into account, creating certain conditions for each labor process. Americans consider as optimum temperature for the working person 22 - 23 º Page. Air conditioning for the purpose of deduction of optimum 40% of humidity at a temperature of 22 - 23 º With sometimes it turns out means of increase of working capacity in 2, and even by 3 times. Expenses on installation of the corresponding equipment are in such cases actually economy as increase efficiency of work.

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about noise and light. As show laboratory researches, regulation of the last two factors it is possible to reduce and increase efficiency of human work to 25%.

Cannot be passed also by a tsvetologiya - the science studying influence of color on various spheres of perception of the person. Tell about a case at one plant where small parts of electronic devices were manufactured. Walls of rooms where there took place work, were painted in is red - orange color. Machines were red color too. In combination with the lamp equipment electric lighting gave is yellow - a red shade. On production there was a big percent of marriage which was strongly increasing usually in an hour after the beginning of work. The reason of it could not be opened independently and invited experts - consultants. The last made the strange, at first sight, recommendation - to recolour walls and machines in is bluish - green color and to eliminate a reddish shade in lighting. Council was executed. The marriage percent sharply decreased at once.

It appears p, it is red - yellow color reduces mental ability of the person to correctly perceive the size of objects therefore the staff of the enterprise lost sharpness of an eye estimation, necessary for work, after the first hour of work whereas it is green - blue color keeps and even aggravates visual perception a little. Similar experiment was put at one of plants of the Moscow region after a while, and results were similar to the data obtained in the USA.

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work of the keyboarder. Laboratory researches in the USA showed that such expert if to create him the correct working conditions (i.e. to adjust a table and a chair to its growth, to make so that light fell under the necessary corner, everything that is necessary during the work is correct to arrange), will be able to increase efficiency of the work by 30 - 40%. Besides, by the end of the working day the worker will be tired less.

What, actually, at the same time occurs? The worker tests the same as the pianist when he sits on too low or high chair. If the table does not correspond to human height, it means that it keeps hands under the wrong corner. There is tension of muscles. At the wrong provision of a brush in 1 - 2 hour of work the fatigue of certain muscles appears. Working can it and not notice, but rate of its actions considerably will decrease.

Light falls not under that corner - it tires eyes, there are additional mistakes. All this trifles, but if to eliminate them, then it will increase overall performance by 30 - 40%. It means that 60 people - by simple rationalization of working conditions also can quite cope with work of 100 such workers.

Several words about a work-rest schedule. We know, for example, that the car, as well as any other car, needs prevention. It needs to be greased, to repair, check the motor, brakes etc. in time. Unfortunately, often look at the person differently. And meanwhile at the unreasonable organization of work it too quickly fails. If people systematically do not eat in time, are left without rest, do not get enough sleep, then all this comes to an end in a heart attack in 40 years. Who benefits from it? Anybody.

Definition of business hours during the day demands scientific approach. It is impossible to forget that having come to work, the person never takes “full dispersal“ from the very beginning. At physical work the worker gains necessary speed usually only on the second hour after the beginning of work. The same happens also to the person of brainwork: since the first moment when it sits down to a table, work never is well under way. The labor productivity curve strongly falls also in the last hour of the working day. Except fatigue, the significant role is played by the psychological moment: the person already feels one leg at home, already looks for hours, his thoughts not at work any more, and beyond its limits.

the Problem of working discipline, technology of punishments and encouragement, fight against delay and truancies, a problem of “flyers“ - all this is object of careful scientific studying in the USA. In particular, it is paid to a question of technology of punishments and encouragement much attention. Involve psychologists and teachers to development of this question. Consider, for example, that the woman more sensitively and sharply reacts to various forms of punishment and encouragement, than the man. In general, the psychophysiology of work emphasizes need of establishment of various working conditions for women and men. Not only physiological, but also mental properties of the woman do her work in one areas more, and in others - less productive, than work of the man.

It is remarkable that in the USA the bulk of labor at conveyors in electronic industry consists of women as, according to experts, they perform work with fine details better, than men. One say that it is explained by more sensitive fingers of women; others claim that the woman is mentally more capable to concentration when the question goes about long monotonous work on thin mechanisms. The attention of the man in such cases begins to dissipate soon enough.

of Research was shown that in the field of advertizing women in most cases are at the head of successfully working enterprises. Americans about it joke:“ The advertizing is constructed on imagination and the imagination, and at women of these qualities is more than enough“. It is possible to doubt scientific character of these or those explanations, but the fact remains: the known division of man`s and female work quite naturally and does not contradict a principle of equality at all.

we Will give still an example from the field of psychology of work. Besides official hierarchy, i.e. officially established structure of administrative submission, always the hierarchy informal, under construction on exclusively psychological motives gradually crystallizes. For example, the worker thanks to the knowledge and experience holds authority, and fellow workers quite often prefer to ask a question not the chief, and it. So there is “a hidden hierarchy“ in each human collective. It is necessary to aspire to that the official organization in some degree would coincide with lines of submission of hidden hierarchy. Where such coincidence is not reached and two hierarchies enter the conflict, there are always psychological conflicts, internal harmony of working collective is broken, and it begins to affect efficiency and results of work at once.

Should be mentioned

and about known American “smile“ (smile) - the word which can quite often be read on plates in the American shops, offices, banks, at stations, by mail, in all those places where there is a traditional counter or a window behind which there are service personnel, and ahead - the served clients, visitors, public. Employees are convinced, and public urge to do serious work with a smile upon the face. It not hypocrisy. If the bad mood of the person usually causes gloomy expression on his face, then also feedback is natural: on some kind of conditioned reflex intentionally the smile withheld on a face in an hour - another usually improves mood of the person.

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such experiment with yourself - and you will see that the American method of deduction of good mood in the course of work has under itself the basis. And that the good mood in work means, knows everyone: in the atmosphere of a friendly smile work as speak, is always argued, work becomes more joyful, and its efficiency increases. In the charged, unpleasant atmosphere created by the nervous, embittered and frown faces reflecting bad mood, results of work it is always worse.