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Verbal game, or Holiday which is always with you

We continue conversation on those ways which without additional expenses of time allow to develop thinking and memory. Today once again we will talk about how to support ourselves in a good intellectual form and at the same time quite cheerfully to spend time.

One of productive ways of study is game. Game and training - not opposite concepts, and here resists to game, perhaps, boredom. Boredom for game - death as special energy which is called passion is peculiar to game. Means, the person who loves and is able to play, never misses. Besides, he always learns something new about the world and about himself even if he plays alone.


, the most democratic and popular type of game is a verbal game. We meet it everywhere: KVN jokes, any puns, majority of jokes, all types of “Words“, rebuses, many advertizing etc. - all this verbal game. In order that to play it, neither money, nor special accessories is necessary, even the handle or the company are necessary not always. Initial preparation - only knowledge of letters of the Russian alphabet.

I Remember

how once my child in the first class read very long word and asked: “Mother, that it novenny? Very new? Means, this bull toy?“ What he saw in the book, you, probably, guessed. It was the word “ordinary“. The matter is that to see and read the printed word is different things. Having learned to read, the person at first is still capable to notice a word form, but then this ability is lost. The more we read, the quicker in our consciousness there is an image of the called phenomenon. There is a skill, and it is remarkable, but, unfortunately, sharpness of perception of a form of the word is lost.

the Adult at best is capable to return to verbal game to a leisure-time. For certain among your acquaintances there are big fans of solving of rebuses, charades, crossword puzzles. On my supervision, these people learned to kill time, but or in expansion of the outlook they hardly reached big heights in development of intellectual abilities. In my opinion, the real advance is present only where there is a call, competition with themselves, creativity. I suggest you not to solve others riddles, and to create them! It is quite possible if to address the material surrounding us it is a lot of, - to the world of words. So, we will begin.

For warm-up I offer you an example from life. Recently presented me an interesting feature which was probably made out by masters of verbal game. On it it was written:“ Our world is opened for everyone“. What to me was presented? If you read our previous publications, then know that before us an example of exercise “the third eye“. In the phrase the word “card“ is hidden.

On - scientific this game is called “Faynvord“, and children call its “Hide-and-seek“ or “Jungle“. Search of words in phrases is really similar to hunting, it conceals in itself(himself) a lot of unexpected. For example, how many animals in expression “The ball comes to the player“? Answer: at least three - “animal“, and still “sheep“ and “hedgehog“. Still it is possible to add “ox“ if to read from right to left.

Now the task is more difficult than

. Before you phrases, in each of which not less than two names of animals. Find them.

“What for the man cooks porridge in a kettle?“

“Does not have

caviar, the grandmother hid in a front garden“.

“Darling do not heat a nose about a croissant, and try coral milky caps“.

In the second and third lines of the name of animals any more not in words, and on their joint. Let`s check ourselves: in this “jungle“ there is, “cat“, “fish“, “fox“, “rhinoceros“, “buffalo “.

Similar game helps to develop literacy, it can be used for storing of rules of Russian. Unfortunately, school textbooks of it do not consider, generally they are designed for people with well developed formal logic, but boring formulations do not go in children with the developed right hemisphere in any way. Here drawing comes to the rescue. Here a number of words which are exceptions of one rule. Try to recognize them.? “..., for..., nevterp...“

It is those adverbs which are written without soft sign after hissing on the end: in marriage, nevterpezh. The fact that there is no soft sign - is natural, it and “hedgehog“ - nouns of a masculine gender. Much, especially to people with the developed imagination, it is so easier to remember. Think what else rules of Russian can be seen in a new way, and offer the ways of their storing with use of images. Such work not so boring and very much - very useful. I know from experience as the assessment on Russian at those school students who in every possible way decorate the letters with drawings quickly improves.

Business here that the left cerebral hemisphere “is responsible“ for the word as a set of letters at the person (its spheres is a speech, the line and logic). All that is connected with image, color and space, demands connection of other, right hemisphere. When it is necessary to write much (a letter behind a letter, the line behind the line), the left hemisphere quickly gets tired while right stays idle. Not therefore whether we so often after purely “levopolusharny“ work thoughtlessly look in the TV screen, compensating fatigue again - monotonous, but now by “pravopolusharny“ activity. And an exit is. All exercises which promote association of spheres of two hemispheres (the word, the line plus an image, space) not only interesting but also very healthy, they harmonize our general state.

the Elementary way to connect the right hemisphere - it is unusual to arrange letters in space. There is a task, peer into lines and try to feel where the excess word:

of E Y of P C of E G
A of O R V To About
N T K And I I

the Answer: the second line will be superfluous. Why? Because the first and third lines are names (what - nevertheless guess), and the word in the middle - an animal. This exercise, despite its simplicity, very effectively develops our intuition which is responsible for fast and complete perception of an essence of things therefore ask the friends to raskombinirovat any three words on one subject and - forward, train!

the Major ability for intellectual work is ability to see analogies. It can be developed by means of the following game. Solve a keyword, it in brackets:

a spark (game) a goal
a label (--) angrily

Having compared to

the top and lower lines, you for certain understood that the word in brackets - ours “great, mighty...“ . Perhaps, you saw similar exercises in collections like “Check the intelligence“. I suggest you to develop the creative abilities and, knowing reception, to create the examples.

