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Repair in the nursery of

is Not enough to choose cheerful wall-paper and amusing lamps for the nursery. First of all it is necessary to make this room environmentally friendly.

Every year in the world about one thousand new chemicals appear. As the bouquet from phenol, styrene, formaldehyde and other flying “pleasures“ which proceed from varnishes, paints and an upholstery of house furniture influences health of children it is better not to think. Instead we will think of how to equip the safe nursery.

asthma Reason at children it becomes frequent European-quality repair.


According to the highest category

Choose special materials. Of course, you do not buy for the nursery cheap linoleum in the market or furniture from a chipboard. But here the area of nuances begins. Let`s put, you buy paints in big specialized shop. Everything that here is on sale, has the certificate of safety. But if you tell the seller that you need materials for the nursery, he will bring you to racks where there are paints certified for child care and medical institutions. It is the following level of ecological purity. Ideally it is worth using these materials at repair of all apartment - life of children does not become isolated in one room.

Is repaired anew?

Ecologically harmful materials and furniture can cause in the child pain and hypostasis in a throat, frequent colds, chronic bronchitis and otitis, and also a headache, nausea, irritability, a bad dream. If all these indispositions appeared at the child after repair, perhaps, the reason in it.

you go More quietly, it will be better

Finish repair at least in two weeks, and it is better - a month before appearance of the child or his return from giving. The hygienic certificate on furniture and materials guarantees absence on them acute reactions. However when in one room 5 - 10 brand new objects (materials) even if and will meet certificates - safety of the child questionable, all wall-paper, a plinth, whitewashing quite intensively smell, and, mixing up, these smells give not the healthiest bouquet. Besides there is an individual sensitivity to various chemicals.

That is why cannot start the child in just repaired or newly the arranged nursery at once. The room has to “be stood“.

Laws of safety

That after repair the nursery became healthier, than was to it, follow several rules: it is better for
  • to make the Floor of a tree and to cover with natural mastic on the basis of beeswax and zhivichny pitch.
  • Paper wall-paper has advantage before vinyl as they “breathe“. It is desirable to glue them in the old antiquated way - on paste. It is even more reasonable to paint walls with the special harmless paints certified for child care facilities.
  • New furniture choose
  • only from the natural tree which even is not varnished, - paint it with drying oil.
  • In the room of the child. For the others find the place in the house, but not in the nursery. They need to be washed and aired periodically even if children do not use them.

the Oasis in the apartment

The more simply, the better. Many parents dream to buy children what was not in their own childhood: oriental carpets with bright pictures, huge plush animals, cozy fluffy plaids... But all this resolutely is not suitable for allergic persons, and such children become more and more now.

Inhabitants of country houses still are able to afford oriental carpets and a menagerie from teddy bears: their house is blown by fresh wind, and children breathe clean air. Citizens are forced suit an oasis of purity and freshness in the apartment. In the correct nursery there has to be an uncovered wooden floor, it is not enough furniture and toys and many houseplants. Not so comfortably, but for health it is very good.

Natural or synthetic?

Natural materials it is not always more useful than

. Quite often they are processed such amount of “chemistry“ that they do not concede synthetic on harm. Let`s take window frames: the tree is impregnated with the substances which are protecting it from dampness, rotting, slowing down burning then tinted and varnished... Whether as a result of a frame from PVC are slightly no more eco-friendly - and precisely the cheapest way.

the Choice between a woolen carpet and a synthetic oriental carpet is not so obvious to

too. New, only from shop both do not suit for the nursery: at first they should be aired that painty smells and impregnations disappeared. The size matters too: if to put to the nursery a carpet, then small that it could be cleaned on the street.

Children with an allergy to a dust tick have to sleep only on synthetic pillows under synthetic blankets as the tick does not live in them.