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Flowers of my wedding

the Bridal bouquet or a wedding bouquet - what is felt by you at these words? Quite I assume that the words “flowers“ and “wedding“ touch you no more, than “excavator“ and “trombone“. I try to remember a smell of white lilies at once. And if it is impossible, I go to flower shop.

you already imagined the excited old maid of balzakovsky years who that day is dragged on flower shops, smells florets, and from time to time indulges himself a gentle rosette or a strict chrysanthemum?

All not so: to me nearly thirty, and the husband - the clear head, and children - angels. And I am not fond of botany and I do not even know more than a half of names of flowers in this shop. I come there only to hear sweetishly - a spicy smell of white lilies. In this smell - my wedding. My wedding flowers had such aroma - a bridal bouquet.

the statement that flowers and a wedding - concepts inseparable, I will not turn universe bases. But, you see, it is pleasant: flowers and wedding! Yes unless itself can imagine a wedding without flowers? The bride can be at a wedding without veil, not in white, and even not in a dress, but it is impossible to imagine the bride without flowers. You can be on a wedding without gift, and here without flowers - it is impossible in any way.

the Bouquet which will be in the bride`s hands during wedding, - nearly the most important wedding attribute. A wedding bouquet - a thing very considerable. This not just gentle combination of white flowers made by skillful florists. How the wedding bouquet looks, both the general shape, and mood of the bride depend.

To all other, flowers in the bride`s hands - ornament is not simple, this bouquet plays strange, almost mystical role at a wedding. Signs, guessing, damage and black cats mean nothing to me. But there is one romantic sign in which I trust: following that girl who at a wedding will catch a bridal bouquet will marry.

this sign I learned

of Missile defense only when incidentally lifted a wedding bouquet from the earth. There was a wedding of my friend, and his young wife threw flowers from a window of a wedding limousine. “Dropped for nervousness“, - I thought, lifted a wedding bouquet and put back in a window. The bride did not take flowers but only cheerfully burst out laughing: “You - following!“ . I still remember that wedding bouquet: claret, white and pink flowers, apparently, the roses which are tied up by a wide tape of color of baked milk in tone of a wedding dress.

my wedding took place in four months. My future spouse ordered wedding flowers nearly in two weeks prior to a wedding. And samolichno tortured florists, captiously choosing flowers of which it has to consist. As a result I received the most beautiful flowers which until fell of me into hands on a wedding. In the wedding day I held in hand a small white bouquet as if the heavenly cloud consisting of white lilies and some special white wedding roses which completely had no thorns. It is a shame to me to admit, but at own wedding I had to recede from traditions slightly: I could not throw the snow-white wedding bouquet on dirty November asphalt. I took out from it only one white rose and threw it from - for backs towards unmarried girlfriends. The wedding bouquet consisting only of one flower was caught by the girlfriend Masha. And I took away the bouquet in a honeymoon trip. The car a wedding took place in half a year.

So, already seven years I indulge in light grief in flower shops. Do not think, I do not want the new husband, the second wedding and other flowers. It is simply pleasant to me to look at flowers and to catch a smell of the wedding.