I Offer

one more simple task which demands work of both cerebral hemispheres too. Around write down six letters: To O L E S O. Chitaya clockwise and counterclockwise, try to find as much as possible words of Russian of any forms (there are also names here). It turns out? If you managed to see more than 10 word forms (all their not less than 25), at you very good chances to become the master of verbal game. Check yourself. Clockwise it is possible to read words: “stake“, “Coca“, “wheels“, “wheel“, “Ole“, “wood“, “Liski“, “falcon“, “juice“, “falcon“, “eye“. Counterclockwise:“ braids“, “braid“ (a dative case from the word “braid“) “, the donkey“ also “settled“ (verb), “wasps“, “wasp“, “sat down“ (verb), “villages“, “village“ (settlement) and “village“ (verb), “fir-trees“, “ate“, “ate“, “okoset“, “okoset“. For fixing of result write down around the surname. I, for example, found 10 words in the. Who is more?

As still can use space in mastering verbal skill? The simplest reception is all the known rebuses. In translation from Latin this word means “things“, but we, alas, forgot the real rebuses. Once in game “That? Where? When?“ experts did not manage to solve the elementary rebus. Brought them a figurine of the Black and a small cue, it was necessary to solve a name of the publisher. And the name was Mauritius, that is the Moor (Black) and a cue. Things have names, in a rebus they unite to others, so there is a new game. There is an example. You started missing in the company. Take a piece of paper and write three letters NIE. Put them on a dish, 1 will turn out) ON..... NIE (guessed?) . Or get any key, put it near these letters, and 2 will turn out) AT...... NIE. It is possible to think up still a set of situations when letters and objects connect, but for this purpose it is necessary to include imagination and to be trained a little.

One more reception developing spatial thinking are various palindromes. So words and phrases which are equally read both from left to right, and on the contrary are called. To compose them - the most difficult task. For a start it is necessary to find such words. We already had many tasks with names of animals. And what of them can be read from right to left so that others turned out, but famous words in language? Yes here at least “cat“ or “lion“. Having a little thought, I thought up the phrase:“ The cat and lion conducted current“. Perhaps there is not a lot of sense, but process fascinating.

One more remarkable reception of verbal game which is well developing ability paradoxically to think, are various double-dealing fellows. There is an example: the word “informer“ consists of two words “I“ and “trouble“. If to replace each of them on opposite, then “you“ will turn out “pleasure“. Try “to overturn“ the words “berries“, “jolly boat“, “Jamaica“. It`s a go?

you, likely, noticed that here not just antonyms, and those pair phenomena which are opposite rather in our consciousness, than in life. Thanks to the Russian folklore and literature we oppose fir-trees and sticks, horns and hoofs, a cat and a dog, a mouse and a cat, a fly and an elephant. Knowing it, the word “barrier“ can be ciphered in “for (fly)“, “steak“ in “an antra (mouse)“, and “kettle“ in “a dog (sticks)“

A guess now what words mean in the following double-dealing fellows.

a cher (elephant)
  • (dog) (winter)
  • pos (sticks)
  • of a nose (hoof)
  • of plank beds (doggie)
  • (cat) a yak
  • Just in case we give to

    1. answers: 1 - a bird cherry, 2 - cutlet, 3 - the settlement, 4 - a rhinoceros, 5 - drug, 6 - arsenic.

      Here it is so imperceptible, from a form we reached also contents of words and expressions. Fine exercise - “to overturn“ the whole phrases. But the advantage of these exercises will be only if you begin to think out examples which you can share with the friends.

      of Games which it is possible to play in the company, - great variety. I want to remind some of them. For example, available and interesting both for children, and for adults the game “Danetka“ is fascinating. One of the most famous authors “danetok“ is Paule Slooun (Paul Sloane), practically all its “danetka“ became classics and were translated into many languages including into Russian. Also in Russia was riddles for unconventionally conceiving“ with 93 “danetka“ (Prod. - in “Potpourri“, Minsk, 1998) - the translation of its most famous book “Lateral thinking puzzlers“ are published “. So it it? I will give an example from Sloun`s book under the name “Coal, Carrots and Scarf“.

      Five pieces of coal, carrot and a scarf lie on a lawn. Nobody put them on a lawn, but there is an intelligible logical explanation to the fact that they are there. What? How to solve “danetka“? Here - that is also covered sense of the word “danetka“. Solving (solving) ask questions to the person who thought of a danetka (we will call him the leader). And it have to be such questions which the leader can unambiguously answer, that is “yes“, “no“, and sometimes and “does not matter“. Naturally, he answers questions truthfully. For example:

      - whether the season Matters?
      - Yes.
      - whether Brought coal, carrots and a scarf in a garden people?
      - Yes.
      - whether Were used they for any entertainment?
      - Yes.

      Despite logical character of a task, it is possible to solve it, having only connected imagination. If you managed it, then the answer will be found: these objects were used by children when they did a snowman. Now snow thawed.

      As a rule, the accurate question in “danetka“ is not set, just it is necessary to find out details of the incident or to eliminate singularity, strangeness of a situation. Than more strangenesses in “danetka“, she is better for those. Thus, solving learns not to neglect “danetok“ even the most, apparently, ridiculous assumptions. The situation for a riddle can be thought up. Try to think unconventionally and release imagination.

      we Will sum up of

      the results. Game - an excellent opportunity to spend time, medicine against boredom and melancholy with advantage and pleasure. But opportunities are wider than it, than just pleasant pastime: special energy which accompanies game harmonizes a condition of the person, adjusts it on an optimistic harmony. Some games are the magnificent trainings developing thinking, memory, imagination - such is, for example, verbal game. However there is one cunning: all aforesaid belongs only to such games which put into operation two hemispheres of a human brain - both left and right. Information on the word as a consecutive set of letters or sounds is stored in the left hemisphere (+ formal logic), and the image, the picture (+ color, space, taste) are in the right hemisphere. Besides, verbal game develops intuition, allows to notice the hidden meanings. The most important that verbal game - this big field for creativity, self-realization. Thinking out new and new ways of game with the word, it is possible not only to develop the abilities, to achieve success in study, but also to become the witty person, desired in any society. I wish good luck in this field!